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Aelia Anatomy By Angeloid003 -- Report

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some anatomy, just to see how Aelia feels when devouring someone ^^

A lot of people go to meet Aelia, boys and girls, even lolis! just to know the experience of being swallowed alive...

1- Internal view of her taild and how her tails join to her womb, Aelia can only open the tip of the tail, the "prey" will be sucked and sucked slowly through the rest of the tail

2- The tail has vaginal tissue inside, so, when Aelia suck someone with her tail she got an extreme wave of pleasure (And that's why she wears a protection for her tail, as this tail is like a genital, an external pussy for her, nobody like to be nude in public, isn't it?)

3- Same, but with a volunteer inside, this makes aelia be really excited and aroused, losing control of her body sometimes, like a heavy penetration through a vagina, the little girl will be sucked slow, back and forth, wetting her prey and sensually sucking a lot of times to please her own sexual needs <3

4- Aelia's face... probably moaning a lot!

5- Her breast can be opened too, they both have separate sacks inside, the prey then is sucked through her body and end at her stomach

6- She can open her pussy too, even if it's her pussy, she preffer her tail for this, as she get even more pleasure (her tail is much more sensible), sometimes she like to please her "prey" is she/he want to be sucked by this method <3

7- She can also openher mouth to swallow someone, the prey will ned in her stomach... same as breasts, sometimes for fun, but sometimes girl/boys like to be swallowed and digested, strange but, she does what they want ^^

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Posted by HildaVGoneril 7 months ago Report

I love this character.


Posted by Angeloid003 7 months ago Report

I'm so glad that you like her ^^ now i'll probably work on her brother <3


Posted by dagar 7 months ago Report

I remember a similar character simply named "The Absorber" who looked like Amy, just with a cell-tail who primarily absorbed others. Was that an original version of this character?


Posted by Angeloid003 7 months ago Report

Nope, completely different, also, i know that absorber, but i created this character long ago in furaffinity, so this was first~


Posted by Angeloid003 7 months ago Report

This girl was first*


Posted by dagar 7 months ago Report

I wasn't accusing of copying or anything, was just thinking that was the older design for the same character. XD How long ago did you make this one then? Because I swear I've seen the absorber for about decade.


Posted by seth270 7 months ago Report

i too know that other absorber I actually helped them improve her look abit on secondlife and gave her a name.


Posted by LemonBarb 7 months ago Report

To be fair, from what I've glanced from your OC (dunno for sure.) I'm probably betting there's been times in which post-devourment, she's actively absorbed her prey. In which case on a 'scale', could she have done it "temporary", or if desired; kept them integrated/absorbed forever, as a 'part' of her being/soul?


Posted by LucyST 7 months ago Report

I wish i could meet her ;^;


Posted by NotNorrinRadd 7 months ago Report

I take it that this concept of her tail being a safe way to eat someone is fairly new, because I can remember plenty of comics where she sucks someone up her tail and seemingly digests them, though I suppose that was for commission's sake?


Posted by Kerbalmaster 7 months ago Report

Does She evet cuddle with those she engulphs into her safe womb? I love me some Wholesome Pred-prey interaction!


Posted by AnalSquid 7 months ago Report

What about anal?


Posted by jonthehuman525 7 months ago Report

Huh interesting and hot


Posted by Galarn 7 months ago Report

That maw is so cute, I would like to meet her as well ~


Posted by Vitanix 6 months ago Report

I love this charackter, she is so amazing and a real beauty. I wish i can meet her. ;)


Posted by Lucasfromm3 5 months ago Report

coo! could her tail suck someone off?


Posted by Lucasfromm3 5 months ago Report