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Cleopatra Conquers Amphibia (With Story) By AustinDR -- Report

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Anne floundered underneath the combined weight of the Pumpkin Witch's colossal, froggy-filled belly. She fought against it, but the loose, pudginess of the fat was engulfing her. Gradually, it was straining the air from her windpipe. If she could not act quickly, she would die of suffocation.

Cleopatra pinched her tummy and flicked her fingers across the silky surface. Bones and scraps of clothes slushed around in her stomach. She grabbed a hold of her belly and shook it up and down. Anne wanted to vomit from the sick pleasure that the witch was taking from what she had done. All the natives of Wartwood...all scarfed down from the youngest to the oldest...all melting away and adding onto the mass of digestive juices.

"I have to thank you again, Anne," Cleopatra mocked, "if I didn't end up getting whisked away to this world of delicious prey, you wouldn't have pitied me and led me to your home."

Anne grunted.

"Now all of those yummy frogs are all dancing inside of my tummy; what's this?"

Cleopatra groped her left boob before smirking. "I already felt that tadpole of yours dying and making a nice bit of fat on my breasts."

She traced a vibrant bulge down towards the end of her engorged abdomen. "Is that your friend I feel?"

She poked her finger around and jabbed it on Sprig's head. He screamed in pain. He was on top of the rapidly disintegrating heap of frog flesh and bones. He tried hitting the stomach walls of the witch's stomach, but it only elicited more pleasure from the sadist. Time was running out, and he could feel his body getting hotter.

"Anne, help!"

He screamed but the sound of Cleopatra's stomach churning drowned him out. Sweating now, Sprig wiped the sweat from his forehead. He noticed it being prickly, so he looked down. To his horror, the skin around his fingers were already dissolving exposing the skeletal digits of his hands.

He yelled louder with his fight or flight instincts kicking into overdrive.

Cleopatra belched propelling Sprig's goggles upward and expelling them from her mouth. They landed on a soft spot of her belly covered in saliva and digestive acid.

"Oh something to remember your friend by!" Cleopatra flicked it off and it landed beside Anne's hand.

"Hm...I wonder where your best friend will wind up at?" She groped her boobs again. "Oh, but the baby is already going to the jugs; maybe my thighs or ass? What do you think?"

Anne's struggling lessened. "You won't get away with this..."

Cleopatra chuckled. "You think I am satiated? Fool, I intend on traveling through this world and adding more tasty frogs to my...assets if you catch my drift."

Anne could not respond then. Her vision became blurry. "You will help me with collecting my dinner, and if you are a good girl...maybe you can join your frog family again?"

Cleopatra laughed sinisterly at herself. Thank the gods for the multiverse.

Another frog-themed gift for  TeruyukiKiryuin since Cleopatra just can't stop eating frogs. And since the world of Amphibia is a death land where literally everything tries to kill you, she would make a class pred there.

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Posted by TeruyukiKiryuin 8 months ago Report

There is no way to stop the young pumpkin and her ravenous reign of terror


Posted by Spider8Fiend 8 months ago Report

What a great pic and story, I love it~<3


Posted by AustinDR 8 months ago Report