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And Humble Endings By maniacalfork -- Report

that's how it goes
it goes it goes it goes

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Posted by Parabola0 2 years ago Report

this is real life bro the milf gets the tomboy


Posted by Azuris 2 years ago Report

I like how the mom lets May head out on a journey to get fattened up knowing that May will eat a lot of the trainers she comes across, only to have her get gobbled up by her own mother at the end of it.


Posted by Firebird22 2 years ago Report

May should've just come back and immediately eaten her mom. Let her guard down


Posted by 21TwentyOneAndUp 2 years ago Report

Who did May eat?!


Posted by JF1031 2 years ago Report

All those girls she ate during her entire journey


Posted by Norio 2 years ago Report



Posted by Liz 2 years ago Report

Hehe always love alternative endings <3<3
Love that belly


Posted by Liz 2 years ago Report

XD oh the look on his face is priceless.


Posted by Heimko 2 years ago Report

Love this!
Kinda hope for an alt where it's the other way around.


Posted by Zen_Coyote 2 years ago Report

F in the chat for May, but I suppose that is the vore circle of life. Don't get too attached to any pred, cuz they most likely will eventually become the prey.


Posted by thicceater 2 years ago Report

Ah yes, a classic tale
Life began within the mother’s belly so it’s only natural that it ends there too~


Posted by Sitharc 2 years ago Report

Indeed, also a nice karma lesson for May... knowing now what it felt like to be those she had ingested.

spectral knight

Posted by spectral knight 2 years ago Report

seems like she's either going to steal or eat May's boyfriend


Posted by night22 2 years ago Report

dang, bad end


Posted by BimBim 2 years ago Report

Ooooo, I really enjoy this, not a lot of people do art of Brendan/May's mom (if they do, I'm simply too dense to find it) Your work is always a treat to see


Posted by ZRex030 2 years ago Report

All that work and she’s food for her mom... oh well!


Posted by BlueIce 2 years ago Report

Seems may finally met a more dangerous pred


Posted by Sitharc 2 years ago Report

Now May knows what it felt like to get digested slowly and alive... not fun is it, May?


Posted by StygianSkies 2 years ago Report

I frequently come back to this image. The degeneracy of it just really gets me