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Farm Fresh Food By doomfister -- Report

Sugar Belle smiled as she felt the shuddering struggles of her sister-in-law finally begin to fade. The unicorn was somewhat disappointed though, as she had expected more stamina from the farm pony, only to have Applejack come out swinging with a profuse bucking, before she had the pleasure of feeling the protests peter out once the stomach casually clamped down to contain the mewling morsel it had been given. Applejack had started strong only to bottle it on the landing, as she went from growling out muffled complaints through Sugar’s swelling stomach, to a weak whine in a few short minutes. The breakdown taking Sugar off guard, as and for a time the unicorn had legitimately thought the orange mare would fight her up until the final belch, as she expected the stubborn earth pony to doggedly refused to give up.

The eaten earth pony honestly expressing her disdain at the snarfing situation with a persistent bucking, but bundled up in the grasp of the gut she did little more than clumsily animating the lively lump she made as it sloshed and swayed sporadically from Sugar’s misshapen midriff. The suffocating stomach walls soon bleeding the fight from her though, and by the time her hips slithered past the sphincter it only took a few taps of a hoof to manipulate the mare to compliantly curl to the will of the caustic cavity surrounding her. Applejack naturally tucking her head in, as she was forced to fold into a fetal position as she was threaded through the tight and muscular threshold of the lower oesophageal sphincter. The rubbery ring dilating just enough to slot the mare through the throbbing bagel of flesh, leaving the mare to grown as her shoulders thumped over the palpitating portal with a creaking groan from her carping collarbones. The mare’s body bowing to accept the accommodation of the cramped chamber, as the stomach did wonders at stifling Applejack’s squirms, preventing the bulbous bulge she made in Sugar’s barrel from doing much more than gently bounce and bob as she was rudely dumped in her tart tomb.

The massive meal going down smooth, and after only a few confident chugs the only evidence of the eaten earth pony besides the lively lump Applejack made was her golden tail. The limp lock rustling like fresh hay as it began to ease into the grasp of the gullet, leaving the lax length to feebly fidget as it was slowly slurped between the bloated baker’s lapping lips. The final send off to the stifling stomach fluid as the trembling ponytail gradually growing shorter as it tickled its way down Sugar’s throat in a consistent creeping crawl. The red ribbon maintaining the style bobbing like a fishing lure, as the agitated tail gave one last desperate rattle before it slipped over the gums and was claimed with an audible gulp concluding the massive meal.

Sugar mulling Applejack’s aftertaste as she felt the tip of her tail complete its transition and the stomach sphincter begin to wobble closed, sealing her snack away to stew. Applejack settling in nicely, leaving the full feeling of a heavy meal to creep in, as Sugar’s body grew lethargic in preparation to process the protein-rich pony. She had tasted like her brother, her experience servicing her stallion telling her that much, albeit Applejack had lighter tones of feminine flavour compared to the unicorn’s stout spouse’s masculine hues. The saliva-inducing similarities easily discernible though, creating a familiar spice upon the palate, as Applejack’s appealing seasoning was laced with a soft sprinkling of salty sweat from a hard day of apple-bucking. The slight hint of apples the final cherry on top, as it mixed perfectly with Applejack’s mature marbled meats creating a honey-like treat for the tastebuds, that would surely add a delectable taste to Sugar’s burps once the mare within her started to curdle to chyme.

The whole thing a flagging anti-climax, as Sugar could feel her fighting all the way down her throat, as Applejack understandably did not want to die, but the powerful peristalsis prevented and diversion from her digestive destiny. The mare fighting the rolling current of the throat for a time, but inevitably she had tired and slacked off one fatigue and the Applejack’s stale air supply to set in. the mare soon slipping into a slow spasm, leaving Sugar’s biology to easily cowed a capitulation out of the exhausted earth pony before the sphincter had even sealed. The mare taken like a forbidden fruit, a ripe peach begging to be bitten into, and when push came to shove Sugar Belle could not help but sink her teeth into Applejacks tempting tooshie and take the rest of the pony in a pleasing package.

The nonchalant nature of the consumption making it all the juicier, as the naughtiness of snarfing her significant other's sister left Sugar stuffed. The mare practically immobilized by the mass of mare meat hanging from her middle, leaving her little more to do then enjoy cramped convulsions play out within her, as Applejack gave her first and last belly dance as she melted to mush. The tingle of acid giving a jerking second wind to Applejack’s quivering, but it was a wasted effort, as at this point the only way out was the back door once she bubbled to broth. The earth pony’s fate sealed with the smacking of satisfied lips as at this point the only place the earth pony was going was the outhouse latrine, as she was callously dumped like any other bowel movement. A couple of hours all it would take to melt the mare to manure, and then it was just a matter of Sugar pinching the reconstituted remnants with her cigar cutter to create a fresh bushel of horse apples.

Sugar not regretting her decision, as now that the delectable distraction to her husband's affections was dealt with, she could get back to her marital bliss, resigning Applejack to memory, a hat and a couple of blonde hairs she would be seeing the next few time she wiped in the coming weeks. Sugar Belle fully aware that her husband would be mad once he found out about his sluiced sibling’s relegation to fertilizer, but she was sure he would forgive her once he saw her Applejack accentuated arse….


Sugar Belle doesn't like the way Big Mac is eyeing his sister, especially with the Apple Family's reputation. Thankfully she knows just the right sort of food to get some healthy glutal gains. Of course its at Applejack's expense, but i am sure Big Mac won't mind when he is rutting Sugar's accentuated assets.....

My thirty-first sketch from  Silent_E 's patreon.

As normal coloured by my friend  plaguetyranno

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Posted by reclusenutcase 7 months ago Report

Goodness. Your clever use of tightly woven word strings makes this real all the more appealing. It's a short but sweet read. Makes Sugar Belle a more fun character.


Posted by doomfister 7 months ago Report

Indeed, glad you liked it, i felt it was time to give Sugar Belle a bit of love, and i am pleased it landed :)


Posted by Jedzoku 7 months ago Report

Too bad at this didn't save their marriage which ended with Big Mac giving Sugar a digestive divorce via Terabyte's robot womb.


Posted by doomfister 7 months ago Report

Aye, it might not have worked out for the happy couple, but their marriage managed to generate some lovely lewds XD