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Childhood Friends (vore) By JamKat -- Report

Klemintine, you dumb kitty cat...

For anyone who didn't know; once upon a time, in galaxy far far away, Klemintine and Sophie were childhood friends! They went to school together, told eachother secrets, fought over boys, went to summer camp, and got into lots of trouble...

But one sad summer day, Klemintine had to move away because her mother got a new job. She promised to visit Sophie again someday, and that they'd always be friends.

And she kept her promise.

On her way though town, Klemintine met up with Sophie and the two caught up on all the years they were apart. They later met up with Sophie's new Boyfriend, Durg. He had just got off from work, and so the trio decided to get something to eat.

Only, Sophie didn't clarify what she meant by that...

After several hours of struggling and wiggling herself though several feet of Dragon guts, Klemintine finally broke free out though Durg's ass. Klemintine yelled at Sophie, just like old times when they were kids at summer camp...

Good to know some things never change.


Art by Durg

Sophie belongs to  ShyGuy9

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Posted by JamKat 8 months ago Report

How many of you would be interested to see some Sophie & Klemintine shenanigans? Might do a comic for it. X3

[ Reply ]


Posted by zoroark720 8 months ago Report

i would like it

[ Reply ]


Posted by noilylo 8 months ago Report

I would love to see it with Durg involved :D amazing comic btw.

[ Reply ]


Posted by TarenGe 8 months ago Report

I would absolutely love to see more of these two together! XD

[ Reply ]


Posted by MrEaten 8 months ago Report

Would absolutely adore it

[ Reply ]


Posted by WildFire09 8 months ago Report

I would, bet it would be pretty good stuff too

[ Reply ]


Posted by Elenathevoremother1 6 months ago Report

I would love to see their old summer camp days!

[ Reply ]


Posted by HornetSama 8 months ago Report

yep, this one is going to favorites

[ Reply ]


Posted by zandveer 8 months ago Report

I would personally love to see more Sophie and Klemintine funs~ Pred couples are always fun to fool about with ^^

[ Reply ]


Posted by Aces 8 months ago Report

Oh my God this is too goddamn cute.

[ Reply ]


Posted by zoroark720 8 months ago Report

to be fair IF SHE KNOWS HER FREIND FEED HER TO PREDS you have to know you might get eaten so your a willing prey just have to hope they give you a break and time to shower after you come out a poop shoot alive

[ Reply ]


Posted by Ratpost 8 months ago Report

Could of been a better story

[ Reply ]


Posted by Badfurson 8 months ago Report

Top notch expressions in this one~

[ Reply ]


Posted by Bright 8 months ago Report

This comic was a journey.
Made me laugh.

[ Reply ]


Posted by StormyRange 8 months ago Report

Gosh what a fun and cool sequence <3!

[ Reply ]


Posted by EnderDracolich 8 months ago Report

That's very heartwarming.

[ Reply ]


Posted by veryhappyboi 8 months ago Report

The ultimate escape

[ Reply ]


Posted by HMDVore 8 months ago Report

Better story than Twilight

[ Reply ]


Posted by Lofis 8 months ago Report

That dangerously flat tum is amazing~

[ Reply ]


Posted by knux 8 months ago Report

two of mt fav preds

[ Reply ]


Posted by quicks 8 months ago Report

This is awesome. I’d love to see more interactions with these characters.

Some of my favorite things in vore are humiliation on prey, uncertain survival, and butt stuff or full tour.

[ Reply ]


Posted by EvanLandis 8 months ago Report

I like clean full tour. It would be nice if a pred kept me safe for a few hours

[ Reply ]


Posted by BellaCantabella 8 months ago Report

Oh I love this!

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