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Nikki's Sweepstakes Dates 2/? By TopmostZozzle -- Report

Here's another collaborative effort between me and  LordOfGee of our gurl Veronica!

...Once someone steps into that limo of hers, it's all over. Sure, Veronica has them driven around for a good hour or two while they kiss, cuddle, grope, and what-have-you, but as the time grows closer for her date to make scarce, her affable demeanor twists more into one of sinister obsession, and she uses her amassed bulk to become *far* more intimate. While there'd be no escape from the limousine either way, getting pinned under her titanic ass is essentially the death knell. From there, she spends the rest of the car ride smothering her victim with her oceanic girth, coddling them with sweet nothings and the low fizzy grumblings from her now-empty tummy. When the ravenous, insatiable hunger within her burns too hotly to resist, she lifts enough of herself up to pull them out from underneath, and from there, the true feast begins...

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Posted by Dooot 6 months ago Report

I wanna end up as sentient fat on her.


Posted by TopmostZozzle 2 months ago Report

only if you ask really nicely


Posted by Dooot 2 months ago Report

can I please be her sentient fat?


Posted by Spider8Fiend 6 months ago Report

That’s some primo pred dialogue right there :)


Posted by BlueIce 6 months ago Report

She will never run out of meals if she continues to grow in thiccness


Posted by ParanoidPrivate 6 months ago Report

Jesus, look at how the bowling alley carpet looks like its wrapping around her stomach. That's so cool! it adds so much depth to the image.


Posted by TopmostZozzle 6 months ago Report

ikr??? mesh transforming is truly god's gift to artists everywhere


Posted by ParanoidPrivate 6 months ago Report

Oh, I've never heard of that before. I may need to look into it.