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Muff Ubl, Umff Mabl Mff Moffbl ! By Frakass -- Report

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2021 : 16th Anniversary of Eka's Portal, 15th Anniversary of Frakass's Gallery on it.
Thanks to  Eka, for all these years I enjoyed this purple haven where I can meet and share with all of you!

Don't forget to support the site like me if you can ;-P

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Posted by MrQuarantine 6 months ago Report

Love the meme edit.


Posted by Frakass 6 months ago Report

Thanks ^^
I had to redraw everything, but it was worth it, I think.


Posted by Altimos 6 months ago Report

Def worth X3


Posted by thatonedude236 6 months ago Report

This is great.

I can't believe nobody else thought of this. Or at least they didn't put said thoughts into action!


Posted by doomed 6 months ago Report

lmao this is perfect


Posted by Icylobster3 6 months ago Report

I absolutely love this!


Posted by Garber09 6 months ago Report

Now this is the real meme XD


Posted by CopperRobot 6 months ago Report

Funny story, you were one of the first artist I started to follow on here. I really liked your plane girls series.


Posted by carlj 6 months ago Report

Man, 16 years...Time fly so fast...
Love the meme redraw ^^, surprisingly mixing your style with Futurama it looks pretty good!


Posted by Moonlightshadow 6 months ago Report

Such glorious edit~


Posted by Fumika 6 months ago Report

14 years out of the 16 for me. But started posting art 7 years ago.


Posted by noisekeeper 6 months ago Report

Time sure flies doesn't it! Can't believe I've been here for 15 years too haha.


Posted by testuser 6 months ago Report

When you're such a tech nerd that even being nommed won't stop you.


Posted by Eka 6 months ago Report

OMG why are you so silly XD

Big D

Posted by Big D 6 months ago Report

Ok, this is awesome. Buuut, here's my question. Was that guy down there all this time? Shouldn't a skeleton hand come out of her mouth or ass with the money? :p


Posted by Frakass 6 months ago Report

It hought to that.... after I finished it ^^
I decided to keep it like that to stay close to the original meme, and because I'm lazy :-P

Big D

Posted by Big D 6 months ago Report

Welp, here's to enough years of Frakass art so that plane girls become a reality and enough years from Eka so that vore becomes a reality. *toasts a glass of wine*


Posted by TableManners 6 months ago Report

LOL this is great XD


Posted by Assimilation 6 months ago Report

Glad you're still with the community. o7


Posted by HitomiBoy 6 months ago Report

God damn, has it really been that long? That's crazy to think about.


Posted by Bright 6 months ago Report



Posted by ElJorro 3 months ago Report

This is pretty funny!