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Love Goes Deep (Internal) By RedNastyFoxy -- Report

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"Are you sure about this? I won't be able to let you out after you get in…" Nick asked in hesitation. "M-m-m, of course I am, darling…" Samuel crooned, giving a tender kiss to his mate's glossy black lips. "I've been dreaming about this since the very first date of ours…" The horny sergal kept crooning, running his hand over the vulpine's flat belly, nipping his lip from arousal as he felt and heard, how needily it rumbled from hunger. "Well, if you say so, then who am I to reject you and ruin your dream?" The fox smirked predatorily, succumbing to his primal instincts. Nick gave Sam's snout a lick, then another one and another one, soaking the serg's fur with hot sticky saliva before opening his mouth really wide and pulling it over his boyfriend's entire head. "M-mph, baby, you are the best of the best…" The sergal moaned lustily, enjoying every touch of the vulpine's tongue, willingly pushing his wedged snout deeper into his boyfriend's throat.

Nick grabbed Sam by his shoulders, not trying to hide his eagerness anymore, shoving the sergal into his gullet, pulling his maw over the prey's body on a few inches with every greedy gulp he made. "Yes… please, don't stop…" Samuel begged, enjoying every rhythmic contraction of his boyfriend's gullet over his form, working his shoulders a little bit to get inside faster. The vulpine was purring from pleasure, enjoying the delicate flavor of his serg boyfriend, running his tongue all over Sam's chest, belly and finally crotch. The sergal's squirming intensified and his moans got even louder as Nick's tongue started playing with his manhood, licking all over his balls and shaft, making it throb and drip with pre like crazy, until he finally blew his load on the vulpine's tongue and softened with his entire body in a blissful afterglow.

Nick purred even louder, enjoying the taste of his mate's "special sauce", before tilting his head up and gobbling the serg's legs down in a few more ravenous gulps. It didn't take him much efforts – gravity was on his side and the softened serg was swiftly crammed into the tight fleshy confines of the vulpine's gastric sack. Samuel couldn't say a word and only moaned in bliss all his way down that narrow rippling fleshy tube, curling down into fetal position under the pressure of Nick's stomach walls, listening carefully to the pred's loud thumping heartbeat and deep breath, suppressing the sounds of the outer world inside the vulpine's gut. "Love surely goes deep…" Nick crooned, letting out a hearty belch, licking his lips with satisfaction and rubbing his belly with both hands, feeling the shape of Sam's body through his own flesh. The serg didn't reply again – he either couldn't hear the fox or didn't know what to say – everything he cared about now was the intoxicating softness, warmth and comfort of his boyfriend's belly…

This gorgeous artwork was made by Armorine:
Thanks for being so creative and making so many different versions! I couldn't decide which was better, so I uploaded them all! ^__^

Thanks to Throwaway2314 for making this commission with me, he is such a sweet foxxo, go and give him some love he deserves! ;)

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