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Easter Bunny By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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Once a year, in early April, a strange rabbit would go hopping through the forest, hiding eggs wherever it went. The reason for this rabbit’s activity was lost on Seishin, but the wolf-girl saw food, and she wanted to hunt it. And so, knowing the day of the rabbit’s passing was soon approaching, Seishin made a conscious decision, “I am going to get that rabbit!”

The day of the rabbit arrived, and Seishin set out to catch it. As if the scent of hippitus hoppitus wasn’t obvious enough, the rabbit left eggs wherever it went, so all the wolf-girl had to do was follow the trail.

Finally, Seishin spotted the rabbit carelessly hiding eggs from a basket it carried. The way it bounced about wherever it moved was so enticing, but Seishin approached carefully, waiting for the right moment to strike.

It was easter, and some of the neighborhood children had gathered at Timmy’s house to have an easter egg hunt. Parents accompanied their children, to monitor them of course, but it also led to some parents finding eggs for their children, or taking the eggs from bullies who had gotten more than their share.

More exciting than the egg hunt, was the knowledge that the Easter bunny would soon be arriving, and wanting to be first to see it, little Timmy ran off into the woods to find the bunny.

Well, he did find the Easter bunny, with a vicious looking wolf doing things to it that would traumatize him for years to come. Terrified, he ran back home, screaming for his mother to come help.

Blood had splashed all over Seishin’s face, chest, and belly, but she didn’t mind in the slightest as she licked the gore from her fingers. Her tail wagged and her golden eyes practically sparkled as she chimed, “I got that rabbit!”

She picked up the basket the rabbit had been carrying, which still had a generous number of eggs cradled within, and figured Draken may enjoy them. She did not travel too far before she was stopped by the arrival of several humans, both adults and children.

The children were alarmed and confused by the sight of the Seishin carrying the basket of the Easter bunny, and the parents, knowing they had to say something, told their children that really awesome kids get visits from the Easter wolf. That got spirits to lighten

Though Seishin was still left utterly confused by the rabbit, whatever the eggs were for, or why humans seemed so joyous, she did get to enjoy a nice piece of salted pork at the dinner table. Really the worst part of the day was that the human pups gave her tail several painful yanks during her visit.

As for little Timmy, he had nightmares about the wolf chasing him to devour him for years to come. But one day, the nightmares became somewhat enjoyable. Getting caught by the wolf and put into her mouth where her tongue toyed with him before she swallowed him alive… And then he discovered the nightmares of puberty.

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Posted by Nalzindar 6 months ago Report

Nice pic and what a sexy bunny girl you got there, too bad for her that she got a bloody end to her egg-hiding tradition when Seishin got hungry for rabbit! I wonder if Seishin ever was told what she had done! XD


Posted by DrakentheBlack 6 months ago Report

Perhaps, but I'm sure she would not see any significance in it. Besides, the bunny will be back next year anyway, lol


Posted by Nalzindar 6 months ago Report

Hehe, that will probably surprise Seishin if she ate the bunny last year. At least the children won't be disappointed. One might wonder if poor little Tommy went looking for the wolf-girl or if he became an environmentalist after his encounter with her^^