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A Day of Many Fortunate Events By SupremeToadLord -- Report

You find yourself waking up in a humid, damp chamber. You have no idea where you are at first due to being unable to see… but upon a lovely voice sounding eerily close to your ear as well as other factors echoing around you, it soon dawns on you…

The chain of events about to unfold are a set you never in your lifetime could’ve seen coming.

Word Count: 10,057.


My half of the trade with  Artist-san ! They asked for essentially a vorish take on the prologue of FE7 with the tactician acting as POV. I was also given the choice to add Florina to the story & well, of course I would! The first scene is also based on recent commissioned art they got for Lyn.

For this being my first proper trade, this was a lot of fun to write, especially seeing as I was given a variety of options to work with, that being endo with POV, fatal with the bandits, digestive aid, loooooots of cuddling & tummy snuggling, tons of teasing! I had a lot to fulfill to make sure the story was as best as it could be for them. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a story that passed 10K words so given the amount I had, this was bound to pass that mark. Overall a very meaty piece, eheh~

The ending, I initially had it to where it was completely up to interpretation on what happens afterwards, but I changed it to a more heavily implied ending after the late addition of a tasting smooch. It can still be up for interpretation but it does lean a little harder on the little twist.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I had fun writing it~! I tried my hardest to appease everything they desired to see in this story & I think I did a pretty good job at it! Yeah, trades are really fun, especially when both parties have similar joys & desires with the subject. Our views just stick perfectly together!


& as always, the visual representation for the characters in this story~



The art used for the thumbnail can be found here:

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Posted by ShiraOnAryion 6 months ago Report

Really well written! The opening sequence really reminds me of another Lyn vore pic, that was uploaded on Eka's, not too long ago. Good job! :D


Posted by SupremeToadLord 6 months ago Report

Yeah, that's the art I was referring to! & thanks! :3


Posted by Embrace5671 6 months ago Report

So,(dumb question) I have to ask, When writing a FE fiction, do you have to ask Nintendo before posting, or does crediting them in the description make it fine? Asking before I write one.


Posted by SupremeToadLord 6 months ago Report

Well considering how big of a franchise it is, I don't see a reason to credit when everyone already knows who created it. Just as long as you don't exclaim ownership of the franchise itself, you should always be fine posting whatever you wish to.


Posted by Nozo 6 months ago Report

You did a really good job with this! Glad to see Lyn getting more love


Posted by hayabusa113 6 months ago Report

Really been knocking it out of the park with the Same-Size stuff lately!


Posted by SupremeToadLord 6 months ago Report

Been trying to focus more on same size stuff lately & it was great the artist wanted same size for this story too! Glad to know I've been doing well on them. :3


Posted by kateadler 6 months ago Report

This was really nice to read! I almost wish it went a little further with the stomach instead of a stomach thing, but I'm super happy with it as is.


Posted by SupremeToadLord 6 months ago Report

I tried to follow absolutely everything the artist wanted out of this story so I'm happy to hear I did a great job on it~ :3