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Silent Takedown By BlazingBlade -- Report

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Art by Spazman on FA featuring his character Spaz.

I wrote this accompanying story!

“Another dreary night,” Sable stared out from the shadowed alley way. Blue neon lights flickered across the skyline; purples and pinks mingled, turning the night sky into a collage of colors. Sable squinted; his eyes only able to hold against the light for moments before his retinas began to strain. “I don’t know how those cab drivers manage to fly around the city, I wanna go blind looking at them.” Rubbing his eyes repeated, Sable slunk back into his post. Dim, dark, mist rolling the ground, steam above, the alley was narrow and quiet, devoid of life and devoid of entertainment. His only company was a cylindrical security camera above the door he guarded, a redundancy. An excuse to fire him in six weeks’ time more like. And yet, it was the best job anyone with a Class – D citizenship could get, guard duty.
Sable’s paw tapped incessantly against the ground, nothing to do, it was all waiting. Nothing but waiting. No one would ever break into data pavilion physically. If this place was drained of all it’s data it would be from some cyber attack halfway across the globe. Or city, essentially the same idea. Sable flicked his wrists, admiring his claws, his eyes transfixed yet glazed over. With a blink his snapped back to reality, his muscles suddenly tensed, his ears flicked forward, something just moved. Scanning the alleyway, the black cat examined each corner, each edge of the alley. His eyes shifted upwards into the darkness. Something flew overhead, Sable’s eye catching it just as it hit the ground, landing at the end of a shadow. Readying his gun, Sable approached the object, his eyes still scanning the alley as he approached. As his paws stood next to the object, he recognized it. The security camera?

Eyes narrowed upon the feline. The stalker, clinging to the walls, just out of light’s edge, flicks his tail with a delightful glee. Spaz, crept along the brick wall, slinking closer towards Sable. The bait working even better than he had hoped. As Sable examined the broken camera, Spaz slinked closer, silently. His thick tail widened at the base, yawning open a large sucker; the newly exposed orifice quivered as Spaz’s body shook with anticipation. As he watched the cat slowly piece together what was happening, a thought unfolded in his mind. The green dragon grasped his leotard, pulling it to his left, letting his engorged member slip out with the balls following suit. His member was the size of coffee table, his balls the size of a suitcase. A new tingling sensation rushed over Spaz’s limber body as he towered over the hunched over cat. As the black cat began to stand, Spaz struck. His left arm slid past Sable’s face in a blur, seizing the cat’s muzzle with the grip of something trying to wring water of out of a rag; his right hand snatched a single paw of the feline and yanked it upwards. Lurching forwards, Sable’s yelps became muffled whimpers in the dragon’s grip. The feline’s form in his grasp, Spaz’s grin deepened, his sharp fangs bearing in a devious smirk; Plunging the cat’s paw into his member’s hole, his foreskin wrapping about the ankles, the dragon’s snare caught the feline firmly.

Sable’s mind reeled as his world shifted about, the hand around his mouth, the yank upwards, and now the mysterious slippery warm that ensnared his feet. Glancing downwards the black cat’s eyes shrank in horror. A massive green member and two fat nuts were now beneath him. The penis bulged out slightly with his paws, the throbbing muscle twitched eagerly with his presence. Craning his head about, twisting and thrashing, Sable desperately tried to pull away. His hands grasped the sides of the penis, trying to pry him free. Pushing upwards, Sable shoved and shoved, yet after a moment of struggles he could feel himself being sucked deeper. It wasn’t just his ankles, now his calves and thighs were sliding into the steamy, slimy snare of his predator’s erection. Sable’s thrashes grew even more desperate, his torso bending like a tornado as he railed against his assailant. His hips descended past the tip. He couldn’t call for help, he couldn’t pull himself out. Sable’s desperation grew into frustration. Then a shift came, the sound of someone resting against a wall, the hand pulling Sable’s body backwards. The struck his predator’s face. A horned green dragon, with blood red hair and eyes of gold. His predator was no longer looking at him, but his attention was turned to the other alleyways, eyes darting about like dragonflies, searching for any threats. A defiant, bitter glare shot from the cat’s gaze; it went ignored. The member crawled up to Sable’s chest, just below his pectoral muscles. His hands were still free, he needed more leverage. Surrendering the hopeless battle of fighting from the sides, Sable dug his hands into the foreskin, peeling the tightly bound skin that hid the dragon’s head so effectively. The flesh was taut, bending like an inflexible rubber band, yet it gave way. Sable slid his arms down into their depths, pressing against the tip of the penis itself. And finally, he stopped descending, only for a moment.
The whole rod clenched, the foreskin squeezing the cat’s shoulders, then loosened. As the flesh went limp Sable’s squeezed form took a moment to loosen in response, one that wouldn’t come. As the tip relaxed, it gaped wide enough for the feline’s palms to dip inside. The black cat’s eyes shrank again, both arms now pressed against the inside of the penis. Spaz released his grip on the feline’s mouth. It wouldn’t matter anymore.
Sable gasped for air, his last. The foreskin snapped around his muzzle, his nose was squeezed by the rim of flesh. Semen pressed up against his face and the musk of the foreskin’s interior filled his nose. The feline’s dilated pupils and fearful brow was the only way he could emote his concerns now. With a single clench of the member, and even those were gone. Trapped entirely with either the dragon’s dick or his foreskin, Sable’s entire world had been reduced to this dragon’s being. It was over, Sable knew it. All that was left was humiliating end. Stuffed down another man’s dick, his head being squeezed by his foreskin. After a moment in the feline’s new hell, the penis finally accepted the feline’s head, and Sable began the degrading descent properly.
Darkness, nothing but the slimy warmth, the crushing muscle, the sloppy sounds accompanied him downwards. His muzzle dragged against the interior flesh, coated in semen entirely. His feet hit something solid, the bottom of the balls pressing against the cold streets. The bent as the rest of the cat was crammed downwards, first his hips, then his torso, and finally his head joined his body inside the dragon’s balls. Still filled with fluids, Sable curled up and did all he could, whimper, struggle, and wait.

Spaz’s body roiled in a twisted delight as he watch the bulge slide from the top of his dick to the bottom, filling out his now engorged nuts. His hands clawed the wall behind him, squeezing the brick in delight. Pathetic, half-baked squirms shifted his sack around, the signs of desperation and delusion. Mustering his entire might into the weight of his balls, Spaz clenched, pulling them tight against his body. Dropping to the streets with a slosh, he could feel the feline within jostled about like a mishandled package. Not enough to quell this snack. Spaz hefted again, squeezing, then dropping. Over, and over, and over. The cat’s weak form grew less apparent with each heft. After a dozen hefts Spaz let his nuts sit for a moment. Smooth, soft to the touch, but the feline could still be felt. Maybe conscious, maybe not. He wasn’t long for this world either way. Grabbing his entire package, Spaz pulled the back up into his leotard, a hammer space invention that was needed even before the cat. The latex cupped the balls perfectly, stretching exactly enough to contain the cat and his penis. Spaz’s finger slipped away from the leotard, it snapping back into place. It was like the cat wasn’t even there.

“Well,” the dragon licked his lips, “you’ll certainly be a fun toy for the rest of the mission.”

Spaz clenched his balls once more, his meal reluctantly accepting of his final fate.

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Posted by Boonythewolf 5 days ago Report

Spazman does great art, but I won't ever get anything from him again.


Posted by thefacelessone 22 hours ago Report



Posted by Boonythewolf 19 hours ago Report

He takes far to long to complete the work.