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Sara and the other two girls made their way down the cavernous hallway counting the numbers on the towering condo doors they passed. Well, they were towering to her anyway, at only about five inches tall many things in the world were gigantic to her.
“I’m just saying it’s still bullshit,” Angie continued, “I don’t care how much they are paying us, they are supposed to tell us about the job before we agree to it.” said the short haired brunette. There were no requests as far as attire so she wore a short low cut dress showing off quite a bit of her tanned skin.
She had already expressed her annoyance about the circumstances of the job tonight in spite of the fact she had still said yes when she got the offer. The three girls had only been working for Nirvana Entertainment for a few months now, they had all applied around the same time and went through the hiring process together so they had become friends.
“Well you could have said no Kim…” Sara replied, already getting a bit tired of the girls complaining. Still Angie had a point, it was pretty abnormal, usually they knew days or even weeks in advance when they were booked for jobs, but this time the three girls had each been called separately and given the offer. They were all told the same thing, an Important new client was going to be in town and wanted a last minute private show. They were to meet another girl at the condo and she would fill them in on the instructions. Getting a booking on such short notice was almost unheard of but it was clear they were paying a premium. The amount they were each being paid was easily more than any of the girls would have made in a month.
Kim huffed, “yeah right, for what they offered? Still calling us up with almost no notice and no idea what we are doing is just unprofessional!”
Finally after the long walk the three reached room 008, Sara turned around and looked at Kim, “ready hon?” said with a smile.
Kim turned and looked at Sara for a moment, she looked quite nervous but that was normal for Kim. she was wearing a loose fitting yellow jumper, where as Angie had more of an athletic build, the slightly shorter blond was naturally curvy. Sara and Angie had often wondered how she did this job, when they all started Angie had given the shy girl a week at the most but she had surprised them both and managed to stick it out so far.
Kim pulled some of her long golden blond hair back to reveal her big blue eyes and gave Sara a nervous smile., “y-yeah, ready as i’ll ever be…”
As with most doors for big people here was a smaller door for little people on the right side of it. Sara opened it, letting Kim and Angie in first and following after. As they entered the girls looked around taking in the condo. it was well furnished but had the look of a demo unit that no one lived in. The e three made their way into the living room that contained a sectional couch and loveseat, a glass top coffee table sat in the middle of the room. As soon as they entered they saw that the other girl was already here sitting on the loveseat. Though they had never met, Sara recognized Lexi immediately. She was one of the most popular girls at the agency and probably also the lightest paid. She was surprised to see her here, Lexi was always in high demand and had a long list of regular clients booking her weeks or even months in advance. Sara could only imagine what it had cost this new client to get her on such short notice.
As if reading her mind Angie leaned over and whispered, “ how much do you think she’s getting paid for this?”
The woman sat there on the couch casually flicking through her phone having not realized the girls had entered yet. The first thing Sara noticed about her was how casual her attire was, her bright red hair was done up in a bun and she wore a sleeveless crop top revealing the pink straps of her bra and showing off her bare midriff Below that she wore a snug fitting pair of denim shorts and white sneakers.
As the three approached Lexi caught their movement in her peripheral vision and turned to glance down at them, she only looked at them for a moment before setting phone down on the coffee table and standing up. She closed the distance between her and the little girls with a few steps. Sara Could feel the vibrations in the floor each time her sneaker clad foot came down, next to her Kim tensed up a bit as the huge woman stopped about a foot away and squatted down placing a hand on each knee.
She looked the three of them over for a moment then spoke, “took you time getting here huh?” she said in a tone that was friendly and only had a hint of annoyance to it.
Sara smiled up at her feeling a little embarrassed, “Yeah...sorry we’re running a bit late! They didn’t give us much notice so we got here as fast as we could….they also didn’t give us much info about the job, so i-” Sara said before Angie cut her off.
“Which is bullshit, they are supposed to tell us about the job before we agree to it!”The little brunette said with her hands on her hips glaring up at the enormous woman as though it was her fault for the lack of information.
Sara frowned at the annoyed woman, she had a point, it was standard practice for the agency to contact via email with a time and date along with a general description of what the job entailed along with specifics like attire and the type of gathering. This time the girls were called directly and told it was a time sensitive offer and they would be filled in when they got to the job. Still it wasn’t Lexi's fault and she thought Angie could have been less of a bitch about it.
Lexi looked down at Angie clearly unimpressed with the girl's attitude, “ Oh yeah? well if you had such a problem with that you should have turned them down.” She said matter-of-factly.
Angie's brow furrowed and she opened her mouth to say something but Sara was quick to interject, “So, is our client already here or…”
Lexi’s eyes lingered on Angie for a moment longer before they shifted over to Sara, “Yeah so about that, there is no client, well I mean there is but they’re not here, see our client is a bit of a voyeur.” the woman explained as she gestured to the condo around them. “This is their place, and from what I'm told it’s wired with cameras, so they can watch our little show in private.” Sara hears a huff come from Angie but thankfully she remained silent otherwise.
“Ok, so I'm going to freshen up real quick then we can get started alright?” without waiting for a response the woman rose and quickly turned making her way through the livingroom and into a hallway where the girls heard a door shut.
“Ok so now we’re going to be on camera?” Angie said to Sara,. “It clearly states in our contracts we can’t be filmed without our express consent!”
Sara turned to Angie, frowning, “Yeah I know Angie, and now we all know ok? So if you don’t want to be filmed then don’t do the job alright?!”
The brunette’s jaw dropped a bit surprised at Sara's sudden rebuke. Her mouth closed into a frown and she folded her arms. “Ok, calm down alright? I’m just saying they could have told us this before is all…”
“Um Sara?” asked Kim, her soft voice breaking the tension,”So about things they didn’t tell us…”
There was another sigh from Angie and Sara didn’t have to look at her to know he eye’s were rolling right now. Kim chewed her lip nervously and Sara was suddenly reminded about how nervous the other girl was around big people.
When the three of them went through the hiring process at Nirvana Entertainment they had gotten to know each other pretty well, one of the things they had learned about Kim was that she had grown up in one of those little person’s communities out west. Apparently she had never even seen a big person up close till she moved to the city. As a result she was more than a little uncomfortable around big’s, this was something Angie never missed an opportunity to pick on her about.
“Don’t worry hon, Lexi is an experienced professional, I'm sure she has done ton’s of jobs with little people, ok?” Sara said, placing a reassuring hand on the nervous blond’s shoulder.
“Yeah Kim, I mean sure, one misstep and she can turn us into a stain on the carpet, but other than that there is nothing to worry about!” Ange said sarcastically as Kim's eyes went a little wider.
Sara turned and glared at the brunette, “really Angie?!” she scolded.
“Oh come on it was a joke!” she said to Sara before turning to the now even more nervous blond, “Don’t be such a baby Kimmy! There is nothing to worry about ok?”
The nervous girl swallowed and nodded before jumping a bit when she felt the vibrations in the floor letting the girls know that Lexi was returning. She entered the room and approached the three tiny girls. Once she reached them she bent over and cupped her hands together placing them on the floor before the three. `Alright let's get this show on the road...”
“About time…” Angie muttered as she climbed up onto the woman’s palm and knelt down. Sara took Kim's hand and as she did the girl clenched it tightly. Leading the way, Sara slowly helped Kim up knot the soft warm flesh of the giant woman's hands and together they knelt down. The girls could smell the faint odor of some kind of lotion coming from Lexi’ skin and feel body heat radiate from the hands beneath them.
As the hands rose from the floor Kim let out a sharp gasp of surprise and quickly brought her hand up to grab Sara's shoulder for support. Sara couldn't help but wonder if this was the girls first time being handled by a big as they were lifted high into the air. Lexi was quite gentle and did a good job of keeping her hands steady as she brought them close to her body in order to add some support and make the ride as smooth as possible. Looking up, Sara could see Lex's navel ring dangle above her, it was a silver stud with a short chain ending in a sapphire. Looking up further she could see under the woman’s shirt and the pink lace of her bra.
Lucky for Kim the trip was short and soon they entered a bedroom. The room was about the size of a standard guest room, the only furniture was a queen size bed, a nightstand, and a floor lamp. The ceiling fan also had a light fixture that was on and lit the room well. Saras eyes scanned the small room looking for the camera’s that would be recording them but she could not spot them. There were a couple of framed paintings on the walls and a mirror hung directly across from the bed. It immediately made her think of two way mirrors in crime movies and she was pretty sure at least one of the cameras was behind it.
Reaching the foot of the bed, Lexi placed her hands on the bottom of a sprawling mattress and one at a time the girls stepped off and onto the expensive looking silk sheets. Kim took a deep breath clearly relieved to be on solid ground again. Sara gave her a smile and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. Lexi made her way around to the right side of the bed and climbed up onto it, as she did the ground beneath the girls shook a bit while the woman crawled to the center of the mattress before the girls and knelt down with her knees spread and her butt resting on her calves.
Looking down at the three girls in front of her Lexi bit her bottom lip, for a few seconds she simply stared at them and Sara thought she could detect a bit of nervousness in the huge woman's eyes. She must be imagining it she thought to herself, why on earth would the agency’s leading girl be nervous. yet the look in her eyes was hard to ignore....
“Alright...everyone ready?” she said finally almost more to herself than the girls it seemed, her eyes lifting form them at the end of the sentence and moving to the mirror across the room all but confirming Sara’s suspicions of there being a camera there.
“Yeah ready for what exactly?!” Angie said, taking a couple of steps towards the enormous woman hands on her hips. “You still haven’t told us what the hell we’re doing here! I would have thought the agency’s top girl would be more professional than this!”
“Angie!” Sara hissed, the irony that the brunette was chastising Lexi for being unprofessional in the middle of a job when a client was watching was clearly lost on the fiery woman. Sara looked up at Lexi apologetically and when she did she saw the nervous look in her eyes quickly fade and become one of clear annoyance.
“Don’t “Angie” me Sara, it’s true! This whole job is bullshit, the late notice call, her not telling us anything before bringing us in here, the-”
Sara watched as a massive hand quickly came into view and wrapped around Angie from the waist down, cutting the girl off mid sentence and lifting her over the other two girls' heads. Angie gasped and grabbed the hand with both of her as she was lifted up to the woman’s face.
Angie’s tanned face turned a shade red in anger, “Bitch, what the FUCK do you think you’re doing?!” she shouted incredulously.
Sara watched as Lexi said nothing and simply glared at the agitated little woman in her grip, the moment seemed to last forever before she opened her mouth wide and her hand rose up to shove Angie in head first. The woman let out a yell of surprise that was cut off when the peach gloss coated lips closed tight around her waist pressing into the hand that held the little woman.
The two girls on the bed could only watch in shock as the scene unfolded before them. Lexi's lips held Angie tight as her hand slid down the kicking legs and held them in place. Her jaw moved and she pushed on the tan legs forcing more of the woman’s body into her maw.
“H-hey! Lexi! What are you doing?! Let her go!” Sara called up to the giantess but her protests fell on deaf ears.
Inside, Angie was enveloped in the humid air of the woman’s mouth, all around her slick saliva coated everything as the huge bumpy muscle that was tongue moved under her and helped to work her back deeper inside. Occasionally the lips she had passed through would part lightly as she forced more of her inside letting a bit of light shine in and give her a brief glimpse of the back of Lexi;s throat where she was heading. Reaching out she frantically tried to find anything to grab onto in an effort to push herself back out, but her hands simply slipped off the slick interior surfaces of the enormous woman’s maw and she was forced head first into the waiting gullet.
Outside the muscles in Lexi's throat clenched as her prey entered her esophagus filling the tight fleshy tube. A sickening *gulk* could be heard as she swallowed hard, pulling her would be meal down while she continued to use her hand to help force her deeper. Sara watched as the woman’s throat started to bulge with another swallow and her jaw continued to work the struggling girl down. Soon her bare feet slid between the peach colored lips as the huge woman tilted her head back in an effort to make the path down straighter. Lexi squeezed her eyes shut and swallowed hard again as the bulge moved down further and finally disappeared between the womens collar bones.
Sara stared frozen in shock, watching as Lexi tilted her head down and slowly opened her eyes, bringing a hand to her throat in an attempt to rub away the lingering soreness of the girl who just passed though it had left. It felt like forever but the whole thing had only taken seconds, a piercing scream snapped Sara outer stupo and she turned to see that Kim had fallen to her knees unable to stand after what she had just witnessed.
As her mind raced to catch up with what her eyes had seen, Sara looked back up at the woman still kneeling before her, “W-what...what did you do?!!” she screamed up at Lexi, “You fucking ate her!!!” she yelled stating the obvious, the sentence it’s self sounding so unreal even with the scene that had just placed out before her.
Lexi looked down at the two women again almost as if she had momentarily forgotten they were still there. She took a deep breath in an effort to compose herself before she replied, “She wanted to know what the job she knows….” she said simply her eyes cold as they fixed on Sara.
“The...the job…” Sara said her eyes widening as the realization set in and all the pieces started to fall into place. The sudden notice, and the lack of details, all the things that seemed off about this job now made perfect sense. The ridiculous amount of money intended lure them here and kept them from asking any questions. “They’re..., they’re paying you to eat us?!” even after what she had just witnessed the very idea of it seemed insane. But as crazy as it sounded it was true.”you can’t do this to us! We’re people! You can’t just…” she trailed off looking at the massive woman’t unwavering eyes.
“it’s nothing personal, I- '' The huge woman paused and frowned, lifting her hand to her stomach and pressed her fingertips into it. she looked down at it and grunted softly as the little girl turned meal was pushed into her stomach. She turned back to Sara, “ look, you have no idea how much money they offered, it’s the kind of money that can change your life. besides, if I turned it down someone else would have just taken the job and you’d still be in this situation. if it’s going to happen anyway I might as well be the one that gets paid…” she said reaching her hand out to the whimpering girl next to Sara.
She watched as the hand moved closer towards KIm, the poor girl seemed to be out of it, just kneeling there making unintelligible noises. When the hand got closer she finally snapped out of it and scrambled backwards on her butt trying to escape, “No! Stay away!” she screamed as the hand caught up with her and Lexi pinched the terrified girl at the waist between her thumb and two fingers lifting her into the air.
“Wait! Please don’t do this!!” Sara yelled, rushing closer to the massive kneeling woman trying to get her attention again but her plea was simply ignored
Kim grasped at the thumb that was pressed into her abdomen and pulled at it feebly in an attempt to free herself from her captors grip. When that didn’t work she looked over her shoulder to Sara down below. “Sara!! Help me! Please don’t let her…” she said, turning back to see the woman’s huge lips part opening wide to reveal the pink maw lined with it’s pearly white teeth. As the mouth opened the large wet muscle that was her tongue slid out a bit to welcome it’s next meal.
“Oh my god, will you give it a rest?” Lexi said to the girl with a look of annoyance on her face, “no one cares!”
Sara watched in horror, Kim continued to scream as her feet entered the open mouth, in a panicked attempt to keep herself out her little legs kicked wildly, one of them connected with Lexi’s upper lip causing the giant woman to jerk her head back in shock and close her mouth The giantess growled as her face contorted into an angry scowl at the terrified little girl in her grip. Abruptly her mouth shot back open and she quickly shoved Kim inside. The still wiggling legs were forced into the wet mouth. The peach lips clamped down on Kim’s chest holding the girl in place while her tongue slid under her.
Again the horrifying scene played out before Sara, she could see Kim's wide eyes full of terrified tears that streamed down her cheeks, her arms were pinned to her side by the plump lips so she shook her head violently trying to break free. The little girl’s head tilted back and for a moment her eyes found Sara’s and locked on them, “S-Sara plea-”
Lexi brought her finger to the girl's face, cutting her cry for help short as the enormous digit with it’s pink gel tip nail pushed her between the full lips. The woman worked her jaw around her struggling meal as her tongue maneuvered her deeper, pushing the saliva coated girl into her gullet.
It was clearly taking more effort for Lexi to work the curvier girl down than she’d needed for Angie, she grimaced and placed her hand on the bulge in her throat, eyes starting to water as she swallowed hard trying to coax the obstruction down. Sara was sure the woman was about to choke but with another hard swallow the bulge started moving and again Sara watched another of her friends slide down the slender neck to disappear into the woman's body. Lexi coughed a bit and took a moment to catch her breath as her hand slid down from her neck to her chest and rested there where she could still feel a tightness deep within her while Kim’s descent continued.
Lexi blinked and took one more deep breath to regain her composure, her eyes closed for a moment as her hand slid down her chest and to her stomach. She looked down at herself and let out a soft groan, “Holy shit…they are not happy in there…” she said to herself as she gently massaged her full belly.
Staring at the smooth flesh of Lexi's stomach, Sara suddenly could not think of anything other than what the other two girls must be experiencing in there right now. Crammed together into the stifling organ and pressed against it’s mucus lined walls as it churned around them like any other meal it had ever been given. She shuddered and did her best to banish the horrifying thoughts from her mind.
Finally Lexi looked down at Sara, “I’m sorry but i’m going to need a minute…” she said though Sara was not sure if she was talking to her or their mystery client who was no doubt enjoying the show that they had paid so much for. At that moment the enormous woman's gut let out a low groan as it worked on it’s meal.
Shuddering at the noise and suddenly aware of just how close she was to the massive woman, Sara took a few steps back away from her. “L-Lexi, please listen to me, you don’t have to go through with this ok? Please just let me go..``Sara said trying to keep the fear out of her voice and failing to do so.
Lexi frowned down at her and shook her head slightly, “So what, I’m supposed to just let you walk out the door and hope you don’t tell anyone what happened here? Is that what you expect?” she said her hand still gently rubbing her full stomach.
“Yes! I swear I won’t tell any-”
Lexi rolled her eyes as the little girl spoke and abruptly cut her off, “shut up!” she snapped causing Sara to flinch, “even IF I trusted you to keep your mouth shut about all this you’re missing the bigger point, if I don’t finish the job i’m not going to get paid.”
“Look, I told you this isn’t personal, it’s just business. And I do feel a little bad for you guys, but if you think that I'm just going to stop now and leave with nothing but a full belly,” she said, giving her stomach a couple pats, “ You’re crazy.”
In her entire life as a little person Sara had never felt so helpless, she and the other girls had been lured here and offered up as sick entertainment, condemned to a horrible death at the hands of a woman who was doing it for nothing other than money. Unable to take any more, Sara did the only thing she could think of, she turned and ran. She had no idea where she was going, at the moment she just wanted to get as far from the monster that had just devoured her friends and intended to do the same to her.
Lexi ‘s eyes went wide in shock when the little girl took off running and she let out an annoyed sigh as she leaned forward and started to crawl across the bed after her. “Really? Where do you think you're gonna go?” the woman said as she rapidly closed the distance between them.
The little woman pumped her legs as fast as she could, the soft bed sunk in slightly with every footfall which slowed her considerably as though she was running through sand. As she approached the edge of the bed she could see herself in the mirror across the room and also see the giant woman behind her. Sara wasn’t sure what she was planning to do and her mind raced as the edge of the mattress quickly approached, what would a fall like that do to her? Even if it didn’t kill her and she wasn’t maimed where was she going to go?
Her thoughts were interrupted when something slammed into her back driving her face first into the silk sheets. The wind was knocked out of her tiny body and she saw stars for a moment as Lexi's hand pinned her there pushing her into the mattress, had it been a hard surface there there was no doubt she would have been seriously injured. The hand curled around Sara's body as she tried to regain the breath that had been knocked out of her and she was lifted effortlessly into the air. As her eyes focused she could make out Lexi’s face glaring at her.
“No...p-please…” she whimpered still dazed and out of breath as she watched the voluptuous peach colored lips part in front of her, strands of saliva stretched from the white teeth and she felt Lexi’s warm humid breath wash over her tiny body. Time slowed down as she was brought into the waiting maw, she could see the dark pit at the back of it ringed in glistening flesh. She made a feeble attempt to fight back but soon the little light in the mouth faded and darkness overtook her.
Lexi walked into the living room and eased down onto the couch with a groan of discomfort. She placed a hand on her belly as she leaned over to pick her phone up off the coffee table, the simple action causing another grunt. If she had ever been this full before she couldn’t remember it.. The fluttering movements in her belly had all but died out as the last of the girls began to succumb to her stomach's digestive process. Leaning back into the couch she massaged the upset belly trying to get some relief, she could feel vibrations beneath her fingertips as it chured around it’s contents, letting out the occasional groan or gurgle.
She had been worried she might vomit after the last one, thankfully the smack she had given her knocked a lot of the fight out of the tiny girl and she went down easier than the other two. Still she didn’t want to push her luck and had decided not to try and go home just yet. The last thing she needed was to throw up the remains of three little’s in the back seat of a cab.
Her thumb flipped through her phone ignoring the text messages she had missed for the moment and opening up her bank app, she entered her password and selected her checking account. Lexi's half opened eyes widened at the sight of all the new zeros in her account and a smile crept across her lips.
“And i didn’t even have to take my clothes off..” she muttered to herself as her stomach let out a particularly loud gurgle, in response she gave her bloated tummy a few gentle pats.
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Three tiny girls get a life changing job offer!

So while I have been role-playing for years I have always wanted to try writing a story and this is my first one! I decided to go with a simple idea to get my feet wet so to speak. I hope you like it!

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Really amazing story


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