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Ridley's Favorite Pet [Dragon/FM Sex+Vore] By nosuspicious -- Report

(Content Warning: Sexual Violence)

An alternate take on the lore of the Metroid universe. After the sadistic Space Pirate leader, Ridley, violates and devours Samus's parents, he discovers her too and keeps her for his own. As she grows up, how will she fare in the captivity of her new master and his grubby minions?

This story was commissioned by  saintheartwing

I am still accepting commissions if any interested readers would like to reach out! If you have an idea for a story, PM nosuspicious on Eka's Portal and I'd be delighted to discuss it with you.

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Posted by Brenden1k 13 days ago Report

Dead right as a kind of happy ending was going to happen so sad.

I love the pred and the prey liking each other more as time went on. I like to see relationship build, form hatred and fear to slightly happier.


Posted by Brenden1k 13 days ago Report

Okay I poorly worded the first sentence.
What I was saying it was a bit tragic to for the vore to turn fatal right as a happy ending of sorts was on the horizon. Oh well it did give emotional impact even if I cannot help but wonder at a happy alt ending.

Than again maybe what ever medical program Ridley uses could help here, seriously it covers everything, falling into the core of the planet to bring on a exploding planet.

I guess canonically it is his regen.


Posted by nosuspicious 13 days ago Report

Ah I see what you mean. Yeah, I can definitely see how a happier ending might have suited the story's arc better. With writing like this, I tend to just take things wherever the commissioner and I think is most titillating, which in this case was a tragic ending.


Posted by nosuspicious 13 days ago Report

Yeah, I don't know if happy endings are really my thing in smut lol. I guess this one is unique in that the pred didn't get a happy ending either.

Yeah, their developing relationship was the heart of the story for me. The commissioner suggested a great premise for incorporating a little stockholm syndrome into Samus's character.

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)