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HNTBL 27: Don't Sweat It By TheDragonBoy -- Report

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Sometimes plans change, and the sudden shifts can make life seem a little stressful. When that happens, it's usually best to look on the bright side and find something about it you can enjoy. Don't sweat it. ...No, seriously, don't sweat it. That'll only make you even tastier for the next pred that goes by.

So, here it is, the *real* #27. Not an April Fool's Day prank. I'm officially back on the HNTBL train. Believe it or not, this particular story almost didn't happen. In a move that should surprise absolutely no one who's been reading these descriptions (hi :]), I started writing a story that eventually got split into two separate stories. The beginning of this one was originally going to be part of what's now going to be #28. But not only was the story getting really long, it more importantly didn't have nearly enough vore content. Once I realized a certain werewolf would be in the perfect position to have a nice, relaxing meal, I knew exactly how to remedy that.

Random side note: I decided to try using Word's built-in "Read Aloud" feature for my final editing pass. It kills about 70% of the sexiness and takes a few minutes, but it did help me catch a number of mistakes. I might do that for all my stories going forward. Just a miscellaneous tips for any other writers out there.

As always, this HNTBL was written in collaboration with the ever-helpful  x9comega, who this time also came up with the perfect title you see above and saved us both the usual agony of trying to think one up at the last minute. You can see the rest of our series (with its numerous amazing titles) here:

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Posted by Metro2033fan 13 days ago Report

A well deserved meal for controlling herself. Back in the while I indeed thinked about the jogging in the world of this one. I disposed the idea because even in this world that we live currently is kinda risky. But I guess that specific area was not inhabited with preds and she thought that its safer. Just thinking.


Posted by x9comega 12 days ago Report

Also keep in mind that being fit and in-shape can help prey survive. If you’re in a group running from a hungry pred you don’t have to be faster than the pred, just faster than whoever the pred might catch. So for a human that’s putting on weight working out isn’t a bad strategy to staying alive. Just comes with certain the potential to no longer be alive XD but you know, no risk no reward.


Posted by Metro2033fan 12 days ago Report

Yeah you just need to be faster than the slowest member that's true. I wonder how the marked group gonna react about the werewolf bodyguard.


Posted by cloud8745 12 days ago Report

Very nice scene! I am curious as to how the meeting went, though.


Posted by TheDragonBoy 12 days ago Report

You'll find out in the next chapter :)
I should have it up in the next couple days.


Posted by Wolfsage 12 days ago Report

And here we are, the thing I'm looking forward for every single day (even if it doesn't come out every day). My weekend just started, so I am so gonna relax reading my currently favorite story on this site.
Keep up the good work pal :D


Posted by TheDragonBoy 12 days ago Report

Man, that's some high praise! Thanks :D
Have fun joining Fiona in relaxation.


Posted by Wolfsage 11 days ago Report

And I meant it. I've been on this site for many years, and it often happens that I stumple upon a member who make some content I just fall in love with that I look forward to see more of and can't wait for them to uplaod more of. However, a lot of them have stopped making this content for one reason or another and I always end up having to search for new content to enjoy.
Currently, this is that new content so I always wait eagerly for a new chapter to come out.


Posted by 2Ron2R 12 days ago Report

I've got to wonder how they're going to react when Fiona comes to pick him up with that newly filled belly of hers. XD


Posted by wolfSnack 12 days ago Report



Posted by wolfSnack 12 days ago Report

I LOVE the emphasis on Fiona's sensations during the vore scene. I just absolutely love the detail, and the contrast of Fiona's feelings versus her prey's... I love seeing Fiona's snarkier thoughts -- sweat as all-natural seasoning, "helping work off" her meal's excess fat, muffling her prey's words with her tongue... And the dynamic nature of the style, with short paragraphs interrupted by gulps... I absolutely loved it. I hope we'll get to see a BIT of digestion (perhaps from Jack's point of view, or the POV of the bite-survivors club) and potentially implied post-digestion stuff, but I love love LOVE what you did with this chapter. I'm so excited to see this story restarting :3


Posted by TheDragonBoy 12 days ago Report

Always nice to hear from you :)
Glad you liked it so much, we really did need a nice, simple vore scene after so much plot.
I've definitely been thinking over digestion scenes, just not quite sure where to put them yet. I'll be keeping that in mind when we start planning out the coming school week...


Posted by wolfSnack 12 days ago Report

Yeah, it's nice to remember that while this story is more of a slice-of-life friendship danger comedy, our lupine protagonist DOES eat people quite casually. And seeing that contrasted against all the survivors' experiences (survi-vore?) makes the emotional beats deeper... in addition to how it's hot, of course ;)


Posted by TheDragonBoy 12 days ago Report

Hah! If vore was established as an in-universe thing, I would totally use "survi-vores" as a pun somewhere.