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A P&T NIGHTmare part 2 By Personad -- Report

Part 2 of 2 of me and  StrongIron21

StrongIron21 holds part 1 here:

So comes the end of the parent teacher conference. I'm going to be real, I would not last long here for obvious reasons.

Hope you all enjoy.

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Posted by elliotalien08 13 days ago Report

I don't think i would have lasted long here i
Either XD


Posted by Personad 12 days ago Report

I would be expelled for sleeping during class.


Posted by elliotalien08 12 days ago Report

If it was me it would be reading and not paying attention XD


Posted by Firebird22 13 days ago Report

great story. the two teachers shouldn't known to eat the principal first.

also that is one lucky kid that got their teacher fed to them.


Posted by Personad 12 days ago Report

Yeah, that kid is lucky. And thanks!


Posted by GuyWoodhouse 12 days ago Report

Thumbnail Picture Source?


Posted by Personad 12 days ago Report

I'm going to be honest, I can't find the exact link that I got the image from.
Here's where I got it

And here's the image if you want to see it full res


Posted by C107galaxytachyon 12 days ago Report

Where’s part 1?


Posted by algog8 12 days ago Report

They should try this in a large college


Posted by Personad 11 days ago Report

I'm afraid of what the graduation rate for that college would be...


Posted by algog8 10 days ago Report

Better take responsibility and balance it out with all the other colleges!