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Accident... Again... By Angeloid003 -- Report

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I feel that i'm the only one who can happened this... i was fixing my shower bath head wich have an anti-limestone filter, it has a very sharp disk... well, it falls to my hand and literally buried in my right thumb... it was THIS THING:

I got to the hospital, got my wound sewed and i can't use the tablet pen for 3 to 5 days (happened yesterday), got one of my veins partially cut and i cut some of my nerve, and bone exposed, not too big, but a really deep wound, i don't feel so good about my commissioners or patreon page, because i would need to delay my work a for some days, hope ya can forgive me for that and for not being careful with these things...

i just slowly did this job, i preffer to say what happened to me here, so ya can understand my situatuon ^^U

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Posted by Nemyon 7 months ago Report

Dont worry Angel *hugs and pat Angel*


Posted by Firmork8 7 months ago Report

F in chat


Posted by SumeraPaleema 7 months ago Report

Oooww... So sorry this happened to you. ’;o;`


Posted by Tempest 7 months ago Report

Sorry to hear that, my friend. Hope it heals up soon.


Posted by Cerilium 7 months ago Report

Take all the time to rest and don't put pressure on your thumb <3


Posted by Ryan-Drakel 7 months ago Report

Hey hey no need to ask for forgiveness for accident.s They happen, bottom line is you didn't lose anything important. Wound like this will take a while to heal.
You take as long as you need, those truly loyal will understand. Those who are impatient... Well they can go fuck themselves.

You take care of you. You are priority one.
Damage like that will no doubt take a couple weeks to fully heal, so take it slow.


Posted by voreingsparten 7 months ago Report

Friend of ours had that happen to her. not a shower head but cut herself doing something stupid.
Nicked the tendon, cut part of the nerve. probably over ten years later she still doesn't have full feeling on the skin, but luckily she didn't lose any function in her thumb.
trying to say it'll heal, but it might not feel the same.
Either way, Speedy Healing and don't over do it.

Try practicing with your other hand. If nothing else it might be fun and help you take your mind off it.


Posted by krow 7 months ago Report

shite in hell that must've freakin hurt


Posted by starfighter101 7 months ago Report

Ouch. Hope you have a safe and rapid recovery Angel


Posted by Kerbalmaster 7 months ago Report

Sorry that happened to ya dood...
Though that does let me know that it's probably a good idea to use gloves when dealing with filters.


Posted by MythicalMochi 7 months ago Report

There is nothing to forgive Angel, accidents happen. Please rest up ok? ^^
Art/Commissions can wait, your health can't.


Posted by Windmutt 7 months ago Report

Health first, rest up and relax a bit. Only the jerks will not give you the time to do so.


Posted by coldfire1200 7 months ago Report

Take time to heal no rush just relax


Posted by tonth1 7 months ago Report

I see bone.


Posted by willofwii 7 months ago Report

Ooof that had to hurt. Sorry to hear it happened but on the flip side that is nice wound you drew. Very good detail.


Posted by seth270 7 months ago Report

oooooh oowwwwwie!


Posted by 24BBS 7 months ago Report



Posted by pokebreeder25 7 months ago Report

ouch. wish you the best.


Posted by boyot 7 months ago Report

Your health is top priority, so dont worry about it. Accidents happen. Just focus on healing.


Posted by UnforsakenFantasy 7 months ago Report

Jesus, damn that sounds painful


Posted by Angeloid003 7 months ago Report

Thank to everyone who worried about me ^^ i'll take some time to heal, as it's the hand that i use to draw, i'll be back soon as possible to continue working, thank you <3


Posted by TheNutter 7 months ago Report

Geez, sorry to hear, I hope it heals good. and I'll be careful round those filters.


Posted by Yinyangmaster2017 7 months ago Report

you really need to invest in a new shower drain


Posted by RG9812 7 months ago Report



Posted by DeanYR 7 months ago Report

Now that's an injury to the right hand. A cut. Deep pain indeed.


Posted by blessedwasthechild 7 months ago Report

HOLY CRAP omg that's fucking scary D: and so fucking stupid too! That's like something out of a haunted house movie.