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CreamPred By shdingo -- Report

creams first time putting anyone away and she's twice her size. Rouge on the other hand is now soaking in the acids and the irony of pretending to teach her lunch how she was going to eat her.

"It burns. But Rouge knew it would. She's been told countless times before but never really paid it any attention.
After all, who really listens when their foods complaints?
She always told them it couldn't be that bad. "suck it up for 5 minutes"
Those words were sinking in as fast as the acid was but a new fear was creeping into her mind.
Bunnies weren't built to digest meat.
Was it only going to be 5 minutes?"

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Posted by benjdsen815 5 months ago Report

very nice piece of Cream and very well done with Rouge clothes melting away


Posted by Spider8Fiend 5 months ago Report

Poor Rouge, this is gonna take a while...but I’m sure Cream will be nice and curvy at the end, so what’s a few hours of fear and suffering?


Posted by Plume7 5 months ago Report

I so badly hope that Cream eats nothing but huge, filling meals from now on.


Posted by Estee 5 months ago Report

Oh wow, I love crying, terrified prey. Very well done. Also, I hope it's more like 5 hours instead of minutes


Posted by GoodOlRainbowpet 5 months ago Report

best cream vore ive ever seen


Posted by MilesK 5 months ago Report

Lovely <3


Posted by z3d 5 months ago Report

I love this, they look great in your style


Posted by Mostamazingofbaboons 5 months ago Report

I'm petitioning for a digestive aftermath!


Posted by The_Prof 5 months ago Report

see what greed gets you? A fast track to becoming bunny pellets


Posted by DanielYuStar 5 months ago Report

a growing child like cream needs the biggest meals to become an apex predator, i'm so happy seeing her digesting her nutritious meal, and vanilla would feel proud too


Posted by Winny 5 months ago Report

Something tells me, that Rouge is going to be much bigger then bunny pellets at the end of this.

Creams going to have wonderful new experience from Rouge going in, and when whats left is coming out I bet~ <3

Delightful piece Shdingo! Love cocky preds getting what they deserve~


Posted by Badfurson 5 months ago Report

Wonder how she even got in that mess.


Posted by daeway 4 months ago Report

Cream: Um, Rouge? **belches thunderously** Oof, that was so delicious **pauses** oh, please excuse me Rouge. Rouge?
Rouge: **inaudible**
Cream: Oh. She must have fell asleep! **innocence intensifies**