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Jiro, Ochaco and Momo were together on a work study program for the next week at a hero agency. With getting their hero licensing done they were able to legally do hero things so the hero they were working for had them go into the woods to scout out using Jiro's quirk and the other two can help. As they walked through the wilderness Jiro was plugging the ear jacks hanging from her ears into the ground trying to see if anyone was needing help. But it's been hours and nothing has happened. They were to stay out for twelve hours walking to find potential rescuing but it's already been six and nothing has happened. Plus they had no food so the girls were starving. Momo wished she had food to help her quirk while Ocacho was okay and Jiro was holding her flat belly.
Jiro's belly rumbled as she skipped dinner the other day from having a large lunch but now the only food she was going to have is dinner six hours away. Nothing in the woods seemed very edible making her sigh. But as they walked Jiro's mind drifted to her teammates and noticed how yummy they looked. Ochaco's plump ass jiggled through her black tight pants and Jiro could see the slight sway of Momo's meaty fat breasts. She checked her own body and found she was basically skin and bone making her sigh.
Jiro pouted and held onto her belly as she plugged her quirk into the ground and nothing. They continued on and finally they needed a break. 
 "I'm going to the bathroom I'll be back in a few minutes" said Momo
 Jiro and Ocacho rested on a tree together as Momo walked to away to do her business. Jiro looked over at Ochaco and saw her helmet come off with sweat on her face. She studied Ochaco's body and found a nice pair on her chest as well. Drool started to run down her chin and Ochaco noticed.
 "Um Jiro are you okay" asked Ochaco
 "Oh sorry I'm just tired...and hungry" said Jiro
 Ochaco frowned as she was in the same situation but Jiro had been acting weird so she sat in front of the rocker girl moving the purplish hair and placing her palm on Jiro's head. Jiro jumped a little with Ochaco so close as the smell of sweat was making her hungry. She gulped nervously trying to avoid any temptations.
 "You seem is something on my face" asked Ochaco 
 Jiro had lost her will and was about to give in to hunger. Staring at Ocacho like a slab of meat she placed her hands on Ochaco and pushed forward making it seem like a kiss. Ochaco blushed but didn't expect for her vision to go dark and the lips that were going to press against her own ended up parting and wrapping around her face. Jiro went all the way across and engulfed Ochaco. She told Jiro to stop and tried pushing her off but all of sudden Jiro had this strength holding her down.
Jiro swallowed getting her lips down on Ochaco's shoulders and the innocent girls face bulged in her throat.
Her voice wasn't understandable as Jiro gulped more reaching the nice meaty breasts of her hero pal. They were stuffed in her maw and she lapped her tongue making the nipples erect. Ochaco yelled for Momo to pull her out but Momo was still doing her business a distance away out of sight.
Ochaco's arms were being forced down to her side as Jiro was working hard on the pudgy midsection Ochaco had. Her flat belly was starting to push out with Ochaco's head and worried face bulging. The stomach pushing out from the shirt with each gulp. Jiro was right to do this, her teammate was so plump and yummy tasting with the sweat giving her a salty flavor. Jiro gulped up Ochaco's hips and pushed against the nice rump and jiggly thighs forcing the lower half into her mouth.
Jiro nicely finished up closing her mouth over Ochaco's feet and wrapping her tongue through her toes before slurping them in. 
The last bulge went down and Jiro felt as her belly filled with the thick meal. She moaned feeling somewhat full as Ochaco whined and fought back. Jiro gained some sense back but didn't regret eating Ochaco. But there was no way she could digest her in time before Momo returned so Jiro hid in a bush waiting for Momo to come back as she now planned to stuff her face with her second friend. 
Jiro burped and held her mouth while peering through the bushes. Finally Momo returned only to find Ochaco's mask and nothing else. She looked around confused before calling out.
 "Jiro, Ochaco where'd you go" said Momo
 It seemed weird for them to just ditch her so they had to be nearby. Momo turned her back as she came close to the bush where Jiro was at. Of course at that moment Ochaco pushed her hands and face against the stomach and called out to Momo with only a muffled name being sounded. But Momo heard it and turned around. Jiro took action grabbing and throwing Momo over to her side and resting her best friend's back on her belly making Momo look to the sky.
 "Jiro what are you doing..why is your belly so big" asked Momo
 "Sorry but I'm still hungry so you and Ochaco are filling me up" said Jiro
 Momo didn't like that and struggled but Jiro was already widening her mouth and dragging Momo back to her open maw. Momo only got one good scream out before Jiro stuffed her entire head inside. Momo squirmed as the slimy tongue slid across her face before a gulp sounded in her ears and she was being dragged down into Jiro. Even though Jiro was thinking clearly now she had no regrets devouring her friends. 
Momo's movements were restricted with her shoulders being eaten. Momo's tits were much bigger and fatter than Ochaco's so it took an extra second to stuff the melons down her throat. But Jiro managed it and went on gulping and licking Momo's toned middle. Momo seemed even tastier with more skin being exposed than Ochaco. Jiro slurped and gulped, getting her lips around Momo's hips and then all of sudden Jiro grabbed at Momo's meaty thighs and lifted the legs up. Momo yelped feeling that and noticed herself being pushed into the stomach where Ochaco was curled up crying and pushing the walls. Jiro was able to fit the butt in her mouth and then licked between Momo's thighs getting the sweat. 
Her belly expanded more and more pushing the legs down her gullet until she again slurped in the toes and swallowed. Jiro stuck her tongue out and smiled while rubbing her growing belly until it stopped. Finally she felt nice and stuffed full of plump juicy girl meat.
 "Mmm you girls were just delicious...I feel so nice and full thank you, I'm sure you two will keep me nice and full for the next few hours...I'm sure the dump is going to be major though" said Jiro
 Momo and Ochaco pushed up against the walls screaming for Jiro to release them but she just stood up and went back to her spot where she ate Ochaco and started to rub her belly aiding digestion. 
Their struggling was causing Jiro to belch loudly and she was afraid they were going to make her throw them up but every time it was just a loud burp. Her skin pushing out with hands and screaming terrified faces but in the end it just felt so good. The feeling of being so stuffed and as they squirm it would give her a belly massage from the inside. 
Her stomach was starting its process recognizing them as meat to be broken down. As the acid poured from the walls and was rubbed against the squished girls they screamed and kept fighting. Their clothes starting to get holes and melt off their bodies slowly exposing their plump bodies which Jiro wanted. Her stomach groaned and gurgled loudly making their muffled pleas drown out and not be heard. Jiro started to think about where the fat would go and she pressed against her boobs hoping to grow some cups. Even some fat on her ass would be nice to give it some jiggle. Momo pounded on the walls, tears in her eyes as the acid was starting to burn. Their clothes melted away after the first hour and their shiny naked bodies were drenched in stomach acids plus the pool rising was softening their legs to the point that neither Momo or Ochaco could feel them. 
Jiro was feeling relaxed with her hands resting on the top of her belly and the struggling was coming to be weak. Jiro checked her watch and was surprised two hours had passed since she ate them. At this point both girls were heavily breathing and their bodies were all goopy and falling apart. The belly was deformed with random bulges and round areas where the body had gooped up and fell into the slurry. 
 "Jiro..we're your...friends...not food" muttered Ochaco 
 "Please...let us..out...we..want" muttered Momo 
 The stomach groaned and squished them together again causing them to be crushed and pass on. 
Jiro paid no mind to consent bone snaps as the stomach grinded the soft bodies of her friends as all the bulges rounded out. 
 "Well looks like my stomach grinded you to up..thanks for being my meal" said Jiro with a smile
 Soon enough the roundness was being replaced with bones imprinting the walls. Momo and Ochaco's skulls pressed against the belly as well as their pelvis and ribs. Jiro poked at her bony bulged belly and watched them snap and melt to be smaller. But all things come to an end and finally her guts opened up and the stomach started to flood the intestines with the slushy remains. The stomach groaned and Jiro moaned as the belly shrunk and her body gained its fat. Like she wanted her breasts grew to be double d tits, her ass almost snapped her panties along with her thighs. Her ass was even bigger than Ochaco's while her breasts were as big as Momo's were. Jiro took her bra off as it was way too small and just let her tits flop around under her shirt. She still had a little chubby belly but that was going to end up smaller. As Jiro rose up from the ground she stretched and felt as her bowels filled with crap. 
 "Jeez this is going to be a major dump...I'm gonna have to hold onto something" said Jiro
 Jiro pulled her pants and panties down and kicked them away before going next to the same tree and squatting down a bit with a hand on the trunk of it. Jiro breathed out and squeezed feeling a large turd opening her anus and slithering out until finally hitting the ground. But that barely did anything. Jiro grunted as more brown logs with hair and bones started to exit her rear end. They were thick with a creamy brown. Little specks of bone and strands of black and brown hair sticking out of the logs. Jiro was bright red and sweating as a torrent of wet logs plopped to the ground making the pile bigger and bigger. 
The pile reached where her knees were but poop just kept running out of her. 
 "Oh god this is much girls really are giving me a hard time in this form" said Jiro
 Her anus sputtered as a broken pelvis fell down and was buried in mounds of scat. Finally two skulls one after the other plopped down as her bowels were finally feeling better. Only a little more remained as Jiro squeezed a couple final logs landing on the skulls with shit even going in their eye sockets. Finished Jiro wiped her ass with her old bra and got her pants back on. Jiro left the giant mountain of crap that ended up half her size. She gave her belly a pat and licked her lips thinking the hero agency is full of delicious people to eat.
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