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Katie sighed with a happy smile as she walked into school on a Friday morning...thank god it was friday... the pink haird busty bunny wearing a white crop top showing her midriff as well as her nice bust and a pair of skinny denim Jean's walked to her locker while texting her mouse girlfriend Laura. This was a good school if it wasnt for the so pred friendly act which allowed predators to eat and fuck anyone they wished really. Most predators really were pretty nice and gentle eating people only when they had to. But then you had the preds that were nice to your face and sexual gluttons behind closed doors then the straight up mean preds. She saw plenty of preds in this morning with big freshly squirming bellies full of breakfasts, and some slightly pudgy bellies from left over meals from last night. She finally found laura the smaller mouse girl at Katie's locker. They smiled when they saw eachother and gave eachother a kiss" morning babe" Katie smiled " mmm morning to you to! Missed you~" laura giggled. " oh you~ so I hear theres a house party on going?" Katie asked laura " I dunno...I was thinking about it... I actually kinda wanna, a lot of our friends are going...what about you?" Laura asked her bunny girlfriend. " I'd love to but I've a test on Monday and my mom and sister will both kill me if I fail it so I guess I'll be studying the weekend " she sighed " awwww well look I'll be sure to send you plenty of snaps to keep you jealous hahaha" laura giggled making Katie playfully punch her in the arm before she started collecting books from her locker. As they were going through their books they both jumped in fright as a tall herm wolfess slamed a paw into the locker above the girl, Ash, as she was known around school was a bit of a bully, taking a liking to tease some of the prey species, and sometimes even some of the other preds, it seems today she had it in for the two girls who caught her attention. "Well well well.... what do we have here, the bunny, and the mouse, smooching all over eachother.. " She would look around a moment before back to them, a paw going down to her own crotch to grab it. "I have something you two can kiss. " She would give a little snicker as she winked at the two.
Both girls turned sighing seeing ash again back to annoy and tease them once again. Katie stayed quiet as she was usually the shy one but Laura spoke up " oh get lost ash, theres probably only enough room on that cock for one of us rather than two... get one of those middle schoolers you like so much to kiss it " Laura jumped out not taking the shit from the bigger girl that could easily swallow the bunny and mosue girl. Ash would give a bit of a glare at Laura with the way she talked to her "You wanna go little rat?! maybe Ill have your little girlfriend here bounce on my dick while my stomach churns you into my next shit." Both girls gasped at the threat " I'm not a rat I'm a mou-!" Laura was gonna fight back verbally anyway " no! No ash it's ok shes sorry about what she said we meant no disrespect its just been a long week for us... please dont do that..." katie said with a pleading look while Laura gave katie a death glare not happy about being interrupted or spoken for. Laura didn't reply to that but she wasn't done there..." still cant believe you ate jenny... she was such a kind girl and she trusted you when she agreed to go on that date... whatd you do? Live stream her sucking you off in your car befkre eating her.... not cool" Laura said telling her off.
Ash would slowly trail her tongue over her teeth, grinning. "Oh yea.. the mouth on her was wonderful, can't believe she made me blow my load that fast, heh, I am sure she found my mouth just as wonderful. "She would snicker. "Hey, I got it all recorded if you want me to send you the link, from start, to finish... oh she was a fun thing.. maybe you two can go on a date with me next.. we can do a three-way, not that either of you could ever handle my dick. " she said with a confident smug grin. Though she had grown tired of this. She was getting hungry and she missed breakfast. Ash started to lean in, licking over her lips, eyeing Laura hungrily, the wolfess's tail twitching back and forth, she was even sporting a heft bulge in her pants. She looked like she was really going to do it, that was until the first of two bells rang, the first one is to get the students ready for class and the other is the commencement of class. Both girls sighed in relief upon seeing they're were literally saved by the bell. The wolf goals ears perked up and she was pulled out of that stare. "Damnit... " She would curse under her breath. " Your lucky, meat, but the bell wont save you next time. " She growled before turning and heading to class.
Both bunny and mouse sighed in relief seeing ash walk away " cmon laura what are you doing!? Shes one of the biggest baddest predators in school! She could swallow is both down and ask for more! Please I dont want to see you in her bowels..." Katie said hugging her girlfriend close " I know but I'm not gonna live in fear and live worrying about what's gonna happen or let some bitch dictate how I am...I'm gonna live my life my way and say what I want to who ever i wanna say it to... it's just who i am katie... but i promise for you I'll ne more careful around her..." she said hugging her closely back. " thank you...right I'm gonna head to class, see you at lunch?" She asked " you Betchya " she smiled waving her girlfriend off.
Eventually lunch came and katie texted Laura where she was gonna be. She sat down at a bench in the cafeteria in the back away from the main crowd where the predators usually lurked but ironically enough it was off limits for preds to eat prey in the cafeteria but in the hallways bathroom and anywhere else for that matter was ok. She sent snapchats to a few of her friends, her human friend conor and her bunny friend ben hoping they'd join them and add some numbers since they were always safer in numbers. Last thing she needed was her loosing more friends...
 Meanwhile Ash was furious, being showed up by some meal like that and she skipped several of her classes, waiting in the restrooms, just sitting in one of the stalls skulking, plotting her revenge of the mouse that talked back to her. In the cafeteria there was several preds who looked at Katie and the prey nearby, whispers among a few of them and snickers, it was hard to tell what they were talking about. The cafeteria lady was a large anthro snake, who was VERY bubbly, she was nice, both to preds and prey, being quick to get them the food they want and dish it out. It wasn't the best food, but, she tried.
With no reply from the two guys katie sighed bit smiled happily seeing laura walk in and spot her immediately. Sje walked over and gave Katie a quick kiss before noticing all the snickers and giggles from the predators and prey " what are they snickering about?" She asked curiously. " dunno...maybe they heard about earlier with ash?" She suggested curiously. " ah yea probably. Ugh I cant wait for tonight. I met ben earlier and he said him and Conor are coming tonight...cant you come to pleeease?" She asked giving her puppy dog eyes" no! Hahaha I've an exam and I need to study!" She laughed " ugh fiiiine spoil sport" laura giggled. They had their lunch and finished the day relatively safe. They met again at the school gate and katie hugged laura close and gave her a passionate kiss " I love you ok? Be safe tonight...dont get eaten " she said gently " oh you know me... anyone that tries is gonna have to work for it" she promised having no idea yet how wrong she was... " ok have a good time... snap me later, love you!" She smiled waving her off as she got on the bus. Katie had no idea that would be the last time she saw her girlfriend.
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My very first story im posting so give me some room ^^;. It's a story based on an rp between me and a friend on discord and there will be more chapters, hope you enjoy!

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Posted by ImmortalPrey 1 day ago Report

Ooooh, so chilling~ I really Love the tension. You can tell this isn't gonna go very well for them~


Posted by Ckb123 19 hours ago Report

We'll have to wait and see ^_~