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Imouto's Over Protective Love By radmann -- Report

So, I've been playing through Akiba's Trip Undead & Undressed for an upcoming video I am doing, and, wouldn't you be shocked to know: I fucking fell in absolute love with the imouto shut-in NEET otaku girl with a husky voice who is also extremely short.

Yeah, Nana is best girl, and the fact that she is the MC's sister be damned, since this game allows you to make the most BASED of choices and date/sleep with her.

Anyway, in the game, she is overprotective of the MC, and has a LOT of kinky dialogue, and some that is even vorish which is fun.

So enjoy a story where she fucking eats and kills the other girls in brutal ways after they were shrunken down.

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Posted by TaystyTaylor 18 hours ago Report

Akiba's trip size; I never thought I'd see it but I'm glad I am, it's glorious!

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Posted by radmann 18 hours ago Report

I was genuinely surprised and sad that there is no size, and BARELY any lewd/fetish art at ALL involving the girls from the game. So, I felt it was my job to fix this, and let me tell you: there will be more. Finished the game last night, and have a burning need to see bitchy Rin be turned into Imouto munchies.

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Posted by TaystyTaylor 17 hours ago Report

It was one of my favorite trashy ecchi games, I played through it more times than I'd like to admit lmao I liked all the girls a lot tbh, and the thought that there's no size makes me sad too, especially considering the anime might have led some people towards the game idk lmao

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Posted by radmann 17 hours ago Report

Any game that allows me to perform Hokuto Shinken to strip girls is a good time in my book, despite ALL its glaring flaws. The cast and sweet tone really made me enjoy the game. And yeah, all the girls were a lot of fun, and ABSOLUTELY need size/lewd content made for them. I still need to check out the anime, as so far all I have is AT2 and AB (still need to play Akiba's Beat eventually).

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