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Pg 15 - Night at the Casino By SukiiK -- Report

Commissioned by  Raigekink

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Posted by Altimos 7 days ago Report

I love seeing the belly shrink <3 <3 <3


Posted by simon6009 7 days ago Report

well at least since you mentioned there was not gonna be scat at least you drew a butthole(a part of my scat fetish)


Posted by simon6009 1 day ago Report

quick question: what time do you get finished with the drawings?


Posted by SukiiK 1 day ago Report

How do you mean exactly?


Posted by simon6009 23 hours ago Report

what time during the day?(at least in florida time)


Posted by SukiiK 20 hours ago Report

Oh, I've made these comics some time in advance but I usually upload a new page when I have time on Mondays. Usually I'll have it up in the afternoon/evening. I'm about to upload the next page and so right now for Florida time it would be around 11pm ish. The time of day for the uploads will vary though depending on my schedule so I can't guarantee a time that they'll be uploaded here.


Posted by simon6009 15 hours ago Report

Ok thanks for the info!