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Keeping the Spark Alive By Cerise -- Report

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A young couple is finding it hard to make their marriage work after one of them is irreversibly shrunken down to just a few inches tall. Intimacy is strained and they can't seem to catch a break. Fortunately, they may have found the perfect solution to spice things up and keep the spark alive.

Really leaning into the fluffy romantic side of vore writing on this one. I'm really proud of how it turned out, actually. Hopefully it works for other people too.

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Posted by MechaSharkZilla 1 year ago Report

This is incredibly sweet. <3


Posted by C107galaxytachyon 1 year ago Report

Very cute.

Have you ever thought about tackling something more mouthplay centric at all?


Posted by Cerise 1 year ago Report

Funny enough, mouthplay is the main focus of at least one of the stories at the top of my writing list right now. It might be a little different from this one in terms of tags, but mouthplay for sure.

Goodness knows I can't predict my own update schedule though, so who knows when it'll be finished.


Posted by C107galaxytachyon 1 year ago Report

Might you perhaps be interested in discussing that further with me in PMs?


Posted by Cerise 1 year ago Report

Sent a PM! :)


Posted by ethan3369 1 year ago Report

I really like this interesting idea


Posted by Restrogenic 1 year ago Report

This was really nice


Posted by bartek21 1 year ago Report

please continue. interesting start.


Posted by Zerobotz 1 year ago Report

This was really nice. Rare to see gentle anal vore.


Posted by ClosetedTiny 1 year ago Report

This is Adorable! The only thing I am sad about is that I read it's sequel first!

We really needed more Romantic Vore and I am so happy that you wrote it for us!


Posted by ShadesofBlack 7 months ago Report

This is beautiful and sweet, and was a wonderful read, and really helped cheer me up from some dark feelings. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading continuations!


Posted by Cerise 7 months ago Report

I'm so glad to hear you got something out of it - though sorry to hear about the dark times.

I may have potentially good news for you if you haven't seen the two sequels to this story yet: Keeping Him Close and In Her Keeping, both of which are similar in tone.