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Clearspring Tournament: Z vs Cyn [Fight 7/7] By TastyTales -- Report

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It's the final round and the pressure's on! Z comes in with a powerful... 1?! Err, that's not right! Best of three! ...w-wait, that's pretty low too... uh oh..!

Just like all her other battles, Cyn stomped any roll Z could make and left him unable to do anything but accept his fate in her jaws. And with a slurp of the Nickit's tail, Cyn wins the Tournament. Of course her prize is just bragging rights and a coupon for a local gym so she can get back to her regular shape, but really, isn't that what vore is all about? <3

This has been the Clearspring Tournament, coming up next: Z tries to figure out what other projects seemed insurmountable when he first thought them up, then decides to maybe add it to the backlog of things he needs to do eventually.


And there you have it, the final post of the first ever Clearspring Vore Tournament, all done over the course of a single streaming session. I'd like to thank everyone who came along to watch while I rolled the dice and drew the results. Was quite a surprise seeing Spice go out so early, but I'm glad that Cyn was able to dethrone Z at the end, even with the sudden rule change ;3

I'd love to do more tournament stuff in the future, I've already floated the idea about doing Pokemon Types or themes (cat Pokemon, canine Pokemon, etc.) but it's a much bigger commitment than my usual streams so I'd have to find the right time to do it again. That, and the art was a bit more clumsy since I was in a hurry to get everything finished in a single night. In any case, hope you all enjoyed it! ^^

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