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Goddezzilla vs Queen Kong By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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After being beaten within an inch of their lives, Goddezzilla and Queen Kong decide to settle the score by turning Hong Kong into an all you can eat buffet. The one who devours the most people is the true queen of the monster-girls.

As Goddezzilla rips the roof off of a building to snag the humans within, stuffing them into her mouth like popcorn, she looks around the city to see how her competition is doing.

Queen Kong had popped open a bus like a can of soda, and was further treating it as such as she poured the passengers straight down her gullet.

"You'll never keep that pace up!" Goddezzilla called, to which Queen Kong mocked, "Aw, are you getting full already?"

"Ha! You think I got hips like these by cutting back on meals? You don't stand a chance!"

"Bitch please; I've been devouring girls since way before I met you!"

As the feasting and taunting continued, it became apparent that the monster-girls were more likely to come to blows again than there would be anyone around to witness it.

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Posted by Nalzindar 5 months ago Report

Hehe, great to see a picture of the competition between the two monster girls. It must suck to be caught between them in their feeding frenzy, those two are most likely to clear an entire district before starting to feel full, but how do they count which of them who has devoured most people?
I really like Queen Kong's posture and how she hang onto the tower, it is a great perspective^^


Posted by DrakentheBlack 5 months ago Report

It might suck, there's a lot of people getting stuffed into those stomachs. Though there could be a few people among them who know their role as food is inevitable, and so they get a bit closer to the one they'd rather be eaten by.
The girls probably keep their own count like Legolas and Gimli from Lord of the Rings.
What's a more iconic look for Kong than being perched atop a tower ^^


Posted by PrinnyDood 5 months ago Report

Awesome! :D

Love the premise of this a ton, and the execution is just excellent! I'm especially fond of that high-heel dangling from a dainty foot outside Goddezzilla's mouth, for some reason. x3

I can't help but imagine this ending in a tie, thus forcing them to have a rematch later.

Great stuff!


Posted by DrakentheBlack 5 months ago Report

Thank you very much ^^

If it's a tie, they'll settle it in one of the 30+ sequels along with whatever random monster-girl decides to show up that day XD


Posted by PrinnyDood 5 months ago Report

Haha, those kaijus really did have a zillion sequels . . . and in this context, that translates into a lot of cute Japanese girls getting devoured! x3