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Reptile Land By Mouthful -- Report

Another long one! And my first attempt at animal/human vore. And yes, I was way too lazy to bother thinking up names for Brand's family.

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Posted by rugli 1 year ago Report

Nice story :), but if I were you I would seriously consider trying out other animals as well maybe those of herbivore nature or anything else you might find intresting. :)


Posted by jefftaur 1 year ago Report

Love the idea of lots of guys signing up to be food as a summer job!


Posted by Hungry4Booty 1 year ago Report

Exhirating story. My only note is it would have been nice for the bodies to be showcased more before being eaten. Like the the blonde could have bent over to touch the water and we could sense for the size of his butt. Unknowingly run his hands over his body as he waited. Etc. Show me their bodies in the narrative.


Posted by Mouthful 1 year ago Report

I'll go full descriptive if it makes sense in the story, but since this one was mostly being told from the point of view of a heterosexual male it wouldn't really work. Brand wouldn't have turned his attention away from Daisy long enough to lovingly describe another teenage boy's body in great detail. Joey's death was mostly there to highlight Brand's casual disinterest against Daisy's over-excitement. Now, the same story told from Daisy's perspective would probably be a different thing indeed. :D


Posted by Cancer 1 year ago Report

Great story. Im a bit disappointed there was no disposal, or at least implied disposal. Even a casual mention by the parents.


Posted by VoraciousPreyator 1 year ago Report

Late comment after faving. But loved this story. One of the delicious ways to go. Would love to see more animal/human vore if you liked writing this out of course.


Posted by Decius2198 1 year ago Report

I am doing a part 2 with Mouthful's permission


Posted by Mouthful 1 year ago Report

Glad you enjoyed it! I will probably do more animal/human at some point. I'm working on another at the moment, although the animal in question in that one is imaginary!