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Hive Hedonism By doomfister -- Report


Penny letting out a slow passionate purr as her body responded instinctively to the stern shaft scrubbing her gullet in a delving deepthroat. The inebriating venom coursing through the pudgy pony’s system dulling her senses to a dazed daydream that could only respond to the stern shunts with a series of sloppy swallows. The guttural grinding of a yearning groin meshing with the mare’s melted mind prompting the pony to drunkenly slurp away in a stumbling sexual stupor.

It wasn’t the most concise blowjob, but the bug receiving it didn’t mind as it had been many a moon since his manhood had been milked by a mare. The pulsing passageway polishing the grub’s glans, as bit by bit he inched deeper intent in bottoming out in the thrall of Penni’s throbbing throat. Penni’s lips and tongue lethargically lathering his length, though as long as the hole was snug and warm nothing much more mattered to the changeling whose cock she was choking on. The mare trying her best to reciprocate the attention, but with her filled-out frame bound in grotty goo, she could do little more than murmur meekly and shudder slightly in response to the deviants defiling her.

Penni’s lingering motor functions ticking over in a slow stumble around his gob-stopping girth, as the mare’s melted mind tried its best to react to the sensual stimulation sheathed in her glugging gullet. The borderline overdose of aphrodisiacs she had been injected with leaving her incapable of doing much more than slowly service the probing phallus with a slurred suckle until every inch of the nerve-rich staff was painted in her spittle. Her lapping lips like smooth velvet upon his sensitive skin, as with each thrust the shapeshifter grew ever closer to rewarding her tight throat with a liquid lunch.

The drone nearing release as he heard his brother below him grunt as he locked up and spent himself betwixt the mare’s tensing thighs. The silky slabs of marbled meat hotdogging his massive member in a choking clasp, allowing him to easily rub one out beneath the buttery buttocks. Penni’s paunchy body wobbling weakly with each self-gratifying butt, as the adipose accentuating her figure dissipated each pent-up palp with a gently jiggle. The spooning sibling exploring the folds of doughy flesh before him, as with a grasping grope the changeling began to play with the penni’s portly potbelly only increasing her aroused vocalisations, as she squirmed against the stimulation like a jibbering ball of luscious lard.

Her body practically pulsating under the plush pounding, but unable to move Penni’s animated arse just weakly rustle against her captor’s coital convulsions in a jerky jig of bubbly bounces as though someone was churning butter. The two drones just enjoying the equine as in the safety of this closeted carnal pursuit they were soon set to methodically map every chubby curve on the molested mare’s sensual shape as they burned off months of stress with a rutting romp. The mare simply a bound bounty of receptive flesh for the pair to let off some steam, and in her sedated state Penny was all too happy to accommodate their needy desires. The hive cold, her fuzzy fur warm, and as such the love leeches were drawn to her like moths to the flame, eager to sap some of the spirit from the equine in a copulating clash of gyrating pelvises.

The end result was that Penni’s chocolatey coat was soon slick with sweat and other more fertile fluids, as every contour of her fluffy fleece was ruffled by raking hooves, that peppered over the pony with teasing nips and squeezes. The mare’s blubbery body at their mercy, as set in slime and stoked on stimulants there was nothing more she could do than bow to their lustful ambitions. The changelings capitalizing on her impaired state, and in the safety of their hive, the pair had all the time in the world to partake in the fresh lump of lively lunchmeat suspended in their love larder. It was not like she was going anywhere, well except down a hungry throat when her captors rubbed away too much of her rubber and grew tired with the plump pony…


Some pent up drones have some fun with their most recent prisoner...

Another zesty collab between me and Crazy Water ( )

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