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Amanda’s Apex … Taste (CA) By Liz -- Report

It started off as a normal night in The Gurgling Gut Casino, people were spending their hard-earned loot and money due to the seductive actions of the staff and some brave adventures even decided to gamble at the various tables, most unaware of what happened if they lose everything, they end up squirming around inside the sexy Bunny Waitress who they are currently playing against.

However for one particular visitor, she decided that everyone was on the menu for such a powerful Apex Predator like herself. Amanda being a powerful Kai'Shan Succubus decided that this place is prefect for her to feast. She even started a monolog on how she was going to show off her flawless hunting skills and this caught the attention of the ‘innocent’ Liz who was walking around serving customers and acting all friendly until she notice Amanda.

Even though Amanda was skilled in hunting she didn’t noticed she had walked up on stage where the Bunny Waitresses devour and show off their full bellies to the crowd and when Amanda had almost finished her monolog on how honored the people should be to be her meal; Liz walked up behind her and devour the new guest before she had time to react. Head first from the behind she swallowed Amanda down as the Succubus attempt to cast spells but the restrictive nature of the Casino’s relics and other dampers made impossible for her to cast anything strong enough to break free.

Liz on the other hand found the taste of the Succubus to be absolutely delicious, she continued to swallow as some of the crowd gathered and cheered her as Liz’s eyes rolled back in her head and her sex leaked from the taste of her prey. This had sealed Amanda’s fate as Liz continued to swallow the Succubus down before finally slurping up her feet like two long spaghetti turning the Apex guest into the next squirming profit maker as fans of the club threw money and gold on the stage to cheer the show they had just witnessed. Not being one to disappoint or being whipped in the butt by Head Waitress Laressa for not being entertaining; Liz even starts to digest her prey live on stage to increase her guests squirming, letting the fans watch the angry struggles turn into frantic ones quite quickly. Liz did move around and show off, doing some of the dancing with other Bunny Waitress’s and their respective meals as they even rubbed and taunted the prey.

From Apex to Entertainment in such a short time, Amanda did start to rethink her idea of venturing into The Gurgling Gut Casino in the nude and continue to squirm around inside Liz’s hungry stomach.

Characters Amanda belongs to Liz's gut... eh  Amanda
Liz belongs to me ^^

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Posted by FireRed2 4 months ago Report

Great work


Posted by Liz 4 months ago Report



Posted by Amanda 4 months ago Report

You know a certain bunny waitress now definately has it coming for her. Revenge will be mine! Mwuhahaha~


Posted by Liz 4 months ago Report

Hehe My dear Amanda that does sound like fun. Turn about is fair play <3


Posted by Bright 3 months ago Report

Bunnygirls have the homefield advantage.


Posted by Liz 3 months ago Report

Indeed they do :)