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The Bathtub By Hawkeye7 -- Report

Jared decides to take a nice relaxing bath, his girlfriend Rae decides to join him.
Although somethings not right... something's very wrong in fact.... which leads to some strange consequences.

Another 'smallish' story for you all. I attempted to write from the Jared's point of view throughout the whole piece. I hope you like it.

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Posted by Hawkeye7 11 months ago Report

Although I write mainly for myself, I REALLY would love to hear your comments on this, constructive, or just what you like or dont like! It helps me keep going, and create more!


Posted by DigiDemonLord 11 months ago Report

Great story and glad to see ya back.


Posted by Hawkeye7 11 months ago Report

Thank you ... it means a lot to me. Really happy you enjoyed the story ... i hope there is more to follow soon! :)


Posted by Matteo42 11 months ago Report

Good stuff! Not exactly what I prefer, but I can admire good work when I see it

(are you perhaps french, or did you follow when the french teacher told you to put "Fin" at the end xD )


Posted by Hawkeye7 11 months ago Report

Thank you for your comments! I hope it broadened your horizons! :)
As to my nationality… alas I’m not french… but I like to sometimes end my stories with Fin. gives it a nice flourish. I can’t remember if it was from my English teacher or not! Haha! :)


Posted by Andris 11 months ago Report

Wow you're on a roll...this is terrific! I like the shrink stuff so this is my cup of tea. A very nice story Hawkeye!


Posted by Hawkeye7 11 months ago Report

Thank you! Really happy you liked it! It’s also one of my favourite kinks! - as you can tell! :)


Posted by doomed 10 months ago Report

That’s really good , sad but good


Posted by Hawkeye7 10 months ago Report

Thank you... yeah, even when i do 'fatal' endings - i still try and make it as pleasant as possible - just drifting off...