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Friendly Fire
By RabidChipmunk
CW: Unwilling fatal vore, betrayal, cruelty, hard digestion, and brief descriptions of disposal.
Colin sighed. He’d been standing outside Scott’s house for 15 minutes now. He knew his friend was home because the guy’s Arcanine had been staring at him through one of the front windows and whining the entire time. Scott would never leave his prized Pokemon home alone. He was probably just taking an extra long shower or something.
Colin smiled at the anxious Pokemon peeking at him from behind the closed window. “What’s he up to, Arcanine? Can’t you go get him?”
Arcanine barked, but otherwise stayed right where he was. Colin sighed again, turned around to lean against the door frame, and pulled out his Pokedex. He thumbed over to its internet app and blushed as the video he’d been previously looking at lit up the screen. The frame was filled with writhing loops of purple and yellow and at first it was kind of hard to tell what was going on, but after a few seconds the camera pulled back a bit more and the scene cleared up. An exceptionally fat Ekans had managed to snag itself a Pidgey, and the sight had attracted a small crowd of onlookers, one of who was filming the video. It was common knowledge that some species of Pokemon ate others, but it wasn’t something most people liked to discuss. The creatures were sapient, at least to some degree, and so it seemed a cruelty that these things occurred with any sort of regularity.
Colin let out an involuntary shudder as the Ekans contracted itself around its prey. The pidgey’s eyes had a far off look to them. The video was muted, but he’d watched it hundreds of times before and knew every second of it by heart. He muttered under his breath, “Pop…”
The person filming crept closer and perfectly framed the Pidgey’s head as the snake Pokemon opened wide and finally went in for the initial chomp. Colin paused the video there and pulled the screen so close it was practically touching his nose. This was one of his favorite parts. The pidgey’s beak was pointed straight into Ekans’s throat, and despite how defeated the bird looked only moments before, you could now see a spark of life in its eyes. You could see how scared it was, and you knew it understood what was about to happen.
“Hey Colin, sorry for the wait!”
The front door swung open and Colin hurriedly stuffed his ‘dex back in his pocket. If his friend had seen the video, he wasn’t reacting to it. Scott smiled sheepishly and beckoned him inside. Colin stepped into the house and gave the excited Arcanine a rub on the side of its head as he pushed past. The fire dog was about a foot taller than he was, so top-of-the-head pats were a little harder to manage. Colin glanced at his friend and chuckled. “That’s okay, but you really gotta stop inviting me over when you know you’re still gonna be in the middle of something.”
“Yeah, yeah, sorry about that,” Scott said, looking sheepish. “This is going to sound bad but I actually still have one more thing I need to do before we can hang. It’ll only take a few minutes, but I need to run to the Post Office. They’ve got a package for me and I’d really like to go grab it before they close.”
“I just got here! You couldn’t have done this earlier?”
“It slipped my mind, sorry! How about this, I’ll leave you with Arcanine while I’m gone so you have someone to keep you company, okay? He always gets so excited when you come over, and I’m sure he’d love to spend some time with you.”
Colin glanced over at Arcanine, whose tail was now going a mile a minute. The Pokemon was almost always in a good mood, but this suggestion in particular seemed to perk him up. Colin rolled his eyes and sighed. “Yeah fine, go ahead. Just try and be quick, okay? I have work in the morning so I can’t stay over too late tonight.”
“It’ll be fast, I promise! It’s usually not too crowded this time of day. Oh and if you want, there’s a bag of Poke’ treats inside the bottom cupboard to the right of the fridge, okay? You can give him a few if he starts begging!”
Without waiting for a response, Scott darted out of the house and slammed the door shut behind him. Colin could hear his footsteps fade away as he booked it to the car. It did at least seem like he was trying his best to move quickly, but it would probably still be half an hour minimum before he made it back. Colin sighed again, turned around, and found himself staring directly at a huge black nose. Instinctively, he tried to back away, but his back was to the front door. The nose moved up slightly and a massive pink tongue slipped out from below it to drag itself over his face.
“Fuck.” Colin whispered under his breath. He couldn’t help himself. He felt his dick push out and start to strain against the front of his pants. Arcanine’s tongue was just so large. As nice as the Pokemon was, the size difference made him feel vulnerable. It would be so easy for Arcanine to overpower him. He chuckled uncomfortably and gently pushed the fire dog away. He didn’t want things to get weird while Scott was out, especially since there was no telling when his friend would actually get back. Colin looked the Pokemon in the eyes and smiled. “Let’s go get you some treats, how about that?”
Arcanine barked and scampered straight over to the kitchen without even checking to see if Colin would follow. Seeing the oversized dog navigate Scott’s house was always amusing. The place had high ceilings and was sparsely decorated, but even so Arcanine just barely fit through the hallways. His fur touched both walls at once, and it made a funny rubbing sound as he moved through. It made sense why the walls didn’t have anything hung up on them. Whatever was there would get knocked straight off and probably stepped on shortly after.
Colin followed Arcanine into the kitchen, where the fire dog immediately sat on his haunches and stared lasers at the cupboard door presumably housing the promised treats. Colin scooted past him and pulled it open, amused that Arcanine was well behaved enough to wait for him to do so. A large, brightly-colored plastic container immediately caught his eye. Pecha Poffin Puffs, it read. For large Pokemon between 300 and 500 pounds.
Colin pulled out the treats and chuckled, “Wow, I never really thought about it before but you’re a heavy one, aren’t you Arcanine?” He turned around and saw the Pokemon practically bursting with excitement. Arcanine tapped his paws up and down and let out a few whines. Colin took off the lid and looked inside. The puffs were big, about the size of an apple and judging by the container’s heft, roughly the same weight. There were individual slots for each of the puffs, and only 3 of the original 12 were left.
“Damn, not too many of these in a box, huh? I can’t imagine they’re too filling buddy, are you sure you want one?” Colin chuckled. Arcanine whined again and licked his chops a few times. The dog was clearly salivating now, and Colin felt a little bad about teasing him any further. He grabbed one of the puffs and tossed it over. The fire Pokemon lunged forward and caught it mid-air with ease; gulping it down immediately after without so much as a single bite.
“Arcanine, slow down! I’ll bet you didn’t even get to taste it, did you?” Colin laughed. “Oh well, I guess one more won’t hurt, will it?” He reached back in and grabbed another puff. Taking another look at the box, he noticed it mentioned the treats had a filling. Colin dug in his fingers and broke it slowly in half. A bright pink ooze spilled out a little more readily than he expected, and he cupped his hands together to try and stop the liquid from splattering all over the floor. “Here Arcanine, you see? These things have a filling! I’ll bet you’ve never even tasted it before with how quickly you gulped down the last one.”
Before Colin could take a step forward, the Pokemon closed the gap between them and grabbed the treat directly out of his hands. Arcanine slurped the main puff into his mouth quickly enough, but a lot of the filling was now on Colin himself, and was sticky enough that a single lick wasn’t going to clean it all off. The fire dog gulped down his treat, pushed his face back into Colin’s open palms, and slurped with enough force that he had trouble keeping balance. The dog’s tongue was massive, easily wide enough to cover Colin’s entire face at once, and feeling it work over his hands like this was wild. Arcanine was determined to get every last scrap of treat he could, but the syrupy filling took some effort to get off. Colin loved it. He knew it was weird, but it felt so good. The tongue had so much life to it, and there was an intention in the way Arcanine put it to work. It didn’t just glide over his hands, it also curled around the sides and worked its way between each finger. It was impressive just how much control it had, especially given its size.
The licks went on for about half a minute before Arcanine stopped, pleased that he’d finally gotten all of the remaining filling. Colin dropped his hands and let out a deep breath, now conscious of the fact that he’d been holding it the entire time. He glanced at the clock on Scott’s microwave. It was 4:56. Scott had only been gone about 5 minutes so far and the Post Office was roughly a 10 minute drive away. He figured he had about half an hour total before he needed to start worrying about Scott getting back. Maybe he and Arcanine could have just a little more fun, then. “What do you say Arcanine, should we just finish off the container? It feels like a waste to only leave one.”
Without waiting for the Pokemon’s response, Colin grabbed the final puff. Just like before, he broke it in half and cupped his hands underneath to make sure the filling coated his skin. He turned around to offer it to Arcanine, and found himself staring directly into the Pokemon’s eyes. His heart thumped. Arcanine looked at him in a way that made him feel powerless. He was smaller than the canine, sure, but there was something more to it. There was a smirk in that gaze; a casual, flirty domination. Before Colin could figure out how to respond, the fire dog’s lips parted and it let out a massive yawn. Colin felt his face turn beet red.
The Pokemon’s jaws were massive when opened to their full capacity, and Colin felt himself immediately thinking about how easy it would be for him to fit inside. Arcanine’s tongue stretched out to the end of his lower jaw and curled backwards at the tip. It was inches from Colin’s face, though he didn’t dare reach out and touch it. The point in the dog’s mouth where his tongue met the back of his throat was mesmerizing. You couldn’t see very far into the throat itself, but Colin still couldn’t help thinking about something slipping over the crest of flesh in the back and disappearing inside the Pokemon’s body. He also couldn’t help notice the smell. The puffs that Arcanine had been munching on were pleasantly scented, but the natural organic stink of his insides had mixed with this otherwise pleasant odor and converted it into something simultaneously meaty and cloying. The breath the Pokemon expended was thick and wet. It hung in the air, and practically clung to Colin’s face. Despite this, he couldn’t pull away. He’d spent countless nights thinking about being in this exact position, and he wasn’t about to let the fantasy slip past him.
After what felt like nowhere near enough time, Arcanine closed his mouth and Colin remembered where he was. He looked down and saw that his clothes were now covered in Poffin Puff syrup. Without realizing he’d let his hands drop slightly while the Pokemon yawned, and the liquid he’d previously been holding close to his chest had dripped onto the front of his shirt, dribbled down his jeans, and started to pool on the floor below.
“Oh shit.” This little incident immediately snapped him out of his daze. As much as he wanted to keep thinking about Arcanine, he needed to clean this up before Scott came back. He looked around the kitchen for a rag or some paper towels he could use, but before he could take so much as a single step away he felt the unmistakable warmth of Arcanine’s tongue push against his chest.
The Pokemon was not gentle. He’d been promised a final treat and he was going to get it. Colin moved to push the fire dog’s head away from his chest, but stopped when he realized his hands were covered in goop just like the rest of him. Arcanine’s fur was immaculate, and Scott would probably not be happy to come back and see bright pink stains streaked throughout his otherwise very clean dog. That was even ignoring the potential for those stains to rub off on the walls and furniture. So instead, Colin just stood there helplessly with his arms held out as far away from the Pokemon’s head as possible while it lapped its tongue against him.
It didn’t take very long for the front of Colin’s shirt to get completely saturated with drool. It started to bunch up, and he giggled involuntarily as he felt the dog’s short breaths roll out over his bare skin. He desperately wanted this to keep up. If he had more time, Colin would’ve taken his clothes off entirely and let the Pokemon work over every inch of his body, but he knew he shouldn’t. Not if he had any interest in keeping Scott as a friend, at least. Just as he was about to say something to the Pokemon, the licking stopped. Arcanine’s head moved downward, and he turned his attention to the juice on the floor below.
Colin breathed a sigh of relief. As much as he wanted things to continue, he knew they really shouldn’t. He took this as his cue to move away, and shuffled around the Pokemon as it continued to work over the linoleum. Arcanine’s frame had the kitchen sink blocked off entirely, so Colin shuffled towards the guest bathroom in the hall. He could wash the goop off of his hands, and he’d probably be able to soak his shirt for long enough to get rid of most of the drool. Maybe he could even toss it in the dryer real quick. If Scott asked, he’d just tell a half-truth and say one of the puffs was a little leaky. He hadn’t pushed things very far. This was all still salvageable. It was going to be fine. There wasn’t anythin-
Colin groaned. The wind flew out of his chest and he saw the beige shag of the living room floor rise up to meet him. He instinctively stuck his hands out in front of him to try and cushion the fall, but realized his mistake too late and could only watch in slow motion as the unnaturally pink juice coating him transferred itself to the previously clean carpet below. When he touched down, his forward momentum combined with the force that had bowled him over caused Colin to slide several feet further into the room. Along with streaking the rug with juice, he felt the burn of friction on the side of his face. It wasn’t anything serious, but it hurt, and probably left a mark.
Before he had time to think about things any further, Colin felt Arcanine snuffling around his head. Even without being able to see, the Pokemon’s presence was intimidating, and being a fire type he emanated a natural heat that made him all the more imposing. Colin could sense Arcanine’s position without directly seeing or feeling him. He knew the dog was standing over him, and the only way he was getting away was if Arcanine let him. All Arcanine had to do to stop him was lay down.
But Colin didn’t try to get away. He didn’t actually think he was in any danger, and he didn’t really have the energy even if he was. Still on his stomach, he reached up and tried to push back at the dog’s head. He expected to feel his hand sink into the soft fur around the Pokemon’s face, but instead, Colin felt his hand push against the damp flesh of Arcanine’s tongue. He instinctively tried to pull away, but the Pokemon had already clamped his muzzle shut.
A jolt of adrenaline shot through Colin’s body, and despite his condition he immediately tried to flip himself over. Although he was very focused on what was going on with his hand, the sight that greeted him made him freeze. Arcanine stood directly over him, and the dog’s legs framed his comparatively small body with ease. The Pokemon’s black-furred belly had never seemed larger than it did right now. It bulged down between the canine’s thighs and Colin noticed it gently expanding and contracting as the dog breathed in and out. He’d never seen the Pokemon from below like this, and so he’d never quite appreciated the underside of him. He couldn’t help but fixate on that massive gut. Arcanine wasn’t especially fat for his species, but the Pokemon was definitely well-fed, and given Colin’s proclivities it was impossible for him to not start to imagine how realistic it might actually be for him to fit inside.
Colin’s daydreaming was cut short when the belly he was staring at rushed to meet him directly as Arcanine laid down. He grunted again as 350-plus pounds of dog spread over him and pinned him to the floor. He could still breathe, but just barely. Colin was once again struck by how warm the Pokemon’s body was. Any warm-blooded creature has a heat to it, but Arcanine’s thick fur combined with his fire typing meant things beneath him were extra toasty.
Arcanine had him utterly pinned. His arms and upper chest were free from the Pokemon’s crushing weight, but no other part of him was going anywhere. With his escape options effectively cut off, Colin turned his attention back to the hand Arcanine had taken into his maw. The fire dog was suckling it and clearly enjoying himself in the process. The tongue pushed his hand against the mouth’s rough palate, and slid back and forth underneath him in an attempt to scrape off all the flavor it could. Colin gave his arm another tug just to confirm the grip that Arcanine had on him. Like he expected, it wasn’t coming out unless the Pokemon wanted it to. He could feel the dog’s teeth digging into his wrist. They weren’t breaking the skin, but there would definitely be a mark after this was all over. He spread his fingers and pushed back against the tongue, not to force it away but to feel it. His heart was beating out of his chest now. To most people this situation would be cause for panic, but for Colin it was an expression of the fantasies he’d nurtured for years. It was fucking exhilirating.
He tore his focus away from Arcanine for just long enough to consider his broader situation. He’d stained the carpet when he fell, nothing was going to change that now. Scott was going to be mad, but he could just play it off as an accident, which to be fair it was. He would still have to make sure he got himself cleaned up soon, but he should have a good chunk of time before he needed to worry about that. Scott had only been gone for a bit under 10 minutes. He could afford to let Arcanine mouth him over for a little while longer. Who knew when he’d ever have another chance to do something like this. If he didn’t take the opportunity now, he’d be kicking himself about it the rest of his life. This was by far the hottest thing he’d ever experienced. Five more minutes wouldn’t hurt anything.
Before he could think about it any further, Colin felt his hand slip further into Arcanine’s jaws as the Pokemon loosened his grip and flicked his head forward. At the same time, Arcanine lifted up one of his paws and pushed it down against Colin’s face. He knew he should be concerned that things were getting more intense, but Colin was loving it. It was so fucking primal the way Arcanine had decided to treat him like a plaything, and with barely any provocation. There was zero regard for his comfort here, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He let out a blissful little whine and shivered. He turned his head to the side to make things more comfortable, but his only view was of the carpet. Arcanine’s paw was larger than his head and there was no way he was getting himself out from under it. He briefly considered how he’d make Arcanine stop once he needed to, but quickly banished that thought from his mind. He’d figure it out later. Now was the time for indulgence. He moaned. “Good boy, Arcanine.”
No sooner than the words left his mouth, he felt Arcanine swallow for the first time. Colin’s heart fluttered. He couldn’t believe it. Arcanine wasn’t just tasting him, the dog was actually trying to eat him. Holy shit. Colin squirmed a bit but didn’t resist with anywhere near his full strength. He was too worried about scaring the Pokemon away and inadvertently causing him to stop. He wasn’t too deep into the throat just yet, but the gulp pushed his fingers past the tongue’s thick crest and they were now in the esophagus proper. He’d never imagined he’d be in this position. The throat’s grip was tight and firm, but the mucus it secreted to help food slide down made it feel even slicker than the mouth. Arcanine was big, but his throat was narrow enough that Colin could barely wiggle his fingers now that they were inside. He was almost disappointed. It didn’t feel like it would actually be possible for him to fit down in one piece. Still, it’s not like he wanted to make that trip for real, so maybe the built in protection was good.
Another swallow and Colin felt the Pokemon’s tongue curl around his elbow. He couldn’t believe Arcanine was still going. The Pokemon was drooling buckets by this point, and he felt beads of saliva start to dribble their way down his arm. Since Colin was firmly pinned to the floor, Arcanine was forced to bring his head closer to the ground with every swallow, and by this point his snout was close enough to Colin’s face that he could feel the Pokemon’s breaths. They sounded excited. There was nothing casual or playful about this. Arcanine knew exactly what he was doing. This realization startled Colin a bit. He was having the time of his life, but was also starting to feel a bit guilty about everything. It wasn’t going to feel good for Arcanine when he had to pull his arm back out of the Pokemon’s throat, and being around him afterwards might be awkward for a while. He was worried Scott would notice something off between them. Had he let things go too far?
Arcanine’s stomach growled and Colin felt his doubts slip back away. Fuck. Arcanine really thought of him as food. The Pokemon’s body was responding to him just like it had with those Poffin Puffs. If Arcanine thought he was food, and the dog’s body was treating him like food, then he kind of was. He was Pokemon chow. Arcanine swallowed further, drawing Colin’s entire left arm into his jaws up to the shoulder. He bucked his hips against Arcanine’s belly. Half of his arm was in a throat, and the other half was being actively tasted. If this went any further his head would be next. As much as he wanted that to happen, he also knew there was no way he could let it. He’d die. The thought gave him butterflies, but he wasn’t so far gone that he was willing to let that impulse take over completely. This was probably as far as he should let things go. He’d be dreaming about this for months. That was enough.
“Okay boy, that’s it. We need to stop now.” Colin grunted. He tried to pull his arm back out, but pinned to the ground like he was, he found he couldn’t really get any leverage. He tried to push Arcanine’s head away with his left hand, but the positioning was so awkward that it felt more like he was just petting the dog’s face. There was no way he could overpower him. For the first time since this had all started, Colin was hit with a genuine pang of panic. He might’ve actually fucked up.
“Arcanine, no! We’re done. Stop!” Colin’s voice sounded more and more panicked now, but the Pokemon wasn’t listening. He couldn’t swallow any further without shifting positions, but he seemed perfectly content to just lay there and gnaw around Colin’s arm for the time being. He definitely wasn’t letting him go. Colin tried to squirm, but he could barely move. He shifted his free arm from the Pokemon’s face to his paw. Although he was able to push on that with a bit more force, it was still immediately obvious that it wasn’t going to work. He really was at Arcanine’s mercy here. No amount of force was going to make him move.
Just then, Colin picked up the most terrifying sound he could’ve imagined in that moment. Scarier than any sound Arcanine could have made. He heard the familiar jingle of keys and the casual grinding of metal as someone unlocked the front door. Scott was back. Colin felt his adrenaline surge. He yanked his arm one last time but Arcanine had once again clamped his jaws shut and wasn’t letting go. He expected the Pokemon to give him up at this point now that his trainer was back, but if anything it seemed to make him more possessive. He really didn’t want to give up his treat.
“Hey, I’m back!” The door swung open and Scott’s voice rang out through the house. Colin froze, as if doing so might somehow cause Scott to look past him when he walked in. It didn’t work.
“Um, what the fuck. Colin, what are you... doing?”
From Scott’s perspective the scene in front of him was confusing. Walking into the living room, he was greeted by the sight of Arcanine laying on top of his friend, pinning his face to the ground with a paw and mouthing around the man’s left arm. In addition to that, the carpet around them was stained with pink splotches of something or other, and Colin’s free hand was covered in the same substance. To anyone else it would probably look like Arcanine had instigated this entire scenario, but Scott knew his Pokemon well. Arcanine had never done anything like this before with anyone. The fire dog was excitable, but he wasn’t the type to just tackle another trainer to the ground and keep him pinned there. Plus, he knew Colin too. Under normal circumstances Arcanine would’ve listened to anything he had to say. Something else was going on here.
“Arcanine, stand up.” Scott’s tone was forceful and direct. There was no trace of his usual laid-back attitude. The fire dog immediately obeyed, though he didn’t let go of his prize. Colin gasped as the Pokemon’s paw moved off of his face and its belly lifted away from his chest, allowing him to take his first unimpeded breath of air in several minutes. That breath in was quickly followed by another involuntary grunt as Arcanine’s head rose up to its natural height and Colin’s arm got yanked up right along with it, pulling him off his feet a few inches until the Pokemon lowered him back down just enough for him to stand.
Colin gave his arm another yank for good measure. As hot as this all had been, he now felt uncomfortable and exposed. Having Scott see him like this was embarrassing, even if he hadn’t pieced it all together yet. “Look, Scott, I-”
“You need to not talk.” Scott cut him off immediately. “I don’t know exactly what you were doing just now, but your crotch tells me way more than I wanted to know. Goddammit Colin. Why couldn’t you just leave my Pokemon alone, man?”
Colin had been so preoccupied with getting Arcanine to put him down that he’d completely forgotten how arousing this entire situation had been for him. He didn’t need to look down to realize his jeans were very obviously tented. Having Scott walk in during the middle of all this was embarrassing enough, but he felt his entire face flush red and instinctively stuffed his free hand in his pocket to try and mask the bulge. To make things even more complicated, Arcanine wasn’t just holding his arm in its mouth. The dog was still actively tasting him. He wanted to tell the Pokemon to knock it off, but he also didn’t want to draw Scott’s attention back to that aspect of things. Instead, he just whined internally and bit the inside of his mouth as Arcanine suckled around his arm and swallowed down the buckets of drool currently building up around it.
“So what is this, then?” Scott gestured with one hand towards the ongoing scene. “Does this have anything to do with that fucked up video you were watching on your phone when I let you in?”
Colin squirmed. He didn’t think Scott had seen that. How transparent was he, really? Scott looked exasperated. “You can talk now. I asked you a question.”
“I… that was… I didn’t think you were going to be back so soon! I’ll clean everything up, I promise!”
“Post Office was closed. I didn’t make it in time so I came straight back.” Scott walked over to the couch and sat down while he talked. Arcanine turned his head to follow but otherwise didn’t budge. “And wow, not what I asked. You really think all of this would be fine as long as I didn’t notice? You really don’t see the issue here?”
Arcanine’s esophagus continued to pull at Colin’s hand. The Pokemon wasn’t letting it take him yet, but also showed no intention of letting him go. Hot breath washed over the side of his face with every exhale, making it impossible to stop thinking about. “I didn’t mean for things to go this far! Can… look can you just tell him to let me go first? I can explain, I promise.”
Scott’s expression stayed static. “Nah.”
“No. I’m not telling him to do anything. Like I said before, I know my Pokemon. He’d never have done this if you hadn’t goaded him into it. We’ll talk like this.”
Colin stared back in disbelief. Out of all the possible responses, this was not one he’d seriously considered. His arm was starting to fall asleep, being raised above his head like it was.
Scott noted the silence and spoke again. “So you still haven’t answered my question. I saw what you were watching, you’re not sneaky. I just didn’t realize you were getting off on it or else I probably would’ve brought it up sooner. So this is what you’re into, huh? You want Arcanine to eat you?” Hearing this, Arcanine snorted, sending a spray of tiny droplets splatting against the side of Colin’s face.
“No!” Colin blurted out.
“Then what the fuck are you doing? Why did you make him swallow your arm?”
“I didn’t make him! He did it on his own!”
Scott sighed. “Colin, I’ve known you long enough to tell when you’re lying. You’re not good at it. You realize you’re literally standing in front of me, shoulder-deep inside Arcanine’s mouth and pitching a tent big enough to fit a family of four. This is so weird, man. You’ve got one last chance to convince me this is anything but what it looks like.”
Just as Colin was about to say something else in his defense, Arcanine belched. Not a polite one, either. A massive bubble of fetid air rolled its way up the Pokemon’s throat, and Colin could feel the esophagus relinquish its grip slightly as the bubble moved around his hand and into the fire dog’s mouth. To let it pass, the tongue moved downwards and out of the way of Colin’s arm for the first time in a few minutes. Quickly after, the throat resumed its former tightness and the tongue pushed back into Colin’s flesh. At the same time, Arcanine parted his lips and forced the air back out directly into Colin’s face.
He wanted to gag. As much as he’d started to get comfortable with the Pokemon’s exhalations, this air had come directly up from its stomach, and it was so much more intense. The stale stink of its insides mixed with the recently ingested poffin juices and added a sickly sweet undertone to the already horrid stench. As disgusting as it was, Colin couldn’t stop himself from thinking about what that smell meant. This is exactly what he’d be smelling if Arcanine kept swallowing. The Pokemon probably knew how gross it was and just didn’t care. Colin knew he was being teased. This had to be intentional. Arcanine was giving him a little preview of his future. He was telling Colin to get used to it.
“Okay, I think I’ve seen enough.” Scott picked up a remote and turned his head towards the television across the room as it flicked to life. Colin was immediately self-conscious of the fact that he’d once again started to blush. There was nothing he could do to hide it. As much as he wanted things to go back to normal, he would’ve been surprised if he’d managed to convince Scott that this had all just been an accident. As embarrassed as he was right now, this outcome was about what he expected and feared when he heard the door swing open just a few minutes earlier. What he didn’t expect were the next few sentences that left Scott’s mouth.
“Arcanine, if you want to eat him you can have him. He obviously wants you to do it, and at this point I think you’d be doing the world a favor. It’s up to you, but if you are going to do it, then go do it in the kitchen. The carpet’s enough of a mess already.”
Before Colin could get a word in edgewise, Arcanine let out an obstructed bark and trotted away. He would’ve spit Colin back up if Scott had told him to, but this was way better. He’d been wanting to eat the guy for a while now. His nose was sensitive, and it’d been obvious for years that every time he showed off his mouth, Colin got worked up. At first he hadn’t been sure what to think about that, but as time went on he’d gotten more and more excited about the idea of officially introducing the two. He was big enough to make it work, and being captive-raised he’d always felt like he was missing out on hunting live prey like he’d have been able to do in the wild. Even if it was just this once, he wanted to see what it felt like, and now he not only had the opportunity but also a full endorsement from his trainer.
Colin, for his part, was horrified. It was true that he had his fantasies, and it was also true that some of the recent time he’d spent with Arcanine was a dream come true, but he never expected things to go this far. Having the Pokemon swallow his arm was exciting, but he always assumed things would end with him being spit back out. At worst he expected to lose a friend. It was unreal that Scott was okay with just handing him over like this.
He had to fight back. He might not have another chance. As Arcanine dragged him away, Colin dug his heels into the floor and flailed around with his free hand hoping to find something to grab onto. He managed to catch hold of the door frame as Arcanine passed into the kitchen, but with one arm entirely inside the Pokemon’s mouth, the angle was so awkward that his fingers peeled away almost as soon as they’d found purchase. Not only that, but Arcanine weighed nearly 3 times as much as he did and was much stronger to boot. The fire dog could do whatever he wanted to him, and there really wasn’t anything Colin could do to stop that.
As soon as the two crossed the threshold into the kitchen, Colin felt Arcanine swallow again for the first time in a while. The Pokemon wasn’t wasting any time. He wanted this terribly, and didn’t want there to be any chance for Scott to change his mind and make him give up his meal. It probably would’ve been easier to spit the man back out and start over with either both hands or both feet simultaneously, but that would've felt like going backwards. Once something started down his throat, that’s the only direction it was going to continue to move. He swallowed hard, flicked his head forward, and worked Colin’s entire head into his slavering maw.
Colin wasn’t enjoying this anywhere near as much as Arcanine was, and he made sure that was known. Feeling his head slip between the Pokemon’s jaws, his panic crested and he screamed. Before this he’d been self-conscious about calling any unwanted attention to his situation, but at this point that was actually the goal. He didn’t care about potential embarrassment any longer, he just wanted help.
“Scott!” Colin shrieked, “Please!”
Unfortunately for him, it was too little too late. Scott had zero interest in helping. He was the one who had just given Arcanine permission to do this, after all. In direct response to Colin’s pleading, Scott turned up the TV volume several ticks. He knew what was happening, but he really didn’t want to hear the details. He was ultimately just thankful that Arcanine had decided to start in on his meal from the top. If he’d started with Colin’s feet, this would’ve been unbearable.
Colin noted the TV getting louder and felt a wave of shock pulse through him. It hit him that Scott really didn’t have any intention of stepping in. He shifted his attention to Arcanine. As long as his head stayed out of the dog’s throat, he had a chance. The Pokemon’s jaws were clamped tight around him, and its tongue mashed into the side of his face, pushing it firmly against the mouth’s rough upper palate. There was no way he was going to wiggle himself out of this position. Instead, he let his entire body go limp. He felt his shoulder press down into Arcanine’s lower teeth and winced, but didn’t re-engage his legs.
The sudden addition of dead weight hanging from his jaws was noticeable, but Arcanine had just dragged Colin into the kitchen so it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. He couldn’t exactly swallow the man like this, but he also didn’t have to. To compensate, all he really had to do was lie down, and so that’s exactly what he did. For one brief moment, feeling the tension around his head let up, Colin thought his plan had worked and expected to feel himself slip out of the Pokemon’s mouth. The moment his body hit the floor, however, the tension returned and he was trapped once again. The jaws around him tensed and Arcanine immediately pulled him in further with another swallow, drawing Colin’s head even deeper inside.
The positional shift had a secondary effect of dislodging some of the air building inside Arcanine’s gut, and the Pokemon once again let out a massive belch around his meal. The sensation was familiar, but now that his head was nearing the back of Arcanine’s tongue, the effects were exponentially more unpleasant. A blast of hot, almost viscous air forced its way up the Pokemon’s throat and blasted directly into Colin’s face. Surprised by the sensation, he instinctively breathed in. The previous belch had smelled bad too, but this was so much worse. It wasn’t that it was different, more just that it was concentrated. Everything unpalatable about the smell was now way more obvious, and there wasn’t even the tiniest whiff of outside air to dilute it.
Colin gagged, which had the unintended effect of causing him to breathe out, meaning he immediately needed to take another breath. He tasted a second round of Arcanine’s belch and choked back a sob. This was his life now unless he somehow managed to stop things from going any further. Having the Pokemon exhale into his face had been exhilarating, but being forced to live inside of it was overwhelming, and the further in his head was drawn the worse it was going to get.
Thankfully, Arcanine had come to a crossroads of sorts. In order to swallow any further, he needed to work himself around both of Colin’s shoulders. Colin was a little too preoccupied to consider the situation’s logistics, but he definitely noticed how Arcanine dealt with them. He felt one of the fire dog’s massive paws push down into his back and press him tight against the kitchen floor. The forcefulness surprised him, and had the secondary effect of making him hyper aware of how helpless he was. He tried to struggle free from the paw’s grip, but it was useless. There was a window of time where he might’ve been able to get away but that window now seemed to be firmly closed.
With Colin’s body braced, Arcanine swallowed again while simultaneously pushing his head downwards to help things along. Colin tried to keep up his squirming, but there wasn’t much he could really do in this position. He felt his head slide back even further and groaned as the rough ridges above him began to give way to softer, more pliable flesh. His face was pointed sideways, and his view was now mostly of Arcanine’s inner cheek. This was it. The top of his head was mashed right up against the back of the Pokemon’s throat. One more swallow and his dwindling view of the world would go completely dark.
Arcanine sensed this too. Swallowing something as big as Colin wasn’t easy, but with the human’s shoulders now mostly inside, the hard part was nearly over. He was content to lie there for a moment longer and collect himself before sending his meal down further. Even though he’d just been panicking, Colin felt unusually calm as well. Resigned was maybe the more accurate word. The control the Pokemon had over him now was absolute.
Warm breaths of air puffed past his face as Arcanine panted around him, and without consciously trying, Colin’s own panicked breathing started to slow and fall in sync with the dog’s. Colin’s face was coated in a thick layer of drool that made him feel connected to the tongue beneath it. The world around him pulsed and he was struck by just how alive it all seemed. He felt Arcanine in a way he imagined no one else ever had. It was almost peaceful. “Almost” being a relatively loaded term. The air still smelled and he still feared for his life, but the pause was welcome. If this was as far as things ever went, he’d be dreaming about this moment for years to come. This was as close to his fantasies as the situation was likely to ever get. Colin’s stomach fluttered again.
Unfortunately, the moment was never meant to last. Arcanine still wanted the rest of his meal. The next swallow caught Colin off guard even though he knew it was coming. Like the calm before the storm, the Pokemon’s panting stopped. Colin noticed this and felt a tension well up inside of him, but the following gulp came before he could steel himself. The thick muscle below him pulsed, and the now-familiar suction drew his face over the top of its crest and down into the darkened confines of the animal’s throat.
Although Colin had been relatively calm before this, instinct took hold immediately. He tried to draw a breath, but the esophagus sealed so tightly around him that it felt impossible. Throats weren’t exactly meant to keep their passengers alive. Even though he could hold his breath for quite some time, his body flew into a state of panic. It wasn’t only the lack of air, but also the near-crushing pressure, the intense heat, and the fact that every esophageal contraction pulled him further down towards certain doom.
He kicked his legs wildly until he felt them connect with something solid, likely a cupboard or wall, then continued to hammer against it. At the same time, he screamed. There was no thought behind it, he didn’t care if anyone heard and he definitely didn’t expect anyone to save him, he just needed to give his panic another outlet. Being that his head was insulated by a thick layer of flesh, his voice was muffled, but if anyone had been listening they would’ve heard it. The faint sounds of muted shrieking emanated from the sides of Arcanine’s throat, and that sound intensified with every brief flick of the dog’s jaws while he continued to work down his meal.
The next room over, Scott was getting annoyed. Even with the TV volume raised he could hear the commotion. At first he’d been keen to keep an ear out to make sure Arcanine followed through, but now that things were progressing he was ready to tune it all out. Hearing Colin’s feet start to smash into things, he grumbled, stood up, and walked into the kitchen himself.
Colin continued to thrash. He couldn’t hear Scott approaching and it startled him when, seemingly out of nowhere, his friend grabbed hold of his legs. Arcanine took this opportunity to swallow a few more times, and Colin screamed again into the flesh around him when he felt himself slide further in. All this screaming exhausted some of his breath, and he regretted the impulse. For the first time since his head had been enveloped, he paused and tried to think. Whatever his chances of escaping still were, right about now they were at an all time low. Even without someone holding his legs he was unlikely to be able to wriggle free from this position, and since he couldn’t breath, every extra bit of energy he used up right now led him closer to passing out. As much as he hated to admit it, his best bet was likely just to bide his time and let Arcanine finish gulping him down. He could try and figure out something else once he could breathe again.
Outside, Scott took this opportunity to do something he’d been mulling over since Arcanine first left the room. As much as he was sure the Pokemon would be just fine regardless, there was no reason to make things harder than they should be, and so Scott tucked Colin’s legs under one arm and used his other to remove the man’s shoes. They probably wouldn’t cause any major issues, but there’s no way they would’ve felt good and they’d still have to come back out later. Arcanine’s digestive system was strong, but it wasn’t built for those types of synthetic materials. He considered pulling off Colin’s pants too since his legs were still hanging free, but thought better of it. It would’ve felt a little too weird.
Colin whimpered. He obviously couldn’t see it, but he still felt everything Scott was doing. Having his shoes removed should’ve barely registered given the fact that he was halfway down a Pokemon’s throat, but the psychological impact of it messed with him. It was one thing for Scott to throw him to his dog, but something else for his friend to actively help make things easier for Arcanine as he swallowed. He couldn’t afford to think about it for too long, though. He hadn’t been able to take a breath of air for what felt like a lifetime at this point, and he was beginning to think he might suffocate before ever reaching the Pokemon’s gut. His stomach was in the fire dog’s mouth now, and was being absolutely lathered in drool. Arcanine had previously been struggling with his shirt and wanted to make sure he got it as saturated as possible so it didn’t stick in his mouth.
Colin’s world started to fade. The pressure, the heat, and the lack of air were all finally getting to him. He couldn’t think straight. Instead, his mind wandered and picked out details. He noticed beads of saliva snaking their way down the parts of his body still dangling outside. He thought about the grip Scott still had on his legs and wondered what the scene might look like from his perspective. He listened to Arcanine’s heartbeat, still hurried but evening out along with his breathing with every gulp. He felt the throat’s peristalsis working him deeper in between swallows. It clearly wasn’t meant to move objects as big as him, but it managed well enough to ensure he’d get where it wanted him to go.
Sensing Colin starting to calm down, Scott released his grip on his buddy’s legs and stood up. He had no interest in sticking around for the rest of this. It was gross and uncomfortable. Colin’s pants were already a little slimy even though they hadn’t yet been visited by Arcanine’s tongue, and the sounds coming from further in were disgusting. Arcanine was not shy about tonguing his meal, and the schlicking noises of that organ sliding across Colin’s flesh were overwhelming. There was also the sound of sucking, mixed with labored grunts and gulps that accompanied every minor swallow. As he exited the kitchen, he paused and turned back to look his Pokemon in the eye and leave him one final instruction. “I’ll be in the next room once you’ve finished. Keep it up bud, you’re almost there.” And with that, he turned back around, stepped through the threshold, and shut the door behind him.
At just about the same time Scott let go of his legs, Colin felt the pressure around his left hand loosen as it squeezed out the end of the Pokemon’s throat and entered its stomach. Colin wiggled his fingers and grasped at nothing as his hand momentarily hung in mid-air. The sensation was short-lived however, as another swallow from above pushed his arm directly into a pool of warm chyme made from the treats he’d fed Arcanine earlier. As more of him emptied into the stomach, Colin moved his arm around looking for some way to keep it out of the churning muck. As disgusting as this all had been, the idea of touching barf still made him queasy.
Unfortunately, as big as Arcanine was, his stomach was not that spacious. The organ could expand quite a bit to fit its contents, but didn’t leave much room by default. Once Colin’s elbow passed the sphincter, there was nowhere for him to maneuver that part of him didn’t touch something undesirable. Besides, he had bigger things to worry about now. As much as he wanted to breathe again, Colin knew that having his head inside Arcanine’s gut was going to be hell. Esophageal suffocation might’ve ended up being preferable.
Of course, he didn’t have a choice. Arcanine’s swallowing had gained momentum now that the largest parts of his meal were downed, and Colin’s head popped into the fire dog’s gut almost immediately after his elbow. Instinctively he took a massive breath, which he regretted right away. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the stomach’s acrid air that filled his mouth, but the thick film of mucous the esophagus had spread over his face. In fact, this initial breath gave him no air at all. Panicking, Colin brought his hand to his mouth and pierced the film with his fingers. He barely even noticed the taste of slime, because the gulp of air that immediately followed was worse than he could’ve ever expected. This wasn’t anything meant for breathing, and his body rebelled against the very idea.
He coughed and hacked to try and stop the stinging, and followed this up with more frantic breaths only to be met with the exact same sensation. There was no way for him to get relief. Before he could think about things further, more of him spilled out into the stomach and his face was forced into its bottom. He tried to push back at the organ’s walls to keep his head out of the pool of liquid, but was unsuccessful. The fleshy sack didn’t support his added pressure as much as it just stretched and molded around him. Colin began to thrash again with renewed vigor. This time it wasn’t an attempt to escape as much as it was an automated response to everything happening to him. His body knew it couldn’t survive here, and so it was doing everything it possibly could to get away.
Fortunately for Arcanine, the window for which thrashing would do his meal any good had long-since closed. All that was left outside of Colin now was his feet, and another gulp would seal him away entirely. Not having an audience, Arcanine didn’t see much of a reason to draw things out longer than he needed to, but he did give a short pause to savor the final bite. Colin couldn’t actually kick his feet at this point, but his body was activating every muscle it could, and his toes flexed spastically as the fire dog’s tongue worked them over one last time.
Growing impatient to feel his dinner fill him out entirely, Arcanine closed his eyes and gulped one final time. This swallow was deliciously slow. He no longer had to try very hard to work down his food. His body did everything almost by itself, he just had to give it that one final nudge it needed. Grunting in undeniable pleasure, he felt Colin’s body squeeze through his own. Impossibly slow, but steady and inevitable, the rest of the man emptied out into Arcanine’s gut. The last trip he’d ever take. He’d been claimed.
Colin definitely didn’t want to be swallowed, but he was thankful when his right hand finally entered the stomach along with the rest of him. This gave him enough mobility and leverage to push his head out of the stomach contents. He took more raspy breaths, but none was any more satisfying than the last. His throat and mouth burned. It barely felt like he was breathing at all, but he was still able to manage enough oxygen to keep himself conscious, as much as that probably wasn’t an actual mercy, and so he kept it up. Before too much longer, his feet joined him. The stomach walls expanded to hold his entire body, but there was barely any extra space. He felt its lining rub over every inch of his body. He was nearly vacuum-sealed. Each time he wanted another gulp of air, he had to push into the fleshy walls near his face and suck down the pocket of oxygen that hurried to fill the empty space.
He couldn’t believe how cramped it was. The stomach had fit him in, but Colin was forced into a ball so tight he could barely squirm. The stomach walls pulsed around him and made it so even just keeping himself upright was a struggle. It might’ve been better for him if he just let himself suffocate. Every additional second he stayed conscious was increasingly hellish, but survival instincts were hard to shake.
Arcanine made things worse. The Pokemon was extremely pleased with himself for getting such a large meal down in one piece. He rolled onto his side and let out a massive belch. Having Colin inside of him felt incredible. He’d never been this full in his entire life, and he had a feeling this particular meal would take quite a while to break down. This feeling was going to last a long time. Feeling Colin’s struggles start to fade, he swallowed another few breaths of fresh air. He didn’t want his meal to give in just yet. Colin wasn’t strong enough to put up too much of a serious fight, but his wriggling still sent waves of pleasure through Arcanine’s body. He wanted to enjoy this.
Each time the Pokemon belched, Colin wanted to cry. The stomach walls would ripple, and then the entire organ compressed around him more tightly than he’d ever previously thought possible. Even if there had been air for him to breathe, the gut squished him so intensely that he wouldn’t have been able to expand his own chest enough to take advantage. Not only that, but the contractions caused the fluids to rise to fill the space the air had previously occupied. Some particularly strong burps would cause the chyme to rise up over his head. Every time this happened, his body involuntarily tried to thrash. There wasn’t much he could really do, but he knew he wanted to get away more than he had ever wanted anything before in his life. He’d close his eyes, twitch, and hope each round of struggles would be his last.
But it never was. Arcanine invariably sent him down more air, and as much as Colin wanted this torture to end, he couldn’t stop himself from sucking down the few breaths he was allowed. How long had he even been inside? It felt like a lifetime, but if he actually had to guess it probably couldn’t actually have been more than a few minutes. His body wasn’t meant to be here. He was dying. He needed to get out.
Arcanine yawned wide and licked his lips. He could still taste Colin a bit, which he was thankful for. A meal as good as that should stick around for a while. He hefted himself up with a grunt and padded over to the door just a few steps away. He let out a cursory whine and pawed at the wood to let Scott know he was finished. He’d rather not be locked up in the kitchen the rest of the day.
A few moments later, the door swung open. Scott looked Arcanine straight in the eyes, raised his brows, and gave the Pokemon’s head a firm rub. “All done?” he asked. Arcanine barked in response. Scott smiled with the side of his mouth and pushed past him into the kitchen, noting Arcanine’s swollen gut as he did. The Pokemon was always a little plump, but it was impossible not to see the added heft. The black furred belly barely left Scott any space to squeeze past, and he shivered a little when it jiggled as he moved by.
“He’s still alive in there,” Scott marveled, before turning his eyes to the kitchen. “It’s a little hard to believe.” Arcanine turned around with him and the two looked over the scene. The floor was covered in drool; a fact which Scott took in with slight annoyance. He’d just cleaned everything the night before. Beyond that, however, you’d never guess someone had just been eaten alive. Scott had already tossed Colin’s shoes in the bin outside, the man had otherwise kept all his clothes on during the trip, and he’d been worked down in one piece.
Just as he was about to leave to go get the mop, something caught Scott’s eye. There was something shiny against the far wall, under the cabinet’s lip. He walked over and grabbed it. It was a Pokedex. “Must’ve fallen out of his pocket during the struggle,” Scott mused. He turned it over in his hands a few times. Colin’s trainer ID was tied to it, and tracking was likely turned on as well. He couldn’t really just toss it, and keeping it around was out of the question. He looked over at Arcanine and shrugged. “Think you could send this down after him?”
Newer Pokedex models were made with the natural world in mind. All trainer gear was at this point. Trainers started young, and they lost things often enough during their travels that there were legitimate environmental concerns with old tech littering the more well-traveled areas. Newer gear wouldn’t just break down on a whim, but it was all non-toxic and guaranteed to shatter safely, meaning there was no reason to be concerned with shards of glass or sharp plastic. None of this stuff was necessarily meant specifically to be eaten, but if a Pokemon did decide to help itself it wouldn’t end up any worse for the wear.
Arcanine was more than happy to oblige. He wasn’t hungry any more, but the idea of wiping Colin off the face of the earth even further amused him. He took the Pokedex in his mouth and rolled it around inside. It was sort of disappointing, but it didn’t really taste like much. Since he had no reason to make it last, he maneuvered the device to the back of his mouth and crunched down a few times. It broke apart cleanly, and he could hear the electronics inside let out a dying fizz. As nice as his human meal had been, chewing on something felt good. If he ever got another chance, maybe he’d try doing a bit more of that next time. After just a few bites, the Pokedex was thoroughly mashed, and Arcanine swallowed it down.
Colin barely registered the chunks of additional electronics that pushed into the stomach to join him. He was way too preoccupied with the fact that his skin had started to itch. The feeling crept up slow, starting as just a faint tingle that barely registered, but the more he ignored it the stronger it got. Without thinking, he’d been scratching at the parts of his skin his hands could reach, but before too long the temporary relief turned to searing pain and he was shocked into the realization that he’d just scratched something away. This wasn’t just an itch. This was digestion setting in.
He tried his best to ignore the sensation as it intensified, but before long found himself wriggling against the sides of the stomach walls. He couldn’t stop himself. The itching grew so intense that his entire body cried out for relief. He needed it to stop. It had to stop. His fingers were back at it before he even noticed. He felt them dig into his flesh and the pain was immediate, but he couldn’t leave it alone. The itching turned to burning and his panic mounted. He had to get away from it. Every part of his body was screaming. Everything else horrible about Arcanine’s stomach seemed unimportant right now. He didn’t care about the smell. The struggle to breathe no longer mattered. He couldn’t care less that he was dying. His entire existence was now fixated on only one thing, and that was escaping this mounting pain. He thrashed with renewed vigor despite how exhausted he already was. There had to be some way out of it. There was no way any living thing should have to bear something like this.
Outside, Scott noticed the struggling as well. He could hear muffled screams and the occasional whimper, and Arcanine’s belly jiggled even harder than it had before. “You sure you’ll be able to keep it down?” Scott asked, raising one eyebrow. Arcanine looked over at his belly, tensed his stomach muscles for a few seconds, and followed that up with a massive belch. Along with the sound of the air escaping his throat, Scott nearly swore he heard one of Colin’s shrieks a little more clearly for just that split second.
Scott shuddered. “Good job, but really gross bud.” he said, turning away and moving towards the sink. “You keep doing what you’re doing, but I don’t really want to listen to you finish up, so I’m just gonna go clean, take a shower, and then probably get to sleep early.” He dug through one of the cabinets and put aside several different cleaning agents before turning back to his Pokemon and looking him in the eyes. “I’m sorry I left you with him, Arcanine. I didn’t realize he was such a pervert, but I should’ve paid more attention. Nothing like this will ever happen to you again. I promise.”
Arcanine padded over to his trainer and gave him a quick lick on the cheek. Scott chuckled. “Given the context, that’s extremely gross, but the sentiment is appreciated. Love you Arcanine.” The Pokemon bowed his head slightly and Scott wrapped it in a tight hug. His head was so large and his fur was so thick that the man could barely get his hands around him. He held his Pokemon close for a good while before letting go. He gave him a kiss on the forehead and headed off to clean in earnest.
Arcanine for his part was exhausted. He was battle hardened, and so swallowing Colin really wasn’t that much work for him in comparison, but having something this large in his stomach hit him surprisingly hard. His body was telling him to rest, and he saw no reason to ignore it. He padded off down the hall towards Scott’s room where he had his own little spot at the foot of the bed. He walked three times in a tight circle to make sure he was in just the right position, and then laid down with a thwump and a sigh. Arcanine felt Colin protest as the man got squished down even further, but he wasn’t concerned. He swallowed another breath of air for good measure to make sure his meal had everything it needed to keep squirming as long as possible, then laid his head on the floor, closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.
With the Pokemon’s full weight pushing against him, Colin couldn’t do anything but twitch. The pain had passed the point of being unbearable and his body was going into shock. He technically had air again, but when Arcanine laid down, Colin’s face was forced into the rapidly increasing pool of chyme and he no longer had the strength or the awareness to reposition himself. From his perspective, the acids melting their way through him, the crushing weight of the fire dog’s body, and the pain of being unable to breathe were now the same sensation.
There was no longer anything for him to do. He felt his body spasm, but he couldn’t bring himself to consciously struggle. It would be wrong to say he felt peaceful. Neutral was maybe the better way of putting it. He was no longer concerned with trying to keep himself alive. He knew he was dying. Instead, his mind wandered to consider the general situation’s absurdity. He’d always thought he wanted this. He’d spent his entire life looking things up online, talking with others like him, and fantasizing about this exact scenario. If someone had told him this was going to happen he probably would’ve jerked off to the thought. This was his biggest fantasy, even up to the part where he ended up hating it. The struggle as reality came crashing down was always part of the appeal.
Now that he was experiencing it all for real, he didn’t think it was worth it at all. Hell, he hadn’t even managed to get off. He was hard for the foreplay but once things got serious he couldn’t muster the excitement or the focus. Not only that, but he couldn’t even tell anyone about this. There was no one to appreciate it. He had so many friends online who would’ve loved to be here with him, but none of them would ever know what happened to him. They would probably all just think he moved on from their little community. They’d never know he’d gotten to live out all of their biggest fantasies. He’d been so naive before. It wasn’t possible for anyone to actually want this. How many others like him had found this out firsthand?
As he thought about all of this, he realized he was laughing. He wasn’t entirely sure it would’ve looked like that to anyone who was able to see, but he felt it. He felt his mouth, or at least what was left of it, widen in a grin, and he felt air bubbling up through the chyme around his face as he forced out a fit of giggles. His body convulsed as well, though he couldn’t really tell if that was from the laughter or not. It didn’t matter. That was funny too. A few seconds later, his consciousness blinked out. It wasn’t gradual, it didn’t fade, it just sort of stopped. Colin was dead.
Scott slept well that night. At first he was worried he might feel bad about letting Arcanine eat his former friend, but the more he thought about it the more justified he felt it was. It made him legitimately angry to think that Colin might’ve only been coming over to hang around Arcanine. He’d known the guy for so long, but it turned out he hadn’t actually known him all that well. It wasn’t a real loss, because that friendship might not have ever actually been real. Getting him eaten held nowhere near the same emotional weight as that thought. Besides, the guy had fantasized about dying in that exact way. It couldn’t have been more fitting.
Although he slept well, his wakeup call wasn’t quite so peaceful. His eyes snapped open around 6AM. Years of Arcanine ownership had honed his recognition when it came to certain sounds, and this was one he was unfortunately very familiar with. From the foot of his bed, several horking sounds rang out through the room. Arcanine had himself braced on all fours, eyes closed, with his mouth open and snout pointing down. Each time he made the noise, his head would jerk suddenly as he tried to force something back out of his stomach.
“Arcanine, no!” Scott jumped out of bed, now fully awake, and frantically tried to shepherd the Pokemon out of the carpeted room, but it was too late. Just as he started to push, Arcanine made the noise again, only this time it was accompanied by the way worse sound of something wet traveling up through his throat and plopping out onto the carpet. A pile of vomit-covered clothes splatted out onto the floor. They were scrunched up and thoroughly soaked. Scott stared at them for a few seconds. The fact that the clothes had come out like this meant that Colin had really been digested. His body was broken down, liquified, and probably already streaming through the rest of Arcanine’s digestive tract. The little pervert was now just a former meal for the Pokemon he’d been so obsessed with. There were likely a few more parts of him that wouldn’t be entirely broken down, but that stuff could probably all come out the other end.
“Great. I knew I should’ve stripped him first.” Scott frowned. “Even after getting eaten he’s still finding new ways to make things irritating for me.” Arcanine looked a little guilty. He hadn’t wanted to make a mess, but his body needed that stuff to come out. He rubbed his head against the side of Scott’s chest, which Scott responded to by wrapping his arms around the dog and squeezing tight. “It’s not your fault, buddy. Sorry for yelling. It’s just not a fun way to wake up, is all. Let’s put you outside to do the rest of your business while I get this cleaned up.”
The two of them walked around to the back of the house, and Scott opened the door. Arcanine trotted into the yard and started to snuffle around. The clothes coming back up hadn’t felt very good, but he was pretty sure what came next was going to feel great. He just needed to find the perfect spot to do it. It took longer than usual to decide on where to go, but this was a special situation, and so he took his time. After a few minutes of searching, Arcanine decided on a particularly well-worn patch of grass that smelled like a Pacharisu had somewhat recently relieved itself on.
He circled, squatted down, looked over towards the house, and let Colin back out. It felt amazing. The logs of shit were larger than usual by a good margin, but more than that it just felt good with the context of who it used to be. Arcanine shivered as some of the same feelings of dominance and control he’d been relishing yesterday came rushing back. He’d really done it. He’d eaten a trainer. He’d asserted his position in the food chain over an actual human being, and he’d been encouraged to do it!
He finished up and walked back to the house, not bothering to give his leavings a second glance. Scott would take care of them once he’d finished up inside. Arcanine’s mind raced through the memories of the evening before. He could still practically taste Colin’s warm, salty skin. Whatever standard meal he ate next would probably be disappointing in comparison, but he had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last time he treated himself like this. Thinking about it made his stomach rumble. It was time for breakfast, and he was hungry.
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Been a while! I'm back with 12K words about an Arcanine swallowing someone whole and enjoying every second of it. This might be the longest story I've ever written. If not, it's certainly close. I have no idea how I ever wrote so briefly in the past, there's so much to describe! Despite the word count, this is almost all vore. Savor it. If you enjoy, then please let me know~

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Posted by Amnael 3 days ago Report

Welp he got the taste now x3 wonder if his trainer will get a new sleeping bag now XD


Posted by Brenden1k 3 days ago Report

What a wonderful detailed story, I love the part where arcanite burping as he eats the person.


Posted by JackJackal 3 days ago Report

Lovely story!


Posted by Nobodyofintrest321 2 days ago Report

Good to finally see you post again! Big fan of your feral pred stories! This is another good one!


Posted by Jedzoku 2 days ago Report

Did you make a plot hole? Scott went to collect and package from the post office but came back early because the bank was closed.


Posted by RabidChipmunk 2 days ago Report

lmao OOPS. Less a plot hole and more just a mistake. I read over that so many times, too! Re-uploaded. Thanks for pointing it out!


Posted by boomer91 2 days ago Report

Wow, holy shit that was hot. The realisation he didnt want it, the betrayal/indifference, the 'be careful what you wish for' aspect

Great stuff.


Posted by VorishHorish 1 day ago Report

This is epic