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Requested Regression By doomfister -- Report

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That was a lesson Bug was all too happy to teach to Logical Leap when the foolish unicorn had stupidly agreed to a debaucherous and dangerous display of the moody mare’s many voracious methods. The yellow equine easily reduced to a pair of fidgeting legs and a sizable bulge in Bug’s bloated belly with a few confident pulls from the pony’s well practised pelvic diaphragm. Leap soon just a pair of confused looking hooves, barely able to get off a few fumbling flicks before they vanished with a final throbbing tug as the mare was completely taken by the twitching twat.

"Your mom wasted 9 months of her life to make you, and I can undo all that work in less than an hour," Chided Bug as she stroked her massive middle in a cradling caress. The tracing touch allowing her to feel every facet of her snatch snack’s shivering shape, as Leap was awkwardly curled up in the cramped confines of the older mare’s metra. Bug relishing the moment the unicorn began to instinctually struggle against the wombs walls as they oppressively bared down on the earth pony’s packed away prisoner. The fight in the dank darkness mostly just confused convulsions, before Leap found logic in the futility of her floundering and her body fell limp as she willingly submitted herself as the meat she was always meant to be.

“What… What is going to happen,” meeped Leap in a weak whimper, as the mare gave in to the hug of the honeypot holding her securely like a coddling clamp. Bug smirking at the murmur as it sounded as though the unicorn had already given up hope and was now just waiting for the earth pony’s crushing core to come down and squish Leap’s over eager brain like a ripe raspberry.

"Just what you wanted, A bit of birth control, though I must confess it's not often that I do a late-term abortion…. But for you I will make an exception cumstain,” Replied Bug curtly, though she was unsure if Leap heard it clearly through the taut tomb of strained skin and muscle encapsulating her quivering form. Leap not hearing all the words, but the tone was enough to stir a response out of the encapsulated equine, and she began a jittering jerk as she tried to push back in an attempt to hold off the moist recess restraining her. The folded-up female knowing full well she was powerless to prevent her fate as femcum, but instinct overrode empirical fact, and she began an uncoordinated kerfuffle as though she might actually escape the murky muskiness of Bug’s well-fed marehood.

“Please don….” Began Leap, before Bug gave a stern squeeze and silenced the mare mid-word as she forced the unicorn to inhale a good breath of amniotic fluid. Leap beginning to choke on the sterile soup, as each aborted breath caused more of the sterile syrup to flow into her spasming lungs. Bug enjoying the erratic seizure shuddering out of her compliant cunt chow, and soon enough the overdramatic slut stilled as she unwilling accepted the waters of the womb. The umbilical cord finding its place on Leap’s frame during this drowning dance, as without much effort Bug directed it to bond with the flailing unicorn’s belly button. The spongy blood-rich tissue easily grafting onto the small dimple and reactivated Leap’s long-disused umbilicus completing the mare’s transition from person to dependent.

“There… was that so difficult,” sighed Bug as she sensed the squirming shadow of her loin’s lunch still in the calming caress of her supportive pelvic floor. Bug taking a moment to just relish the weight of a full-grown mare pressing against her insides, as though she was well used to this predatory practice, she would never pass on the opportunity to savour a good worming in her womb. This method not as lively as a traditional digestion, and at this point she expected nothing more out of her pony prey bar a few half-hearted baby bumps from the now lax Leap.

“That is right, just relax, go to sleep and let me get rid of your mommy’s little accident,” continued Bug as she goaded Leap into a tight fetal position, allowing the mare neatly to sit in her body cavity. An awkward knee and a wayward horn soon tucked away, and after only a few seconds Leap was all set for her departure from the gene pool. The mare growing quietly, as the soothing soak in the lapping liquid of Bug’s womb seemed to sedate any resistance in the mare wallowing within her.

“Good girl, now let’s see how long until you disappear,” smiled Bug, as she felt the feeble capitulation from her cooped up quarry letting her know it was time to progress with this predatory pregnancy. Leap not even moving now, lost in the thrall of a second stint in a uterine rapture, as though she knew she was about to die the mare could do nothing more than give in to the easing embrace of the warm waters enveloping the equine. Bug knew though this was not Leap electing to take death with dignity as it was simply the case that the unicorn had fallen under the suppressive spell of her surrogate mother’s maternal hormones. The cocktail of chemical’s evolved to stifle the squirms of an expectant foal, lest the developing infant damage the mother’s internals during a particularly lively motion, though in this case, it would serve the convenient purpose of pacifying Bug’s pony prey.

Everything playing out as planned, and before long Bug’s mishappen middle began to slowly smooth as regression began to melt away Leap’s years of life. The process starting slow as Leap’s adult years trickled away slowly, before the digestion suddenly ramped up and the mare shaped swelling began to slowly shrink. College, high school puberty, all being lost in the slow sizzle of the boiling baby maker, as Leap’s cells slowly reverted back to their original inception. The unicorn’s memory’s melting away within her own head as her brain’s connections withered and died as the grey matter bubbled into an ever-decreasing density as the neurons deleted themselves.

The whole process leaving Bug rather lethargic as she felt her body unmaking the unwise unicorn who had willingly fed herself to the grey glutton’s fanny. Of course, Bug was not one to play takebacks, and the mare was just counting down the minutes as her body dealt with the pliable pony proteins stewing in her uterus. This little trick something had learned at university when she had helped a friend deal with an issue with a repurposed cell regeneration technique, and since then it had proven useful for helping the earth pony remove evidence of her mistakes as the mare’s pride prevented her from ever admitting that any error had ever occurred.

Logical Leap playing out no differently than previous passengers though, and it took just under 35 minutes for her daddy’s sperm to give its last shudder. The process playing out like clockwork, as the only strange sensation was the feeling of Leap’s horn sinking back into her skull as the spiralled through her starting trimesters in a terminal twirl. The mare soon just a ball of ambiguous stem cells and then nothing as she even lost the moment of inception in a flurry of lysing cells, as the mare was lost to the genetic level leaving just a lot of fresh cum for Bug to drain in the shower.

The in-utero unmaking honestly impressive, as twenty or so years, were reduced to a mare’s water weight, a few loose articles of clothing and a lonely ovum in the course of less than an hour. Bug tracing her now trim tummy, as soon it would be time to let out Leap’s ingestible leavings with a rosy-cheeked grunt and a pleasurable push….


Logical Leap foolishly asked Bug to demonstrate a dangerous magic technique. Unfortunately the grey glutton was all to happy to demonstrate it, though i don't think the unicorn though she would be the volunteer for the moody mare's demonstration...

My thirty-sixth sketch from  Silent_E 's patreon.

A predatory polyp kindly coloured by my friend  plaguetyranno

I also now have a patreon, if you would like to support me, it can be found here:

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Posted by komaru 4 months ago Report

My goodness i just love the way you describe Unbirth 'digestion'.

This is wonderful!~ ^///^


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

Glad you like it bud :)


Posted by Jedzoku 4 months ago Report

Another mistake unmade from the world and all that is left is a cum stain and a new ovum settling into Bug's ovaries.


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

A pretty good ending imo ;)


Posted by doomed 4 months ago Report

lmao thats why you dont ask a pred to show you how they eat


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

Aye, yet still they ask Bug for a demonstration, this happens more than you would think XD