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Daily Life with a Hungry Quarian By SmaxTheDestroyer -- Report

Hey All you Monster girl lovers! got a fresh one here. Alien Girls count as 'monster girls' in my book, so here, have a Quarian in honor of the new 'Legendary Edition' of Mass Effect.

I was wondering how to do this, then I thought, "I can just create a parallel universe where my monster girl verse was the one that discovered the Prothean ruins.
(ANd yes, i AM aware of the whole dextro-protein thing, just pretend thats NOT a thing here... lol)

Anyways, enough talk, hope you enjoy the story!

Cover Art Sauce:

Mass Effect and Quarians are owned by Bioware and EA

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Posted by whitpey 10 days ago Report

Wow this was a treat to read. Thank you.


Posted by doomed 10 days ago Report

dude you missed out on the perfect opportunity. a cruel pred getting instant karma everytime she eats someone lmao . you could've had her get violently ill because the meal wasn't properly sterilized hehehe.
anyways this was great


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 10 days ago Report

I’d considered that idea. But i decided not to do it because it put me off. I like this girl too much to do that. Lol