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Rei Lamia - Reference Sheet By LemonBarb -- Report

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Brief History (pending a better 'pilot' story): "Rei" Was "born", or reincarnated into an "NTR world", after dying to an unfortunate accident in her past life. She grew up to a massive family, that dwindled over time due to kidnappings, affairs and plain cuckolding and mind breaking.

However, when it came to her "coming of age". She and her mother were kidnapped, raped, and 'nearly' mind broken by a new "step" father, who cucked her mother. When she awoke to her predatory ability to drain life. On top of her immunity to mind control agents, and brainwashing devices...

After she drained her first meal. She then proceeded to go on a rampage that led to absorbing her mother, and nearby mindbroken slaves. Before having a revelation that she's reincarnated, as a porn monster. Thus she's been wandering the streets for prey since that revelation. Acting as bait for would be, "consensual" one night stands; baiting cheaters, cuckolders and rapists into willingly having themselves be drained by her alluring, vampiric sex. All while ruthlessly stealing anything she can get on, for long term 'disposable' expenses.

Strengths = A "biological" Super-Soldier. Due to not only all the life force she's absorbed and infused within her flesh, but also from absorbing "Bimboifying"" Agents to maximise beauty... That's also, indirectly strengthened her ability to corrupt/"refine" future victims via her blood, if need be.

On top of her augmented beauty, she also has a regenerative beauty. Able to recover from crippling injuries. On top of not just being immune to Mind Control, but can with her words; compel/nudge people into following any 'order' of hers to do whatever she asks of.

Weaknesses = Cockiness. Of being able to casually "Mind Control" to get anything she wants and rape her way out of messes, from having fed from "porn logic" villains for far too long, she's not used to any 'actual' conversation. Conflict is likely to gain her interest at best, with a need to dominate. At worst, it'd make her from annoyed, to paranoid to the point of seeking the death or devourment of her 'adversaries', before they break her.

Above all else, she's a predator, that needs to drain the life force of man at least once a day in order to survive. Though she has a 'stockpile' stored within her womb by her excessive, hedonistic lifestyle. If that supply runs out, and she's unable to devour/drain a mortal's lifeforce within a week (or feed of an immortal.) She'll starve, shrivel up and "die" herself, if not go feral in hunger pangs, that DEMANDS her sex consume her victim's lifeforce until satisfied...

*Long Term goals (outside fuck and eat.)
>If (still in) NTR World. Fuck all of NTRmen to extinction. Then at her 'peak', self-impregnate and spawn a legion of daughters, to 'fuck' an NTR World, into more a "Monster Girl" world in porn logic/physics.

>If (isekai'd) into a Vore setting. Or stumbles upon a fellow predator or "isekai": Will do what she can, to date/romance them. Awkwardly. With a malicious intent to BREED with them. Might alternatively, taunt/trick them into letting her 'adopt' them as a daughter, unbirth wise.

Above all else. Wants to one day, start a family... While enjoying, and growing ever incrementally. After every single fuck. (Or Unbirthed victim.)


A more detailed reference sheet for my OC Succubus (or at least a 'first page' impressions of it.) Some little 'nails', but bar that it's above and beyond all I'd expected, and then some! (And with even stray idea's on top.)

Credit/artist who did this as part of a trade, goes to  TimeToRun. Who no doubt might get another commission for if/when I get to a 'part 2' on a character reference sheet et/all. As for what I gave in exchange... Well, look at their page. When it comes to description commentary. ^.^

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