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The progress went smoothly as you typed away on your computer, your engorged belly gurgling the meal that was once Sam under your table as you subconsciously rub the stretched skin of that swollen sphere. About two hours passed since you ate her and since then she lost her shape entirely, rounding out your belly nicely as it was steadily shrinking while you absorbed the nutrients she provided. You were almost done with today's quota, even with the added workload from your boss this morning and you couldn't wait to get home and do something fun for once.
A new email suddenly popped up in the corner of your screen, you opened it immediately to see what it was about just to be discouraged in an instant. It was from your boss, she wants to see you in her office ASAP. You roll your chair back, rubbing your temple for a bit as you look down at your gut again. It was perfectly round and smaller than when you ingested your sexy coworker, almost looking like you were pregnant yourself with overdue triplets. Your shirt would still not hold shut over the mass however so you don't even bother trying to close it up as you stand up from your chair and leave your cubicle to head to the bosses office.
Your way there gave you a lot of attention from the rest of the employees around. Some seemed to be really turned on by the mere sight of you, others catcalling you as you passed by, few just facepalm or tried to ignore your existence entirely out of repulsion or fear. It didn't bother you though, you enjoyed the attention quite a bit, if nothing else, it usually made finding preys much easier. Your destination soon came to vision, a much more closed off area from the rest of the office complex as you saw the door leading to your dreaded boss and next to it, a big, reception like desk with Megan behind it. Megan was the secretary of the big honcho, a cute Asian brunette with wavy locks and a 7 month pregnant belly as her stretched high pants tried to cover it.
"Hey Alex, Angela called you in again, huh?" Megan greets you, pressing a button on the intercom to let the boss know you're here. "Yea, I wonder what it'll be this time considering she already sent me extra work this morning." You respond as you stretch, your gurgling organ even more on display which Megan clearly notices with her "Damn Alex, I didn't know you were expecting too~" shooting at you teasingly, knowing well that what's behind that fleshy wall isn't life, at least not anymore. "You can thank our leader there." pointing at the door in front of you "Because of the extra work she sent me, I missed my lunch and had to improvise with my surroundings." you pat your belly a few times "I know I fucked her a few times but she doesn't have to fuck me back, you know?". Megan just chuckles at the last part, her own pregnancy is the work of her boyfriend, not you, but the boss? That is all your handy work, she calls it "special overtime".
The intercom sounds out that you can enter as you step in front of the dreaded gate, taking a deep breath before you grab the handle and enter the office.
The room was spotless, some file cabinets on the sides of the walls, decorated with various plants on top or next to them. The floor was carpeted in a dull grey colour, the back wall was just glass as you could see the cityscape through the windows outside. In front of them in the center of the room was a large mahogany table, clearly custom made just for this space as the intricate details on it shined in pristine condition. But the most eye catching piece was sitting behind said table, your employer, Angela Wong. A stunning woman to be sure, clearly of Asian descent, nobody would even guess she's in her early forties by now. Her face was simply perfect, chiseled by angels, her hair long and straight in the darkest shade of brown there is. She was wearing her signature all white attire, an opened up top of a suit, showing she's wearing only her white silken bra underneath, which held her two magnificent D cup breasts and underneath the reason why she left it open. Her alluring 8 month baby bump, smooth as a billiard ball with cute outie sticking out in front, all thanks to you. Her firm butt and toned thighs were covered by a pair of matching white pants, not buttoned up fully thanks to the aforementioned midriff protrusion and you could bet she's wearing her classic pure white high heels too. She would be perfect if it wasn't for her personality, an almost ideal representation of a workaholic, always stern and wanting to give 110%, relentless when it comes to getting top tier efficiency and with little patience for setbacks.
"Hey Angela, you wanted to see me?" you greet her with false confidence as she doesn't even look up at you from her laptop and motions to you to sit across from her "Close the door and sit down Alex, I need to talk to you about your work...". You do as she asks, your gut sloshing around as you approach the seat, letting out a low gurgle once you plant your ass down which makes you embarrassingly look away while she finally looks up at you from her documents and her eyes widen. "Alex, what is this?!" she asks coldly, pointing at your swollen midriff "Or rather, who?". You place a hand on the bare skin of your dome, feeling it churning its content inside "Sam ma'am." "Alex! This is the third girl this month and we're not even halfway through it! This is exactly what I mean!" She stands up and starts walking around the table as she continues her scolding "Even if you keep a decent pace with your work, you swiftly get up and stuff your greedy mouth with the first employee you see around you, causing further losses to our company since there's nobody to replace them!". At this point she reached your side, her bare belly right next to your face as she stared you down like an angry bear. "You may have special talents for us but that doesn't mean you can just walk around and terminate your coworkers willy nilly!" she leans against the table next to you as she crosses her arms and takes a deep breath "I have to fire you." she finally says, coldly. You stare at her for a bit, then just nod understandably as you stand up from the seat. "So this is my last day then?" you ask her as you're now standing eye to eye with the gorgeous employer "Yes, so you better make it worth my time!" she responds fiercely as she drops her top on the ground and straightens up, getting a knowing grin from you in response.
You two lock your lips together as you remove her bra while she rips off your shirt, your bellies squished against each other while your tongues start exploring each other’s mouths. Her hands then swiftly slide down your pants, pulling them down as they reveal your already erect member pressing against the soft flesh of your underbelly. You finally break the kiss as you stare at her mischievously, spinning her around 180 as you press her face into the table, her breasts and bump squished against it, holding her down with one hand as you use the other one to aggressively remove her pants and panties in one motion, revealing her supple booty to you in all its glory. She sighs excitedly as you line your rod with her pussy and ram it in, getting a yelp out of your partner as you slide it out slowly before slamming it back in. The office gets filled with moans and grunts as you start start fucking her hard on her own giant table, your gurling gut resting on her back while you impale her eager vagina. It has been a rather consistent routine of you fucking your boss over the years of working here, the entire building knew you were doing it and most considered it the only reason you kept your job for so long. Too bad this was the last time, but that only made you determined to make it that much more special. You’ve sped up and put your entire body into it, knowing this is exactly how she likes it. She’d never admit it publicly but for bossy and stern she was, during sex she loves to be dominated by her partner to the verge of breaking. As you keep impaling her, her love canal starts tightening, no doubt getting close to her first orgasm as you’re way too familiar with her signs, grabbing her sides firmly as you slam into her HARD, her head flipping back as she screams in pleasure, her feminine juices squirting out all around your cock. However you don’t give her any time to recover, resuming your assault on her nethers as you grab her around the neck, raising her up from the table she was squished against and forcing her to bend her back around your swollen dome as best as she can till your lips are right next to her ear.
“You like this, my little bitch, don’t ‘cha?” you whisper with a sultry voice, her ass slapping against your thighs with each thrust. “Y-yessss” she mutters shakingly as you ravage her snatch. You can feel her legs wrap around yours as you place your other hand over her dome containing another life that you put into her several months prior thanks to your efforts such is this current one, feeling her body rub against you as she bounces on your dick, your combined efforts also helping your digestion as your own swollen belly slowly but surely keeps shrinking. It doesn’t take long till you feel a familiar tightening inside of her, however this time you’re close yourself so you make sure to get a decent space, raising her higher with your grip before slamming her down heavily, both of you roaring in unison as you both reach your climaxes. Her eyes practically roll back into her skull and her tongue shoots out of her mouth as you frown yourself, making sure to empty yourself into her properly, your cum flowing into her steadily as her femcum tries to make its way out of her pussy. Both of you stay locked like this for an entire minute, breathing heavily as you try to catch your breaths, only her legs steadily sliding back down to make contact with the ground, her weight however still mostly hanging on you as she’s apparently too weak to support herself yet.
In the end it’s you who makes their recovery faster, looking down at the nude body pressed against you, that succulent perfect flesh, that appetizing supple meal… You don’t resist at all, parting your lips as you tilt her head backwards into your maw. Angela does blinks back into reality just as she sees your moist cavern enveloping her scalp. “Oh you greedy mother-” you cut her response short as your jaws snap shut around her neck, muffled screams audible from the inside as you move your hand from her neck lower to grope one of her soft boobs. Her own in return clamp around your own head, obviously trying to pull the owner back out, but you quickly prove to her how futile her efforts are as you take a swallow, pulling the source of screams down into your throat and engulfing her shoulders while forcing her biceps against her torso. Your boss starts to struggle more, her legs now moving around too as they make contact with your own, you just roll your eyes in annoyance as you grab her by the waist and push her deeper into your throat, the bulge of her head now traveling past your chest as her own breasts enter your mouth, making you moan out of delight, only slightly disappointing because they are squished against your upper jaw and therefore not really abusable by that tongue of yours. Deciding to not waste any time, you simply lift her into the air as you start enveloping her widest part, that engorged midriff of hers, soon to be part of yours forever. Your lips spread over it like a wildfire, your jawline expanding to take in the girth, her legs flailing uselessly in the air as you conquer the mountain. After her belly button brushes against your upper lip, you know you’re at the summit as the next gulp brings you swiftly down the globe, claiming her belly entirely as it starts traveling down your throat and into your gurgling cauldron of a stomach. A muffled cursing can be heard from your once again swelling belly, your boss clearly not happy about being devoured by her lover, but why should you care? You got fired anyway and there’s this precious booty about to enter your mouth! You take another swallow to bring it inside your mouth, your tongue assaulting it immediately, finally some soft parts on this side of your meat, it starts licking all over the buns, making sure to get all of that salty goodness thanks to the sweat you two built up during your fun time. But all good things must come to an end as all her flailing is making you a bit unstable in this position you two are in. So you pull her in further, getting a taste of those toned thighs instead as you reach out to grab her ankles to stabilize her more. Her protests continue but the struggles are now fully under your control as you simply tilt your head further back, slurping her up over the knees and calves until only her feet are left sticking out of your mouth. It is then that you realize that she’s still wearing her bright, snow white heels, an obstacle that you quickly remove before the last of her toes slip past your lips and down into the pit of your stomach.
You let out a hefty belch as you look down at your once again swollen abdomen, waddling around the table to sit in her chair as you lean back and pat your giant gut with satisfaction. “Well Angela, I am sad that I got fired but it seems that at least you’ll be resigning with me.” you chuckle as you feel her kick from within the stomach, your organ responding by letting out a loud gurgle as it gets ready to start processing your new occupant.
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Your progress goes smoothly till your boss calls you to her office. What does she want this time?
A direct sequel to this story

Written by me.

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Posted by ShadowSun 7 days ago Report

Dang, lots of pregnant women at this company. Not that that’s bad though.


Posted by salamoun 7 days ago Report

I hate the "lore" explained in the gallery ^^


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Posted by JohnOfAllTrades 7 days ago Report

More preg prey is always a very welcome thing to see. I look forward to seeing more preg prey being digested in your stories in the future lol


Posted by salamoun 6 days ago Report

There's bunch more coming!