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Manic Poly Yeen Grill | A Manager's Special C By ChoiceCuts -- Report

Relationships are hard enough when you're trying to seduce one slavering, hungry hyena. Hans the pig quickly learns that, when that number jumps to THREE hyenas, things are gonna get a little... messy. Protective of their poly pack, the triad decide to give Hans a chance, planning to teach him to become a real hyena, just like them. Unfortunately for Hans, the transformation might not be in the manner he expects.

Warning, Contains:
- M/M Sex
- Comedy
- Cooking
- Dubcon
- Betrayal
- Snuff


A Manager's Special commission for, I always have so much fun putting his pudgy porker into peril. ;3 As with all Manager's Specials, I got a few prompts (Dubcon and Multiple Predators) and got to create the story from there; I ended up leaning a bit too much into the plot, but I think the comedy and sex came out just right, even if the barbecue isn't quiiiite as detailed as it could be. Enjoy and eat well!

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