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Rapunzel’s Smelly Problem
Morning dawned in the tower Rapunzel stayed in. The beautiful skinny blonde slept peacefully in her bed until something awoke her.
Rapunzel lazily woke up stirring in her bed as another disgusting fart exited her bowels. Rapunzel fully woke up and sniffed the air which made her face cringe. Rapunzel had never smelled anything so rancid before and lifted her blanket where the farts were being trapped in and all of the gas blasted into her face.
"Holy shit, that's coming out of me!" said Rapunzel
Rapunzel coughed and waved her hand trying to get the fart away from her. Rapunzel farted again and she had finally fully woken up. Rapunzel stood up and immediately felt something trying to get out of her ass.
A disgusting fart blew out of her rear end and Rapunzel was visibly disgusted and wiped away the smell. Rapunzel grabbed her ass as she started back up walking to the kitchen as another fart came.
The disgusting farts seemed to be coming in a rapid succession. Rapunzel tried clenching her asshole and all it did was build the farts up and as soon as she released her ass the gas exploded out making her ass cheeks ripple. Rapunzel buried her face in her hands and shook her head
"Yuck! what do I do?!" said Rapunzel
Rapunzel could still smell it through her hand. Really all she could do really is wave her hand around getting the smell away from her nose as another ass blast of gas spread throughout the room. Her slim naked body could be seen through her light purple nightgown and it would constantly move as the gas kept coming. Rapunzel had no good answers so she tried going on with her day.
But the farting would not stop and after an hour of dealing with gas erupting from her rear and stinking the place up badly Rapunzel has had enough. Rapunzel couldn't clean or cook or brush her long blonde hair. She was so desperate now that the only good idea that came to mind was a bit off. Rapunzel didn't care what happened to her so she was going a bit extreme. As farts continued to come out she slipped her nightgown off revealing her slim naked body. Pretty much ready Rapunzel got on her knees and sat down on her feet.
"With this the smelly terror will end! fuck these farts!" said Rapunzel
Rapunzel farted again and even cringed at the smell before her anus opened up and sucked the feet in. Rapunzel moaned a little, feeling the insides of her ass and of course farts were spewing out even with her feet inside. Rapunzel felt the asshole inching down her lower legs clamping them together and making the thighs squish together.
The farts came out of Rapunzel still nasty and smelly but at this rate she knew this would fix everything. Rapunzel smelled the air and noticed they were smelling worse
"Ugh, are they getting worse?! shit, I might pass out!" said Rapunzel
Rapunzel blushed and enjoyed her ass being stretched but the smell of her own gas was just so bad and rank that it was slowly ruining the mood. The entire lower half of her legs was gone and she could feel them moving a little inside her ass.
The farts continued as her anus slowly slurped in her knees and was pushing her fat thighs down. The squishy thighs pressed together and the anus wetly sucked them in making squelching noises. Rapunzel was starting to physically see the gas as a little green layer in the air formed. Rapunzel felt her legs ripple after each fart and groaned from the smell. It was truly just a putrid smell that made Rapunzel want to throw up.
Wet and dry farts blowing out of her ass filling the room with the smelly gas.
"How am I still farting?! this is just insane!" muttered Rapunzel
Rapunzel felt all of her thighs go into her ass and it did some bending to start on her back. Her slim tummy was sliding into her colon and Rapunzel couldn't care less. Rapunzel got her arms and slid them down her slim waist and shoved her hands down into her tight bum and moaned a little. Her asshole was really stretched out and bigger farts were coming out.
The biggest wettest fart came as her belly button disappeared making Rapunzel gag. The slim middle was so easy for the asshole. The ring moving and wetly slurping on the slim body. Fart after fart blasted out of her enlarged asshole making Rapunzel cringe and try her best to plug it up with her lips. Of course that didn't work as the farts kept exploding out making her tits shake. She thought the belly button fart was bad but the closer it got made the fart go directly into her nostrils filling her nose and making her sweat.
"Jeez, this is awful! I must have just ate the worst thing in the world! I hope mother doesn't come home early sees me doing this..." said Rapunzel
The sweat was spreading across her body making it even easier to slide down into her asshole. The anus slurped in her belly and was making its way up her chest slowly but surely. Little sweat beads fell off her nipples as she watched the cheeks get closer.
*slurp! slorsh! squelch!*
Rapunzel breathed slowly as her boobs were laying on top of her ass cheeks. It made her giggle but she coughed and felt a little light headed. Rapunzel's ass was so close now that each time a fart came it wasn't just super accurate but it practically went into her face and when her mouth was a little open she felt it go inside. She coughed again and wanted the hard part to be over
"Almost there... the easiest part is going to be my hair." said Rapunzel
She turned to see the giant length of hair behind her. Rapunzel's boobs were smashed together and slowly the breasts were squeezed into the tight anus making Rapunzel yelp and moan. This really felt the best and for a second she felt pure bliss but it didn't last long.
The fart hit her in the face and she gagged as another flurry of farts barraged her face making the experience worse and worse. Rapunzel's breasts went fully inside and she moaned feeling her nipples sliding across the slimy insides. Rapunzel's shoulders were sucked in and the ring of her asshole wrapped around her neck.
The farts kept coming out hitting Rapunzel in the face as her neck was gobbled up by her booty. Rapunzel could feel her eyes getting heavy as the farts were hitting her but she smiled.
"Goodbye world... it was nice but these farts are to much and they won't stop..." said Rapunzel
Rapunzel giggled, feeling her chin touch her asshole and her mouth went inside as a fart erupted out of her. Rapunzel's head slid into her ass leaving her giant hair out. The golden hair slowly being gulped in by the ass while Rapunzel shut her eyes while inside her bowels. The anus just sat on the ground eating the hair which was about twenty feet long. Even though it had a special power the anus greedily feasted on it not caring.
The asshole just continued to blast gas out making the cheeks jiggle a little. The ass looked like a mouth full of a continuous stream of noodles. The hair slid across the ground not a single piece falling off. Half the hair was gone after ten minutes but the last half was still hanging out.
*squelch! slurp!*
The anus was getting closer and closer every second sucking in that giant beautiful lock of golden hair. Only a quarter of it remained but it was just about done. The last little remnants of hair saw the light of day for only a second more before all of Rapunzel was gone into her own ass.
A final fart came out and all of the farting was done. Rapunzel knew this would work and of course it did.
The sound of a vacuum filled the room as Rapunzel’s anus gaped open and the green layer of ass gas started to get sucked back into her anus. The entire room filled with the loud sound of sucking and the green layer went away as more and more of the farts were sucked back inside. After some time the asshole did it and all the gas was gone.
Then the anus sucked in the ass cheeks of Rapunzel and it collapsed in itself disappearing out of existence entirely with the farts. The room was back to normal and no smell of farts remained. All that was left of Rapunzel was the cute nightgown she had worn before now just laying in the middle of the kitchen.
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Rapunzel's Smelly Problem By Evbro22 -- Report

Rapunzel gets a bad case of ass gas and is forced to take extreme action to stop it.

Commissioned from  CoolWoman

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