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Anna’s Extreme Solution
Living in Oslo was Anna and Elsa who lived lavishly in their stylish apartment. On the purple couch was Elsa wearing a light blue shirt that was curled up under her breasts and blue booty shorts. She was laying on her front side on her phone with her ass sticking up in the air. On the purple chair next to her was Anna wearing a green sweater and blue pants and was reading a book.
Elsa ripped a huge fart and giggled while Anna looked at her with disgust. She shook her head and went back to the book. But more farts started to come out of Elsa. Anna winced at each one and waved the smell from her nose. She expected to see Elsa doing the same but the girl was doing nothing but sit there and take it. Anna tries her best to ignore it but soon after another twenty minutes of non stop gas emitting from Elsa, Anna had noticed a green layer of gas was in the air. She could actually see the farts and scowled at her nasty sister. Anna was pretty mad that Elsa was only thinking of herself not caring that she ripped enough gas to make it visible. So Anna was done and needed to teach Elsa a lesson.
"You gross bitch! that's enough of that!" said Anna
Anna stood up and dropped her pants and panties ready to end this smelly misery. Anna went over to Elsa's area and hopped up on the couch before letting her ass fall right on top of Elsa's face. Some muffled screaming came but Anna had some fun in store for Elsa.
A disgusting fart blew into Elsa's face and she coughed, surprised Anna could rip such a fart. Elsa dropped her phone and tried to reach up and grab at Anna's ass. It was nice and fat though so her hands sunk into the flesh and she wasn't nearly strong enough to be in such an awkward position and get out of it.
Anna did it again and Elsa felt a little light headed before Anna bit her lip and pushed her ass down on Elsa's head engulfing it whole into her ass. Anna shook her butt a little, rubbing the walls on her struggling sister's face. Anna's ass went on automatic and Elsa's arms were forced back to her side.
"Anna, what the fuck are you doing?! this isnt funny! it's just gross!" said Elsa
Anna just laughed and let her anus do the talking as the ring of her asshole expanded over her sister's shoulders and was showing no mercy. Anna's middle shifted around with her sister in her bowels slowly reaching the guts.
Anna farted on her sister making the part of Elsa outside of Anna's ass twitch.
*sqleuch! slorsh!*
The anus traveled down sucking in the impressive rack of Elsa and started on the bare slim belly. Elsa groaned not being able to stop her sister. The warm slick insides of her sister's anus going down her slim belly felt like agony. It felt so weird being inside her sister's anus.
Elsa yelped as a fart blew past her and out Anna's ass making the girl giggle on the outside.
"Anna... stop this is gross... please, I beg of you just let me out and we can open a window and I'll stop farting..." said Elsa
As she said that Elsa farted a super wet nasty one making Anna cringe and scowl back at Elsa's ass.
"If you would have just stopped blowing ass gas than this wouldn't be happening!" said Anna
Anna's tight asshole wrapped around Elsa's hips and the legs kicked around outside of her. Elsa's ass was sucked into Anna who held her growing belly as Elsa shifted through her guts. The cheeks being squeezed down and rubbed against the slimy insides of her sister's colon made Elsa shudder and want to pass out and forget this all happened but the ass was all gone and it was almost over. The thighs clapped together and Anna giggled watching the legs behind her kick about slowly dragging against the couch before disappearing under her butt. Elsa's feet were together as they were slurped inside squishy colon and were gone forever. Anna breathed out heavily and held her distended belly smiling.
"Well, all that's left is me and the gas~" said Anna
Anna bent back and sat her smelly ass on her face.
Out of habit she farted on her own face before it opened and accepted her head. Now the anus was having a blast sucking in Anna's head and going down her neck to her shoulders stretching over them. The arms were pinned down to Anna's side as her nipples rubbed against the inside of her anus. Anna's anus reached the distended belly and it forced itself against the gut while pushing up and over slowly sucking in the fat belly. Anna cringed a little feeling her anus stretching out for her sister's curled up form.
"C'mon butt, you can do it!" said Anna
Anna started to rapidly breathe as it got closer and closer to the peak of the belly. Anna moaned as it reached the peak and started to go down and suck in the big giant belly. Anna felt a bit at ease after that sliding into her own guts.
"Almost done, Elsa! the room will no longer smell like ass!" claimed Anna.
Anna felt the anus reach the lower half of her belly wetly sliding down making squelching noises. The belly was taken inside of the ass leaving only the lower half of Anna left. Anna's thighs were sucked into the expanded asshole. The ring slowly inching down the thick bare legs clamping down on her thick thighs. They were dragged inside and the anus reached her knees with only a tiny bit of Anna left. Anna bit her lip feeling her feet slam together and the anus wrap around her ankles. Just like with Elsa the anus slurped in the feet and currently only Anna's butt was in the room tainted with a green layer of gas. It took a second to activate but finally it happened.
As if a vacuum started to go off Anna's asshole gaped open acting like one. The green layer started to fade away as the massive amounts of gas were sucked into the asshole. Anna could smell it all as it brushed all over her. Just so much gas produced in about half hours of constant farting. Anna coughed but she knew it was almost over. Anna closed her eyes as the green layer fully faded away and the farts were sucked up inside of her. Anna smiled as her gaping asshole closed. But it wasn't over as the anus was sucking itself inside. The cheeks stretched inside the colon and little by little the asshole collapsed in on itself.
After a few extra minutes the anus was gone and Anna, Elsa and the gas were imploded out of existence leaving only the clothes, a book and a phone on the ground. The room was finally nice and smelled good again.
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Anna's Extreme Solution By Evbro22 -- Report

When Elsa stinks up their apartment with her butt gas, Anna is left with no choice but to stop it by force.

Commissioned from  Coolwoman

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