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Elsa’s Stinky Sex Dungeon
Inside of the dungeon of Arendelle's castle was an even more secret place. It was known only to a select few and inside was Queen Elsa's sex dungeon. A place full of sex toys and other objects and men she found cute enough to lock up and store. Currently strapped to the wall was Hans. He was going to be Elsa's fiance but one day he drank something and the next thing Hans knew he was strapped completely naked to a wall. Hans had no idea how long it's been but perhaps a day. Finally Hans heard some footsteps and looked up to see the metal door open up. Hans wanted to say something as his fiance came through the door but the gag made him unable.
"Have you been well, Hans?" said Elsa
Elsa was wearing a light blue latex bra tightly wrapped around her chest making some of her tit fat overflow off and a matching set of panties came with it and her ass barely fit in them. Elsa looked sexier than she ever has before and it really showed. Hans couldn't help but get hard staring at her amazing figure. Elsa saw his rock hard dick and smiled as she close and touched his chest.
"Oh little Hans were going to be playing a little game...the game will consist of me farting on your penis quite a bit and all you have to do is not cum. if you don't I will set you free, but if you cum I'm going to suck you up my ass and digest you. sound good?" said Elsa
Hans nodded his head nervously as sweat ran down his forehead. Elsa smiled and wiped his forehead.
"Good. how about we get started?" said Elsa
Elsa steps back and turns around showing her massive ass to Hans before bending over a little bit with her asshole next to the tip. Elsa looks back with seductive eyes and starts.
A nasty fart erupted from her ass and Hans grunted feeling the gas spread around his dick. Hans wasn't expecting such a loud gross fart to actually feel somewhat good on his dick. Hans definitely was going to have troubles but he pushed on. Elsa giggled and another giant wet fart spread out her asshole and made her ass cheeks ripple as it slapped the penis in the face.
Elsa is thoroughly enjoying Hans' reactions to her gas and she knew he liked it. Hans threw his head back trying his best not to acknowledge the feeling around his dick as fart after fart barrage all over him. It felt amazing but Hans wanted to stay out of Elsa's ass if possible. Hans noticed a green fog of gas forming and he coughed as there was no way to escape the just awful smell.
Elsa farted more and plugged her nose with her fingers. She knew how her own farts smelled and would rather not have the scent of rotten eggs diving in her nostrils. Hans felt his dick wanting to cum but he held it back. A little pre cum came out but nothing else yet. It felt just amazing but Hans could not cum. Elsa pouted since he hasn't cum yet and smiled grabbing her ass cheeks and was going to send out some killer gas. Hans didn't like that Elsa was up to something but he was powerless to stop her. She winked at him before sending out the most rancid fart yet. Hans coughed more as it spread all over his body and almost made him cum instantly. Hans was surprised that she had something like that in her.
"Hans, I think this is going to be the final one, so buck up!" said Elsa
Elsa kept her cheeks spread and did it once again.
The wet nasty rancid fart came through her bowels and hit Hans and there was nothing he could do anymore. Hans busted his load and Elsa stepped away not wanting any of that white goop on her. Hans just watched in horror that he actually came to be farted on. The glob of it hitting the ground and his dick went limp and he had a said look on his face. Hans failed and only one result was coming out of such a failure. Elsa looked at the ground and giggled before looking him dead in the eyes.
"You're weak, dirty boy. you'll fit much more being fat on me." said Elsa
Hans could do nothing as his body was all limp when she took him off the wall. Hans was laid on the ground. Elsa grabbed some rope and tied him up legs and arms just in case he was able to move again. Elsa then slid her panties off letting her giant ass free from their confines. Elsa then stood over his head and he could see her pussy and bare ass cheeks. Elsa giggled and slid down planting her knees into the ground and hung her ass over his face.
"Bye bye Hansy~" said Elsa
Elsa then lowered her ass on his face covering it completely. Her ass cheeks were so big and juicy that they touched the ground even when wrapped around Hans face. Elsa had a little fun rubbing her asshole over his face getting some muffled yelps from under her ass. Elsa enjoyed herself while Hans had a very different perspective. When the ass cheeks spread over him and blocked his view it was dark and the stench of her ass was terrible. Being so close to the ass that just farted some of the most vile farts he had ever smelled was awful enough to make him gag. Then that same asshole was being rubbed in his face making it open a little. The awful stench went up his nose and he couldn't move or save himself. All Hans could do was wait to be sucked in his fiance's asshole. Elsa giggled one last time and her little fun ended and it was time. Elsa moaned, letting her tight pink asshole open up and wrap around the groaning Hans's face. She felt it push down over his brown hair and engulf the man's head letting the ring of her asshole wrap around his neck. Elsa bit her lips blushing and loving the feeling as her ass went on it's own sucking in the broad hard neck before her ass cheeks squished against his shoulders. Elsa sucked hard and yelped, feeling her asshole stretched to the max over the shoulders dragging her fiance deeper into her bowels.
*squelch! slurp! slrk!*
Her ass made wet noises sucking in the broad chest of Hans struggling a little before getting past his nipples and working on the last bit of his hard pecs. Elsa enjoyed the strain on her ass feeling Hans stretch her asshole out super far and push her guts open and move through her insides. Hans felt his abs being sucked in by the slimy inside of Elsa. The colon grabbed onto his body and pulled it further in dragging him through Elsa's bowels. The hellish smelly place was even worse than outside the ass where still a light green layer of farts remained. Elsa at the moment forgot about all the farts around her as she was so into sucking Hans up she totally forgot. Hans' abs were sucked into the tight colon and the ring of Elsa's ass reached his waist. Half his body kicked outside of her and the muffled screams coming from her bulging middle made her blush.
"Struggle all you want, you're all mine now~" said Elsa
Hans was sucked even more as his and crotch were the next on the list. Hans twitched feeling his limp penis rub against the asshole and felt shame as he got hard again. The slimy inside felt good on his shaft and he really couldn't help it. Elsa blushed and the ass was sucked into her own. The long legs were all that's left and they were pushed together with each wet slurp making them disappear. Elsa moaned and closed her eyes feeling his muscular thighs ride up in her ass. Elsa held her belly as the lower half of Hans legs went inside her all the way until only his feet remained. But they didn't last long and Elsa moaned and smiled as her asshole sealed her former fiance inside of her. Hans swirled through her guts and Elsa held her belly as he filled up her stomach. Elsa rubbed her bloated belly feeling him finally able to move inside her. It was a bit too late for that but Elsa enjoyed it and smiled as she stood up.
"Well my love, I'm going to go ahead and start digesting you now. see ya never~" said Elsa
Elsa laughed but she wasn't in her pleasure state anymore and could not ignore the foul gas around. Elsa cringed and pinched her nose but that didn't work. Elsa now was waving her hand and coughing up the toxic gas left and right. Elsa had gone overboard. She looked at the door but she didn't want this disgusting ass gas to spread throughout the castle.
"Ugh, wow, it stinks in here!" said Elsa
Elsa couldn't leave and she didn't want to digest Hans in such a smelly atmosphere so her options fell down to one making her sigh. Elsa looked at her belly and tapped on it before speaking.
"Sorry Hans, I guess we're going to be stuck in my smelly bowels, together forever." said Elsa
Elsa then gets on the ground and bends back and sits her fat ass on her face. She rubbed her asshole on her face before feeling something coming.
A nasty fart in her face and the anus opened, taking in her head. Her head slipped into her anus making her moan. The slimy insides dragged Elsa further feeling her neck and shoulders slide in. Elsa moaned as her breasts were squished down and started sliding into her ass.
*slurp! squelch! slurp!*
The next part was Elsa's large stomach. She yelped in unmeasured pleasure as her asshole opened up over Hans form squishing him down even more. The slimy asshole moistened her belly up letting it go in easier. Elsa's asshole was stretched to the max and tears of pleasure went down her cheeks. The anus inched up all the way up the large belly before slowly going down taking in the last of the belly. The belly was gone and sucked up and the asshole went past the hips and skipped the ass before grabbing onto Elsa's thick thighs clapping them together and sucking into the tight anus. Elsa was so close to her goal feeling her lower legs going inside of herself. Elsa's feet were all that remained outside of the anus. A final moan came from out of her as the anus slurped in the feet and it sealed her inside. Elsa's fat ass was all that was left on the outside
All of sudden her asshole gaped open and a vacuum sound came. The thick layer of green gas started to get sucked back into Elsa's ass. The gas was slowly clearing out of the room going inside of Elsa's ass filling up inside with Elsa and Hans. The room started to smell okay and became the normal color. The entire room cleared out and the butt was still there. The ass cheeks were being sucked into the anus, collapsing on itself.
The anus took a second but then it was all gone. Elsa and Hans poofed out of existence together inside of Elsa's bowels. The sex dungeon was left smelling normal with not a speck of gas left. The only signs of people being inside were the light blue panties Elsa had to take off to suck Hans and herself inside. The room was left untouched for sometime and no one knew what happened to both Hans and Elsa
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Elsa's Stinky Sex Dungeon By Evbro22 -- Report

After going overboard with torturing Hans with her farts, Elsa must remove her stink from her sex dungeon.

Commissioned from  Coolwoman

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