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Chocola RPG 3 new style By CarnivorousVixen -- Report

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If you saw my blog a few days ago you know I was unsure how to go about continuing Chocola RPG 3 and that was because the graphics were hard to draw due to the more realistically proportioned characters, but the solution I came to was redesigning all of the characters in a chibi style making them smaller and easier to draw (plus the bigger characters sometimes cause graphic layering issues, RPG Maker MV is made for like 64x64 pixel characters so I was really stretching it with the previous style. I tried drawing smaller characters before but I couldn't get anything I liked but I like what I ended up being able to come out with. I know it makes Chocola look less shorter than the others than she should be but I'm working with limitations. Also new with this style is characters now facing 4 directions instead of the kinda paper mario style I had going last time, I wasnt really feeling that as much as I thought I would

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Posted by ArrowversePreds 5 months ago Report

Ooh, this looks cute. And don’t worry, I think you’ve captured her height well.


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 5 months ago Report

Oh thanks


Posted by JadeThePanda 5 months ago Report

This is really cute! I dig it!!


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 5 months ago Report

Am happy to hear


Posted by GoldenHeart 5 months ago Report

They all look so cute ^^


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 5 months ago Report



Posted by TarenGe 5 months ago Report

They look adorable! It looks like a very fitting art style change that reminds me of the early Final fantasy games. XD


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 5 months ago Report

Hehe thank you


Posted by ToriRune 5 months ago Report



Posted by 676darkness 5 months ago Report

cuteness level error error!!


Posted by HisashiHinata 5 months ago Report

Ooo, they're really cuuuute


Posted by Stelos 5 months ago Report

Ooooh they're so cutesy!!!!


Posted by ScarfBoo 5 months ago Report

A very cute style ^w^


Posted by YouCanFreshMyFresh 5 months ago Report

I honestly think these are some massive improvements, they’re all so well-stylized and expressive! I hope this new style works well for you!


Posted by JuniperBerry 5 months ago Report

Oh my gawd, they look adorable! I love when someone does more cartoony sprites, they must look great animated!


Posted by DirtyMac 5 months ago Report

This is quite a cute sprite style. ^^


Posted by reliuskaiser 5 months ago Report

Seems like a very nice workaround for you. Good job. I like the style.


Posted by Catvs 5 months ago Report

These look cute.
If I could say anything on a third game could you put in a optional "lose" choice?
Through out the first and second game I wanted to test out all the vores including the ones where the player becomes prey but for those I had to simply guard every turn until my 800+ health turned into 0 by like 12 health per hit. :/


Posted by FoxtrotAce 5 months ago Report

Looks really good being smaller! Reminds me a bit like the GameBoy Advance sprites in games


Posted by deman 5 months ago Report

Look at these hecking cuties, just wanna boop all their noses


Posted by AcidicAura 5 months ago Report

Hey I like the direction they all still look great!


Posted by Lucky 5 months ago Report

These sprites are wicked adorable!!
I love this style. <3