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The Crush By SenpaiVore -- Report

High School Reunions are always weird to go to. Never knowing what to say, hoping your classmates don't judge your life choices, Meeting teachers you hated...

But there are perks. Like maybe asking a crush of yours out. Who knows, you could get lucky...or you could just end up fattening her out.


This came from a prompt since I was in a funk and needed to get back into writing.

Also Apologizes for the Formatting. Not sure why it removes all the spacing I did.

"Write about someone asking out an old crush, only to realize their crush doesn’t remember they’ve ever met before."

Expect more stories down the line.

Cheers everyone!

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Posted by doomed 2 years ago Report

lmao i love it . tho kinda twisted the way todd went out, its like using an erection as consent . but hearing how margret ended up as the sgit she is made it perfect lol


Posted by Gorgrath177 2 years ago Report

That ending escalated fast lol


Posted by SenpaiVore 2 years ago Report

Yeah...I regret not putting an Epilogue Title between the obituary and the Reunion going south. Also, just kinda felt right to end out with a bang...or splat in this case.


Posted by Okioki123 2 years ago Report

Where is the thumbnail from?


Posted by SenpaiVore 2 years ago Report

Honestly, just some Hentai I had in my "Work" folder. Shh, Don't Tell anyone. (If I figure out the artist, I'll reply to this comment.)