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Successful Foreign Affairs By thecursedside -- Report

Here's a piece I commissioned from  KVCArts

Prim needed to head over to a neighboring kingdom for some boring, completely non-important regal matters (or so she claims). The problem she had was that she had no one to escort her, because she kept eating her (supposedly incompetent) advisors and retainers. Somehow, she convinced (probably bribed) L.E. and Nalia to tag along as her "retainers", even though they find her annoying.

Everything was going well. Maybe Prim was gorging herself on food a bit. Maybe a bit too much. So much that she ended up swallowing this kingdom's ruler by the steak. In front of everyone.

Naturally, Ellie and Nalia had to clean up her mess. Nalia could tolerate tagging along with Prim this time, because she gets to increase her mass, and therefore her orbit. Ellie's, uh, enjoying her meals a bit too much, while probably craving for more, so let's just say she's probably fine with it too and keep ourselves a safe distance away.

As for the neighboring kingdom, let's just say it was swallowed whole and absorbed by Prim's kingdom soon after, much like the situation between their respective rulers.

(Also isn't Nalia's expression here just the cutest? A happy and satisfied Nalia is the best Nalia, so she gets thumbnail rights.)

As always, these characters were adopted from  BepisBepis

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Posted by doomed 3 months ago Report

tsk tsk , this is why prims kingdom is gonna need help all the time ! stop eating servants and start eating enemies and making their people livestock lmao it saves time


Posted by thecursedside 3 months ago Report

Hmmm, an intriguing suggestion that would be especially beneficial to Prim and her kingdom... too bad she barely listens to any advice. It might cost a few advisors satisfying her gut before she seriously considers that idea, haha.