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Catra's Prison By DrakentheBlack -- Report

"Hey Adora." Catra said with a pleased smile as she saw her prisoner starting to awaken.

She had successfully captured Adora, and the blond looked particularly frustraited about how recent events unfolded. Her expression changed though, when she realized there was very little right about her current predicament. She was completely naked, and stranger than that, was she was small enough to fit in Catra's palm.

Catra teased, "I see you've figured what the new weapon does. Took you a while though; you're such an idiot! *giggle* But at last, I beat you!" She poked the tiny girl with her claws, toying with her playfully quite to Adora's dismay. The cat-girl continued, "Hordak wanted your execution, but luckily for you, I managed to convince him you were more valuable to us alive than dead. I'm sure I can think of ways you can thank me."

Adora didn't say 'thank you' but rather let out a bunch of curses and proclamations which were very squeaky given her diminished size. Catra laughed, "Give it a rest; no one can hear you at this size." That was a lie; Catra's ears were easily able to understand the peeping voice. But finally having Adora in her hands, seeing her like this, she was feeling quite tempted to do bad things to her.

"Oh, Adora, you're like a little mouse!" The Force Commander brought the tiny girl up to her face, and anger suddenly turned to fear in Adora's features. "Maybe a lick and little nibble won't hurt..." Catra opened her mouth, and her tongue connected with a wet splat against Adora's bare chest. She licked the tiny girl over and over again, even as hands struck her lips. The blonde's flavor was simply divine, and Catra had to have more!

She scooped Adora up with her tongue and slurped her into her mouth, leaving only a pair of legs to kick pathetically while the tip of her tongue wiggled between them, tasting a sweet spot that she long desired to taste. The more her tongue explored, the sweeter the flavor of her prisoner got.

Finally, Catra opened her mouth, and let a saliva covered tiny plop back onto her tongue. She purred, "I knew I wouldn't be able to resist you! Lucky you, I already ate some of your friends earlier. A couple of them were harder to keep down than others, but in the end they all settled."

At that statement, Adora expressed despair, and a complete loss of hope marked her features. This only got Catra to smile more, feeling this punishment was long overdue. She then informed, "I think it's time to put you in your cell. I've got a very special place to lock you away."

She pulled off her belts and pulled her pants down to show off her own pussy, and then, with glee, she stuffed the tiny sobbing girl inside.

The feeling of a small human body wiggling within her pussy was unbearably wonderful! She had so much power over Adora now and could do whatever she wanted to her. The power, and the lust, were driving her mad as she thrust her tiny, unwilling partner in and out of her tight pussy, sending her deeper with each thrust.

Finally, Catra let out an inhuman meow as she climaxed, shoving her fingers inside as deep as they would go as her inner passage contracted around them.

In the afterglow, Catra laid back on her bed, purring cutely to herself. She felt odd movement coming from her uterus then, and she knew she had forced Adora into her womb. She watched lumps form on her belly through a half-lidded eye, and she rubbed her tummy as she purred, "Locked away, right where you belong. You'll never leave me again, Adora."

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Posted by Nalzindar 3 months ago Report

Nice and sexy, I am glad Catra decided there were more uses for Catra than simply eating her. Having her as both a delicious treat to savor any time she wants, and as her personal sex-toy, seems to be a win-win situation. At least for Catra ; )