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With friends like these 5 By Strega -- Report

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Kong can only look on with a mixture of horror and astonishment as his rival disappears down the spikey kaiju's throat.

Anguirus knew what he was doing. No match for Godzilla, he waited until the self-styled "King of the monsters" was too weak to fight back and then wore him down even further before swallowing the most dangerous bit of his meal.

You might call him a coward. Cowardly or brave, he's the one with the Godzilla-shaped bulge.

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Posted by JacktheGreen 2 months ago Report

I call it pragmatic


Posted by deathknight 2 months ago Report

Well with that look..godzilla is now deader then a doornail...


Posted by thtiger 2 months ago Report

Considering he came back after the Oxygen destroyer reduced him to a skeleton I wouldn't count him out. He's a child of Gaea, according to some of the lore. She'll just spawn him again. And boy is he going to be pissed.

Side note: Anguirus was the only Kaiju in the recent Godzilla: singularity point who had much of a personality. In my opinion. Most of the others were just stage dressing for the humans to act against.


Posted by Strega 2 months ago Report

The one that came back after the oxygen destroyer was a different Godzilla. I believe they used some of the bones of the first one in one of the Mechagodzillas.


Posted by thtiger 2 months ago Report

I know you're right, but think about this. We have never seen two Godzillas at the same time. There is only ever one. A new one doesn't pop up till the previous one dies.


Posted by Strega 2 months ago Report

Hopefully the new one doesn't remember the previous iteration's trip through Anguirus's digestive tract. 83


Posted by Nibor 2 months ago Report

Run, bro.....


Posted by nc 2 months ago Report

Well... yeah... however now Anguirus is no match for anyone who might want to challenge him... ...looking at you, Kong...


Posted by Strega 2 months ago Report

That is the drawback of being too full to move all right. "Worth it! "