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"You're such a liar!"
 "Why? Why am I- bitch! Look at me. Why am I a liar?" Arianna accusedly chastised her friend Cleo. They were still in the parking lot, sitting in Arianna's Tesla -- her mom had just gotten it for her and she wouldn't shut the fuck up about how great it was the whole drive here -- arguing over going inside. No matter how much Ari claimed that her sister wasn't going to be a problem this time, that she wasn't going to make a scene out of how much she couldn't stand being anywhere near someone as broke as Cleo, Cleo knew it was just her denying the obvious and trying to save the evening.
 "You're a liar because you said she wouldn't be here!" Ari tried to interject for a second with a rebuttal, but Cleo continued: "Zip it! I know she's your sister, but she's a spoiled rich bitch who gets off on degrading me. I don't even wanna be here anymore." Damn... there was a brief silence before Ari opened her mouth to respond, but she decided to just shut up.
 Cleo was nursing on her vape and blowing clouds out of the car window. Ari contemplatively said to her friend, "I mean, I'm not giving you a ride home or anything. If you don't wanna enjoy the trip I planned for you to the bakery then fuck it, don't! Get a ride home." Cleo knew damn well she couldn't afford the forty dollar Uber to get back to her place from here. The cool air inside the Tesla suddenly felt oddly chilly and uncomfortable. Without a word, she opened the door and stepped out into the summer afternoon. "Yay!," she heard her friend celebrate. She was being a cunt, but she was the one paying for them to even have dinner at such an expensive place.
 The rich smell of all sorts of baked goods filled Cleo's nose while they approached the regal entranceway, more than enough to reassure her that this dinner was probably going to be worth it... with or without Ari's sister. Walking through the doors into the sweetly-scented, air-conditioned building dispelled most of her anxiety. Another hit of her vape did the rest.
 In Cleo's defense, Bella was a pretty uniquely repugnant person. The much brattier twenty-one year old younger sister of Ari, she was the one who inherited all of their mother's elitist hysterics. The two cracked jokes about her while the employee up front checked for their reservation, "Last time I saw her she called me a peasant," Cleo regaled Ari, both of them laughing.
 "If she pulls it this time I'll grab her stupid ponytail and slam her head into the table girl," Ari was at least doing a good job to calm her friend down, maybe their chemistry is what brought these two together so consistently in spite of their differences.
 Cleo was constantly distracted by the lavish sights of layered cakes on display. The pies near the entrance were entrancing, beautiful products of actual fucking bakers. It was clear they were way different to whatever mom was making out of boxes from Walmart growing up. "Do you want one?," Ari asked her friend. She didn't, really, but it was nice to think about how she could say yes and, just like that, have whatever she wanted.
 Eventually she was pulled away from drooling over the pies like a dummy. A super smoothly dressed waiter escorted them to their table, chatting with Cleo about trying out their cupcakes. She dumbly nodded along, completely excited to try them. It was enough to make her forget all about the stupid hag they were walking toward, but a shrill voice took her right out of it.
 "Oh my God Arianna," the voice of the stupid hoe rang out loudly enough to attract some looks from the rest of the patrons. She laughed and looked up and down at Cleo, probably judging her for wearing Vans or whatever. "Look what the cat dragged in." Classic Bella, right? Cleo was at least relieved to know there weren't any surprises to deal with. It was just another day of having to tolerate rude comments and insecure, classist rhetoric. Cleo didn't respond so Bella asked, "How are you?" She laughed again; it looked like she was still annoying as ever.
 As Ari and Cleo seated themselves, the waiter broke the tension before Cleo could fire back. "As soon as you all are ready to get anything, you can order at the counter over there," he pointed to the distant corner. It the most beautifully decorated section where a few customers were lined up at an employee swiping their cards on a tablet. They had trays of individually decorated cupcakes on display, each one carefully prepared with such masterful precision! It looked so fricking delicious.
 "Oh those things are okay, I get them a lot actually," Bella said as Cleo rubbernecked toward them. "I like the vanilla or red velvet ones, but you can basically ask them to put anything on it." Cleo didn't really respond, only nodding, so Bella sneered. "You look pretty stupid just staring at them like that. Not used to seeing them outside of a grocery store?"
 Way to take her out of the moment. "Bella!," Ari jeered at her sister, but they both laughed it off. Cleo didn't really hold it against Ari to not condemn her sister, but at the minimum she could lay off manipulating her into spending time with her. Cleo rolled her eyes and slouched in her chair while the two of them started talking. Whatever they were saying sounded like fancy-people jargon to her, and eventually she took out her phone and boredly scrolled through Twitter. There wasn't shit else to do until they actually ate.
 "I heard that Malcolm might have gotten you a very, very nice gift for your birthday," Ari said to her sister, and Bella proudly extended her hand over the table to show off the newest of her rings. "And I was right," Ari continued, smiling while she got Cleo's attention.
 "Oh, wow!" Cleo guffawed at all of the rings she was looking at on a single hand. Apparently only one of them was supposed to be the important one, but the pale hand before her was honestly totally dripped out. "I love them," she said. Even if Bella was a genuine bitch, it's not like she wasn't going to be happy for someone getting an amazing gift from her boyfriend.
 "Um, it's this one," Bella pointed at one on her ring finger, it seemed to have some bigger jewels than any of the rest of the rings. It was glamorous, amazing! "But thanks, they're all pretty expensive to be honest." She smugly added, "What has... what's his name? Kyle gotten for you lately?"
 The answer was nothing, but Bella already knew that. "We split an eight-ball for my birthday," Cleo sarcastically quipped in response.
 Ari leaned back in her seat and laughed out loud, "Oh, Cleo," and Cleo looked back down to her phone, silently, smirking to herself.
 "Ugh, be careful, I was taking you seriously for a second." Bella rolled her eyes and looked down at her own phone. Here and there they continued tensely talking with each other but, honestly, it was about time for them to get food already.
 So that they did. Cleo and Ari excused themselves, getting to the line quickly and hoping they could just have a break from her for at least a second. "I am so sorry, she is so fucking awkward," Ari said to Cleo while waiting in line. "I try to tell her every time before we meet up to relax for at least one day. I don't know what her problem is, I just think she still needs to grow out of it." Ironically, she was lying. Her sister was stupid as fuck but she mostly didn't understand why Cleo tripped out over it every time.
 "It's fine. Excuse me, sir?," Cleo tried to get the employee's attention at the counter. They were finally up front and could take in the truly beautiful sight of the goodies before them. In glass cases there were pastries lined up, each looking mouth watering. Both of them pointed to what they wanted and made their orders, and they were served their pastries after paying. Cleo got the exact cupcake she had been eyeballing earlier: a delicious looking vanilla cupcake with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles.
 When they made it back to the table, Bella was visibly exasperated. "Ordering without me? That's totally cool." Cleo and Ari didn't really care. They took their seats again, still talking to each other and joking around.
 "Thanks so much for taking me out," Cleo said to Ari. No problem Ari said; as she turned to her own dish Cleo quickly pulled out her vape and took a puff before she started eating.
 "What are you doing?" Bella said to Cleo, "Are you smoking in here?" She was, with almost comical levels of self-seriousness, rudely gawking at Cleo like she was an animal!
 "I can't really get an appetite without it, I'm not gonna lie. Chill out," she answered.
 "God, you're fucking disgusting," Bella complained. Cleo clenched her fist, looking to Ari for defense, but Ari was on her own phone and not really paying attention.
 "Leave me the fuck alone," Cleo replied, "I'm trying to enjoy a cupcake, bitch!"
 Bella looked at her plate and said, "Enjoy? Really? What did you even order? It looks like it came out of a nine-year-old's birthday party!"
 Ari laughed. It was pretty funny, to be fair, but Cleo was taken aback. "Fuck you!," she yelled, "Arianna?"
 "If I'm gonna laugh at your jokes then I'm gonna laugh at hers, Chlo!" What a bitch. Cleo stood up and stormed away from the table, making a rebellious scene of not pushing her chair in. The silent, jazz-soundtracked relief of a restroom break was exactly what she needed now.
 So there she was, in the stall, still smoking and trying to calm herself down. But she sobbed into her hands, frustrated at having even ever letting herself get taken on another dinner date to get verbally abused by Bella. Sometimes she wanted to beat her ass so hard she wanted to fucking scream!
 "Do you hear that?," a voice said outside of her stall, "Is someone crying?," the voice of some anonymous rich girl said outside. Cleo held back her crying and sat in silence a bit longer as she got her composure back. Some time passed, but eventually she was able to get herself together to go back out into the bakery. She had a cupcake waiting for her.
 Pushing the door open and walking out, she immediately bumped into an older woman who was making her way into the restroom. "Excuse me, oh shoot, I'm sorry," she said to her. She hadn't even seen her coming.
 The woman, clearly another bougie customer of the store, clutched at a broach she had pinned to herself as she recollected herself. "It's okay, I wasn't paying much attention anyway!," she exclaimed to Cleo, but she kept rubbing and looking closely at the broach.
 Grimacing, Cleo asked, "Did I break it?," her mind immediately shooting to how fucked she would be if that were the case. She would never, ever have money again... or she would have to kill herself. The old woman shook her head.
 "No, no, you didn't," she responded. More quietly she continued, "I think you touched it," with a worried tone.
 "My bad, I'm glad it's okay though," she said. The old woman nodded, but she only stared at Cleo without really saying anything else. Was she expecting something... another apology? "I'm sorry, ma'am. Anyway..."
 As she moved past the woman, she felt herself still being stared at. The woman said, "I'm sorry," back as Cleo just got out of earshot and made her way back to her table.
 But she didn't make it. No, instead, on her way toward the table she was struck by an overwhelming sense of... pain? First she felt pain, then it turned into nausea. She almost puked as she felt her head become cloudy and hazy, and then nothing made sense anymore. Before she exited the hallway out of the restrooms, Cleo was zapped down in size, until she was nearly nothing at all. And the old woman, strangely unperturbed, grimaced and walked into the restroom as soon as she looked to be gone.
 What a disaster. Although it looked like she popped out of existence, Cleo was now the size of a teeny little particle, still airborne and drifting around too quickly for her to perceive where she was even going. Reasonably enough she started shrieking in fear and appropriately flipping her shit.
 Since she clearly wasn't going to start flapping her tiny arms and fly herself to some help, she was at the whim of the breezes coming in and out of the ventilation nearby. It had been cooling her earlier, now it was just an unknowable force of nature: she was suddenly taken by a gust of frigid air that blew her into the bright and open world of the bakery. It was a blindingly vivid, beautiful and truly indescribable sight that only brought her the feeling of complete terror.
 Soaring through the air at an incredible speed, the motion of the world around her turned her vision into a blur of glowing color and fluorescent lights. The movements of the objects around her and the cool cycle of air through the building kept her in the air, floating around like a speck of dust. Without most of her senses to guide her, she cried out for help, listening to the voices around her hoping somehow Ari was somewhere nearby. What a stupid girl, she didn't even know she was no bigger than a mosquito at the moment.
 But her good ears heard voices nearby. They were drowned out and indistinguishable under the gale of air conditioning, but she at least recognized the high frequency pitchiness of a specific thot's voice. Safety seemed a bit closer, like fate was guiding her toward her savior and out of this... nightmare. With the frigid air howling around her, Cleo told herself she must be having a nightmare.
 As she reached the far corner that her friend was seated at, the breeze of AC disappeared around her; there were no vents installed around here. And although she expected as much to happen, at no point was Cleo bright enough to consider what she would do when she finally...
 Plummeted! Suddenly she was falling faster than ever, the surface of the table below expanding, ready for her to splatter against it. "HELP! HELP!," she screamed and yelped with fear, until her lurching stomach replaced her shrieks with heaving.
 Bella and Ari had no idea what was even going on. Mostly they were just enjoying their time away from Cleo and her, uh, trashy antics. "There's no way she's even coming back," Ari groaned to her sister. "You bitch, you didn't have to scare her off like that!," then she laughed.
 "I don't even know her problem with me!," Bella retorted.
 "She's tripping." Cleo really didn't get the fact that they were sisters, did she? "Can you at least eat the cupcake that I bought for her?"
 "Oh, right, the one for nine-year-olds. I think I can scarf it down." Bella was at least a little ashamed to admit she would eat a cupcake no matter how stupid it looked. Double checking for if Cleo was, like, creepily watching them from a distance (or just on her way back),s she snatched the plate away, dragging it toward herself. What a thief!
 At least Cleo was way too disoriented to even know what was happening right in front of her. The fear of death and heights was probably overwhelming to be fair, but fate save her. Just as she was approaching the table, the surface went from brown to a white, fluffy blur of icing. Her plate quickly slid over what she was falling toward, just in time for her to impact the whipped surface of her own cupcake.
 Talk about a pie in your face, it felt like a million were thrown directly in hers. Her fall was broken, but now Cleo's world was replaced with a sticky plain of endless white frosting that entrapped her like a rat in glue. Tugging and thrashing her limbs didn't help. Sweet scents again wafted about the air, something she has just been enjoying... now it was sickly and overbearing.
 Trying to squirm her way out of the frosting sunk her deeper into the quicksand-like substance. The sticky cream had her firmly plastered onto its surface like a speck on a mountainous surface of vast whiteness. And around her she could see the miniature rainbow sprinkles that she was now almost the same exact size as.
 There was a roar above her. Ari and Bella resumed talking, but none of it made sense to her. She lay on her back, trying to stay afloat on an ocean of frosting, too trapped in her anxious brain to listen anyway. "This looks so... kiddy," Bella said, "Why do you like Cleo again?"
 "I don't know! Her weed is a lot better than Fiona's."
 "Oh don't remind me!," Bella exclaimed, "We're gonna have to do Cleo like we did her."
 Ari looked up from her phone and at the cupcake Bella had yoinked for herself. "Oh my Lord, shut up and eat your cupcake. I actually like Cleo." Bella wasn't going to stop herself; rainbow sprinkles were a guilty pleasure for her.
 Cleo's heart thudded unevenly, like a drum pounding in her ears. She had been still long enough to understand what was happening and where she was headed if she didn't move. Moaning, she wanted to reach into her pocket to grab her vape, but she was scared to stop treading for even a second and end up drowning in the sweetness around her. At least it was a tasty substance to be trapped within. Cleo's eyes glazed over as she felt herself retreating into her head again. All she could assume was that, maybe because of some old-ass Illuminati member, she had been shrunken. And now, even more improbably, she was being treated to the perspective of a miniature sprinkle. The world was beginning to feel surreal.
 Dissociating, she barely reacted to the split-second it took Bella to finally pick up her cupcake to chomp into it. But Cleo was exactly on the opposite side and instead left to look at the face of Ari as the world rocketed into motion again. "Arianna! Arianna!," she screamed out, hopelessly begging for the attention of a girl she didn't even realize was using her for weed (some friend). Ari's eyes shot up from her phone to watch her sister savor the first bite, providing Cleo with the false hope that she had been noticed.
 "You look like you just came," Ari snarked to her sister. Bella's hand shot over her mouth, her giggling while trying to choke down the bite she just took.
 "Yeah, it's delicious, okay?"
 Obviously. "Alright, let me get a bite," Ari told her little sister. Just a typical case of the big sister tax.
 Cleo heard that clear as day; the words hit her like a truck that sapped her optimism from her. Was she going to get eaten by her own friend? Ari took the cupcake from her sister and Cleo now saw the hungry face of Ari (in her mind still undisgraced) eyeing her no differently than any of the other sprinkles around her. Unnoticed by Ari's unconcerned gaze, Cleo fearfully shrieked out, begging for help, but she remained unheard. Rocketing forward again, the visage of Ari's face became all that Cleo could see. Her lips parted to reveal the horrifying void behind them; strands of saliva stretched, split and cast spittle onto Cleo's body. A humid fog of stale, slightly minty breath washed over her as she closed her eyes, praying for mercy. Ari's flawless, pearly-white teeth clamped down onto the pastry.
 A wall of flesh bitch-slapped Cleo's crying ass! The delicious cupcake elicited a light moan from Ari while she still held Cleo to her face. It felt like getting blasted by a weaponized subwoofer. Turns out the bite had narrowly missed her, so closely that Ari's lips had grazed her! Ultimately, she was spared from being consumed by her friend. "God, this place is so good," Ari commented, and then back to her cunt of a sister's plate Cleo would go.
 "I know. I hope you enjoyed that, but the rest is for me," Bella said. She gave another matter-of-fact chomp into the cupcake on her side, big enough that it left only the final bite that Cleo was still plastered on. "You know, you could have used a fork, honestly," she told Ari, now unsure whether she would actually finish it.
 "Shit, I'll take it," Ari said excitedly, which didn't go over with Bella at all, as she animatedly snatched it off the plate. Already confused and terrified enough, Cleo was terrified at the two sisters fighting over who would get to eat her. Cleo, quaking in fear under the gaze of the two spoiled women, barely had time to react as the final piece of the cupcake was tossed between Bella's pink, glossy lips. It was all hers now.
 "Fuck!," Cleo screamed. The last bit of cake splattered onto the wet tongue and began to crumble, icing melting from moisture and releasing Cleo onto the pink surface. Saliva and cream mixed together into whorls of sweet spit that ran into her mouth and nose, drowning her in deliciousness. "Ari please!," she called out again to her traitorous friend. She still didn't even know it was Arianna who had unknowingly sentenced her to the gut of her little sister.
 Bella's tongue deposited the sludge of vanilla cake onto her teeth, groaning with satisfaction as she chewed it. "I'm sorry I couldn't share more. It's just sooo freaking good," she quipped, smacking her lips.
 While licking bits of cream off it, a stream of spit carried Cleo off of the tongue and back onto the doughy expanse of Bella's plump bottom lip. Returning into the brightness of the outside world, Cleo's heart shot up with hope for a moment as she clutched around her to crawl away. Again her friend, her final hope, was in front of her.
 Engrossed with the exaggerated site of Bella enjoying the cupcake she had stolen, Ari looked down to Bella's lips and saw something. "Oh, sis, I think you have a sprinkle stuck to your lip," Ari had noticed the eensie little pink human stuck to Bella's lip. Cleo's stomach dropped as she realized she had only been recognized as a sprinkle.
 "Thanks," Bella replied as she cleanly ran her tongue over her lips one more time, collecting the girl and pulling her back into her sweet mouth. Thick saliva flooded around her and Bella sharply swallowed, *gluck*, the final sprinkle down toward her belly.
 Wetly slapping against the slick walls of Bella's throat, past the gasping flap of her epiglottis and through the tube of pulsing muscle, Cleo was hungrily pulled down into the spoiled bitch's boiling gut in mere moments. The garish lighting of the world before was gone to her forever and replaced with a miasmatic bog of churning vomit and sweet drifting chunks of crumbling cake-sludge. Treating herself, Bella hadn't eaten a bite all day in preparation for pigging out on at least one pastry today. Her body was all too ready to get work done.
 Acrid streams of rancidity lapped away layers of flesh from Cleo's body as she clutched around at semi-solid digestive masses that floated around and collided into her burning body. The lumps of gooey chyme that clung to her skin was magma that pulled off layers of her own skin as she scraped them off. Each bit that stuck to her threatened to make her sink into the puke.
 Cleo sputtered out acid, the sensitive skin of her mouth now peeling and running down her throat. Existential horror overwhelmed her sensible thoughts: how often do you hear about food magically escaping out of a stomach? Unless Bella got very sick from this cupcake, Cleo was aware she was going to get unknowingly digested by the woman she hated the most, abandoning everyone she loved for the sake of a brat's gluttony.
 Squelching plops echoed around her for a moment before the more globs of sweetness rained in the dark sac onto her. Was Bella still eating? She thought the cupcake was finished! But chewed lumps still dropped onto her floating body, pushing her deep under the surface of the acidic concoction she was stuck in.
 Bella finished the last bites of the slice of cake that Ari had just bought for her. "I can't believe your, uh, friend just disappeared on us over a joke."
 Ari shrugged, "Right? I bet she's running back to her trailer trash boyfriend," Bella started laughing at the expense of the woman breaking down in her stomach, her laughs reverberating in the echoing chamber of her stomach like a twisted soundtrack to Cleo's death. "We can make this your day instead," Ari told her sister, "Anything else you want?"
 Bella had been eyeing some of the pies earlier too, to be honest.
 Shit! What had she done to deserve this? Cleo thought to herself, at least if I hadn't caught the wrong breeze I could have been blown to safety! She gasped and sobbed into the slurry that she was soon to be a part of. Drifting strands of the stomach's mucosal lining thrashed about in the gurgling tummy, wrapping onto the dying girl's body like burning tentacles. As she yanked away from them there was a searing and unrelenting pain, before she felt the flesh and muscles of her legs slough off and her bottom half become a void. Panic overtook Cleo's dying mind. Losing control of herself, she thrashed more violently as bits of her own body broke apart in front of her. Although she was a bit more substantial than the other sprinkles, Bella's all-powerful digestive system would be break her down into simple sugars and proteins all the same.
 Slipping out of consciousness, intense feelings of anxiety and panic overtook Cleo. She sunk down toward the thrashing bottom of the stomach, settling onto a pounding surface of powerful muscle. She was almost asleep when the deep, bassy rumbles of pie being deposited into the stomach grabbed her attention. Solid chunks of crust and jam immediately sunk down and buried Cleo within a crumbling bolus.
 Cleo's final thoughts vividly came together, as her life flashed before her eyes, and she delusionally clung onto the last image she had seen of her friend Ari, and how she would never know that her terrible sister had eaten her alive. Had she really just become a sprinkle in her last moments? She sure was being digested like one! Would Ari be mad at her for having walked out like that? Cleo's last sensations were ones of regret, and hearing the murmurs of a pitchy-voiced bitch laughing in the outside world.
 Bella brought the final bite of pie to her mouth, still moaning and groaning all the same like the obnoxious pep she was. "Mmmmph," her mouth was still full... she had scarfed the slice down like nothing. "I hope to God I can burn all this off later today."
 "Maybe give cardio a break, you could use some more fat on your ass anyway," Ari said to her sister as she grabbed her purse to show she was ready to leave. "I'm sorry that I'm getting kinda pissed, I just can't believe Cleo walked out on us like that. We aren't talking to her again."
 "No shit, fuck her! I should beat..." Bella's tummy loudly groaned and cut her off. Arianna laughed at her as Bella rubbed her bloated stomach, unaware that she was hearing the death quell of the broke loser her stomach effortlessly defeated. Cleo's body fully broke down into energy inside her. Her dying screams had failed to even break the foaming surface of the stuffed, overactive belly.
 Whatever her and all of the pastries had become was drained into the stretch of Bella's intestines. While she drove back home in her cute fancy car, it would squelch and slither further into her guts to be drained of energy, efficiently breaking down and absorbing every last bit of Cleo, to fuel Bella just an infinitesimally small bit longer. Her nutrition, apparently undeserving to get stored on the rich girl's tight ass after all, was burnt up and expended as calories as soon as she began producing sweat in the humid air of the evening as she stepped out of her car.
 Cleo's life and accomplishments (or lack thereof) were sacrificed to fuel the production of a single bead of sweat that slid down from her lower back and into her ass, though. Keeping Bella cool was a better use of her life anyway, one that fate had decided she had earned a little part in. Before Bella walked into the door of her place, she rudely burped, tasting the lingering sweetness of the feast you had unfairly become a part of, everything now properly melted down by the natural processes of her body. Whew!
 All that eating had made Bella queasy... she probably wasn't going to exercise, not now at least. She was so exhausted she had already forgotten the bitch had even bothered her today. Thankfully, her bowels were now doing all the work to expel Cleo out of her life once and for all. What a relief. Anyway, it was time for beauty sleep.
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Cleo and Ari want to enjoy their day at a bakery, too bad Ari's rich sister is such a huge bitch.

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