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School Lessons 2 - Kizzy on the Rotisserie By Cruich -- Report

A cooking class of mostly female students finds their revised curriculum includes themselves as main ingredients in the assignments! Some of them are more upset about this than others. This guest chapter tales place concurrently with Mandy's preparation and spitting in Part 1, and focuses on two other groups that spit their girls in different ways, and with different standards of care, and then put them into the ovens to rotisserie-roast.

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10.

This chapter is primarily by  MagicianXV. Our goal in this collaboration was to complement each other's strengths and compensate for each other's weaknesses. My contribution here was mainly editorial, making sure it fit into the existing storyline and future plans, strengthening a theme here or there, adjusting some wording to increase the sexiness or make it more explicit, and writing some additional sexual content.

Part 3, to come next week, will finish up Mandy's oven experience and set up the next lesson.

8180 words.

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Posted by readytoroast 3 months ago Report

This is incredibly well written. The world building is deep and believable, and the characters are thoughtful and fleshed-out (excuse the pun). The preparation and processing is so erotic, particularly as we get to hear and understand what Kizzy and Bailey are feeling as they are prepared for the ovens, and as they navigate their desire to live alongside their duty to roast, which is sexually arousing despite also being scary. I'm particularly glad you focus on the sensual aspects such as the warmth of touch, and the heat of the oven, which I think are central to the experience. Please keep writing!


Posted by Cruich 3 months ago Report

I will keep writing as long as I keep getting helpful comments like this!


Posted by MagicianXV 3 months ago Report

Thank you for this splendid comment! I'm only here because Cromm Cruich has been kind enough to let me play in this world, but it's been a pleasure to do so. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the chapter, and hope the upcoming installments are equally entertaining!


Posted by kitzlig 3 months ago Report

Wow, this is one of my favorite stories now. I hope it has lots and lots of chapters. I love the casualness of it. Kizzy doesn't want to die, but she accepts and even helps with her cooking. That is what turns me on.


Posted by Cruich 3 months ago Report

It helps greatly to know what elements readers like the best, so I always appreciate comments like this.

While there will be a finite number of chapters for this story, I do have plans to write additional stories involving this school (outside of this class), and maybe a few outside the school but in the same world!


Posted by tonyh1212 3 months ago Report

i love the way you cook her


Posted by KaiserDunk 3 months ago Report

I like your writing style, though I still wonder why all the roasters so far have been girls. When do the boys get a turn on the menu, even if as a background activity?


Posted by Cruich 3 months ago Report

Well, there are only 3 boys in the class of 30 students, and we're still in the first lesson, so there's still plenty of time!


Posted by hawkeye7513 3 months ago Report

Glad to see Magician is still active


Posted by MagicianXV 3 months ago Report

Indeed I am! Thank you very much for reading and commenting!


Posted by BardicLasher 3 months ago Report

Glad to see your work!


Posted by Uri 3 months ago Report

I love the extreme casual nature, the way they're just eager to push their classmates into an oven; as if it's just the natural order.

The contrast with some students already having their girl's spitted and cooking while others are taking their time to send them off was a nice touch.

I hadn't relized Magician was doing more then proof reading so this is a good day!


Posted by Athilmar 3 months ago Report

The way you capture the nervous excitement and pleasure of being skewered and reduced to meat in such an intimate, kinky way is just beyond delicious. It would make anyone wish they were next!


Posted by Cruich 3 months ago Report

Thanks very much for this!


Posted by BardicLasher 3 months ago Report

GREAT piece! I love both of you!


Posted by MagicianXV 3 months ago Report

Wonderful to see you again! Thanks for your continual readership and support!


Posted by AK185 3 months ago Report

I really, really love your work. So much so that I have to commend you on it. The fact that you got the legendary (in my mind at least) MagicianX to collaborate is a testament to your skills. So, yeah, thanks for sharing these with us.

As far as feedback goes, the only thing I have is that I wish you'd add more of the actual eating scenes. It does feel like a bit of a let up to have all of that beautiful buildup and then abruptly end it without the finale. Thank you again, though, for posting these, and I look forward to seeing more of this series!


Posted by Cruich 3 months ago Report

Your wish will come true in Part 3, which is the conclusion of the spit-roasting lesson, when the eating takes place, among other things!


Posted by MagicianXV 3 months ago Report

Ah, how splendid to meet a reader who recognizes my legendary status! Most commoners are sadly unaware of this, to their great personal loss.

(Disclaimer: The previous two sentences were utter nonsense. I do not consider myself legendary, and am entirely flattered by every tiny shred of attention bestowed upon me.)

Thank you for reading and commenting! We've been having an excellent time writing this story together, and hope you continue to enjoy it. Also, full disclosure, Cromm Cruich didn't have to work very hard to secure my involvement. (I think I was the one who suggested it.) While the quality of the story is a testament to Cromm's ability, my presence is most assuredly not.


Posted by SnackPup 3 months ago Report

I wanna join this class so bad


Posted by Itisntmeiswear 2 months ago Report

This is absokutdly my fsvorite and kizzy is just like me! ^-^