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Releasing Rarity By doomfister -- Report

Rarity had been as sweet as he had imagined all those years ago, when he had first laid eyes upon her beauty with smitten stares. He had been young, unable to react with much more than slurred speech and a few boyish blushes, as the lovely lady became the obsessed object of an adolescent crush. Such sentiments understandable, as the picturesque pony gleamed like a goddess regardless of what angle the light fell upon her, and he had not been surprised that she proved to be a truly divine dish. The tasty tart tenderly trickling down his throat in an opulent ooze, allowing him to feel every eye-pleasing curve of Rarity’s flawless frame as she gently glided down his gullet as a buxom bulge.

The mare’s meats marbling magnificently as she had matured, not like Spike expected anything less from the equine he was eating. Rarity never leaving him disappointed as she had been sure to spice every slither of her sensual shape with jewels and precious metals in an attempt to improve her already faultless flavour. In Spike’s mind though it wasn’t necessary, as in his opinion the sexy seamstress was already honed to perfection, like the veritable Venus, he had known her to be since he had first met her. Even so, the pony had made plans to make herself properly presentable to his palate, as her critical eye could not allow even a micron of mediocrity in the consumptive consummation of their relationship.

Rarity setting out to make this definitive dinner date her magnum opus, and as such everything from the mare’s meticulously maintained mane to her freshly filed hooves had been styled to a sheen. This extending to her wardrobe, as every matching accessory was painstakingly picked to ensure that the equine looked simply exquisite for her digestive departure.
The unicorn going as far as to starch her spotless snow-white coat with sugar to ensure her taste tickled Spike’s tongue just right as she indulged the dragon’s well known sweet tooth. So much work going into one woman’s lavish looks, as Rarity endeavoured to take the peristaltic plunge with the dignity of a dreamy death mask.

She had not been wrong, and a single lavish lick left Spike’s mouth-watering uncontrollably when the time came for her terminal transition down his throat. Spike’s only regret was that he was too large to mount her in a lover’s lock, as unfortunately, his stern shaft would have surely speared her heart if he had even attempted to rut her silky sheath. The unicorn’s demure proportions leaving her unable to accept his monstrous manhood, as the petite pony was simply incompatible with his club-like cock when it came to intimate insertion. Instead, Spike handled her with hesitation, as though she were fresh fruit he could not dare to bruise, every motion calculated as though he was dreading tarnishing his tasty treat. Rarity just giving an understanding smile at the delicate treatment, she understood, a lady deserved that much.

He could have been rough, taken the needs of the flesh, but he could not stand such a scandalous scene, that would have been Rarity’s belly popping like pulverized produce. Spike instead giving a few soft swallows, allowing him to reassuringly thread the subject of his infatuation into his throbbing throat with all the elegance of a koi's kiss. Rarity tensing up a little when the first strong slurp surged over her, but a calm caress on her waist assured her everything was okay, and the mare relaxed under the humid hug oscillating over her. The dragon doing his best to repress any rough motions, as he just leaned forward and tenderly pushed the pony into him. His hands stroking Rarity as he took her, as he made sure that his sharp teeth never even nicked her fur, until the last of her tumbled over his lapping tongue and was lost over the back of his throat with a final gulp. It had felt like an eternity as he ingested her, but in truth, it only took a couple of minutes to relegate the stylist to a barely discernible swelling in his stomach. The dragon basking in the moment as he felt his belly bulge to accommodate his pony prey, leaving him smiling in the sated sensation of his snack settling.

Rarity going down smooth, she didn’t struggle, didn’t fight, she just got comfortable as she neatly curled up in the belly of her beloved. The socialite slipping into the sauna-like space with a moan, as in truth she had waited too long for this tempting taboo that her career had long since denied her. The goal-orientated pony relishing the peril of predation, as she willingly gave herself to a more powerful being. The stifled stimuli crackling through her like lustful lightning, as Rarity embraced the encasing embrace of the dragon as she committed to this passionate pursuit. The unicorn rejecting her couture calling, as she rejected her passionate pursuits in favour of something more adventurous.

Spike just cradling her as she folded into a fetal position within him, ready to regurgitate her if she suddenly had a change of heart regarding her fate as food. Rarity’s hand casually crawling between her legs, and after a few moments, the familiar flurries of a mare masturbating began to jostle through Spike’s midsection. He had expected it, but he would never mention it, as it was simply uncouth to talk of a lady’s bedroom habits. The dragon letting the unicorn have her fun as the animated lump Rarity had been reduced to presently bumped against his tip causing the erogenous sausage to yearnfully tremble. Rarity polishing her private parts with practised precision, as the mare found herself uncontrollably moist well wallowing in the feeling of all her hard work being undone with a slathering of saliva and stomach secretions. The dragon not having to wait long to feel his tucked away treat lock up, before renewing her self-stimulation with a seemingly endless second wind.

Spike just listening as she indulged herself, his hand rubbed her reassuringly as he waited for nature to take its course on his mare meal. He had expected her to have regrets once the acid began to burn her supple skin, but it never came, as Rarity continued to coo up until a stray crunch snuffed her out with a spasm. The belch that followed giving a nostalgic glimmer of her perfume upon his tastebuds, as Spike was reminded of the luxurious lump of pony protein, he had partaken in. The mare willingly giving herself to him, as in some perverse way they would always be together now.

Spike holding his lover turned lunch as she died, the dance drunken, clumsy, an epitome of everything the equine wasn’t, as her existence was extinguished with a raunchy rattle.
Spike holding on to her dead weight for a few more seconds to contain any convulsions before he gave a powerful press and mulched the mare within him. The dragon no surprised, he had felt her soften, and with a few more squashes caused any lingering semblance of form to fade. The brutal action speedily shattering Rarity’s more stubborn skeleton, and though it caused him to cringe the visceral action was necessary as his body was not built to digest mare meat and this was the only way she would properly pass through his plumbing. Oddly though he could easily digest bones, as he readily metabolized the plentiful calcium deposits, but to his knowledge, the rest of Rarity’s biomass would go straight through him, as his sloshing stomach was incapable of handling such a premium haul of horse meat. This assumption proving correct as the majority of the mare rapidly reconstituting in his rectum rudely waiting for release, as no sooner did the melted mare drain from his stomach did it feel like she was assertively knocking on his back door.

A grunt all it took to start the shit shifting, as with a shunt he felt her crown and just like any other brown bowel movement she slithered out of his scat sphincter in an orderly manner. Rarity never one to make a scene, though her new fetid fragrance would be sure to turn a few heads, as the crackling crap curled out of Spike in a heavenly hazel hue. Glistening gems and gold peppering the steaming logs as the plentiful poop passed pleasantly over his prostate as Spike pushed out a heavy haul of anal aggregate.

The processed pony piling out of his dilated log cutter in a messy mudslide, stirring flustered feelings in Spike’s shlong as it pounded against his prostate. The feeling causing his phallic python to twitch and unfurl as though he was experiencing a reverse pegging as bit by bit, he relieved himself of Rarity’s rectal residue. The manure forming a mound full of twinkling treasure as in his pent-up state Spike swiftly spilt his man mustard in an emotional eruption of biological imperative. The spurt of seed mirroring Rarity’s one last thrill, as Spike marinated in the feeling of dumping his dominated dinner date. He was not sure how many times Rarity had cum but had felt the unicorn find release at least twice before she faded into the faecal fondue that was thumping out of his gaping arsehole. His orgasm more apparent though as he glazed the floor with a musky white spray of sexual secretions, as his body let out years of blue balling in a gamete geyser.

He could feel his heart pounding as though he had achieved some form of closure in claiming his long-time friend as food. The mare nothing but a deluge of dung as he had completed devastated the pretty pony into a uniform paste that he was in the process of unpacking like a foul fudge. It was too much for the reptile, his heaving lungs panting in pleasure as he was rewarded for enabling the equine with a satisfying shit. His body releasing the diamond-encrusted dung like smooth serve ice cream in an oily coil of creamy crap, as Spike just rode out the release in engrossed euphoria. The dragon startled by the jewels prickling his pucker as because he had neglected to chew Rarity, the precious stones had not been masticated sufficiently for his body to absorb them during their short stay in his stomach. Instead, they were like a final note of Rarity’s affection for him, as he had noticed that she had picked all his old favourites that he used to pilfer from her workstation when he felt like a snack when assisting her at the boutique.

It was a quaint feeling, that gelled oddly to the nirvana of draining his balls, as it reminded him that the now uniform unicorn had remembered a few things that even the dragon himself had forgotten. Of course, all good things must come to an end and with a final pinch and a gush from his gonads his aching anus eased closed with a few winking wobbles. Spike standing there for a moment, light in the legs as he could not control his shaking system, as he stood in the wake of converting an entire person into their base components. Rarity’s remains cooling on the floor, though he already had an ivory urn picked out for her final resting. The fact this had just happened sinking in, as Spike pondered the insidious ideas already sloshing in his skull. The dragon wondering if his surrogate mother Twilight might want to spelunk his stomach next, for science of course, not like he would deny her as he now had a taste for pony-sized portions….


A damsel and a dragon was always a bad combination, and after years of waiting Spike decided to give into inevitability and consume his crush. To his surprise he found Rarity rather willing to the situation, though in the aftermath he was sure she wouldn't approve of the mess she made. On the plus side at least now she doesn't have to worry about her mane...

An image that  sevensix requested to have coloured and lemoned on my Patreon over the last two months. The artist who coloured this piece wishes to remain anonymous, but the other details from its inception can be found below.

The image in question was originally commissioned by Whitekitten: . Who commissioned the art as a sketch from Sukebepanda: .

For those curious, the original sketch can be found here: .

Hopefully, you guys enjoy this old piece now it has a flourish of colour and a lewd lemon. If you would like to support me I have a patreon which can be found here:

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Posted by sevensix 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks again for delivering.


Posted by doomfister 2 weeks ago Report

NP I hope you liked it bud :)


Posted by sevensix 2 weeks ago Report

doomfister wrote:
On the plus side at least now she doesn't have to worry about her mane...

Subtle. (And that comment was presumably referencing something even older.)


Posted by doomfister 2 weeks ago Report

Indeed, got to reference the old memes and what not, this piece is a classic after all, and without it i don't feel like i am giving it the service it requires XD


Posted by Rothar 2 weeks ago Report

Oh wow, amazing to see this old goldie colored. Lovely colorization and accompanying story!


Posted by doomfister 2 weeks ago Report

Aye, I was pleased when Sevensix suggested I complete and lemon this piece, as it has been an old favorite of mine for years. I must say the colours make it pop and bring a whole new life to this stellar piece.


Posted by sevensix 13 days ago Report

doomfister wrote:
I complete

You mean your anonymous colorist, right?


Posted by doomfister 13 days ago Report

Yes, But you wanted me to get it completed and to lemon it. :)


Posted by Dragon808tr 2 weeks ago Report

A lovely bittersweet story all the way through with fantastic art!


Posted by doomfister 2 weeks ago Report

Glad you enjoyed it bud, I am still feeling out willing fatal prey, so I am just happy it seems to have been well received as scat can be rather off-putting for a lot of people. :)


Posted by HDplayer 2 weeks ago Report

kinda sad only that one image was colored and not the other 3 parts that come before it


Posted by doomfister 2 weeks ago Report

Perhaps another time if my patreon's request it done, as until now this will likely remain a one-off unfortunately 0-0