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Pull Me Out By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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The party of five female adventurers was on a quest given to them by the king. Apparently, a dragon had swooped into the castle while no-one was looking, and kidnapped one of his many daughters. Now it was their job to slay the beast and rescue the princess. It took days for the group of five to reach the mountain. On their journey they entered a ruin overrun by goblins. The little green men were easy enough to dispatch, but unfortunately they had an ogre backing them up. Their bard thought it was a good idea to seduce the beast, but clearly hadn’t considered the consequences of being literally impaled by a cock bigger than her own body. During the chaos, the thief snuck off to look for treasure within the ruin. She found a room full of treasure chests, but as she looted them, one of them turned out to be a mimic. This enemy would have been formidable if the entire party had been present; on her own though, the thief did not survive the encounter.

By the time they reached the mountain, the only survivors were a knight, a white mage, and a ranger. The trio were not good for much outside of a violent clash, but that was exactly how they intended to deal with the dragon.

The party entered the dragon’s cave, and there they found the large, teal-scaled beast lounging on a mound of treasure, with a dragon sized book in his paws, a quill in one hand, and glasses on the bridge of his nose. Hearing the trio approach, the dragon stopped writing in the book to turn his head to them, where he spoke in a rather noble tone “Oh my, uninvited guests. What brings you here?”

The knight answered, “We are here for princess Cassandra! Give her freely and we’ll make your death quick.”

“Cassandra? Was that the name of that rather unpleasant girl? I’m afraid you’re too late; I ate her days ago.”

“You ate her!?” The elf mage said with shock and sadness in her voice.

“Of course. She wasn’t filling, but she was satisfying, and quite delicious!”

“You monster!” The knight shouted, and the dragon rolled his eyes, “Honestly, what a judgmental species. I’ve never seen the cows, nor the chickens take offense to you lot having some of their flock for dinner, but you can’t share their courtesy to a dragon?”

“If we cannot save the princess, at least we can avenge her murder.” The ranger stated, and readied her bow for battle.

The dragon sighed as if inconvenienced, and shut his book while saying, “Very well, give me a moment and we may conduct with the foolishness…” He was cut off as an arrow shot the glasses off his nose, stunning him into silence briefly before he said, “Excuse me!? That was very rude! A pair of prescription spectacles is rather hard for a dragon to come by as you might imagine!”

The party was in no mood to exchange more words with their target. The knight ran forward with her greatsword drawn, while the ranger stayed back and fired arrow after arrow, and the mage enchanted their weapons and armor to the best of her abilities. Even with all of their skill however, the dragon was holding his own very well. They humanoids were tiring quickly, while the dragon barely looked winded.

Fortunately, the ranger spotted a small gap in a nearby cave wall, and the party managed to get inside so the mage could tend to their wounds. They did not get to rest for long before the dragon pressed his head through the gap and snapped at them. The women were out of reach, and thinking quickly, their mage cast a protective barrier just before the dragon spat fire at them. Unfortunately, they were trapped with the dragon having them right were he wanted them. Or did he?

The dragon attempted to withdraw his head, only for his scales to catch on the rocks. He struggled for a bit, but was unable to free himself, so he exclaimed, “Dear me! What a terribly awkward situation! I don’t suppose you’d be willing to offer some assistance?”

The knight rose with her sword ready as she chimed, “The beast is stuck; now’s our chance!”

“I didn’t think so…”

The knight quickly got next to the dragon’s head, and raised her sword over her head as she said, “In the name of the king, I vanquish this foul monster!” Before she could swing, the dragon’s tongue wrapped around her ankle, pulling her off of her feet and directly into his mouth. Her companions watched in shock as the knight was gobbled up before their eyes, and with a loud swallow, she was gone. The dragon sighed with satisfaction, then informed, “If I may offer advice to some clearly inexperienced adventurers, you should avoid the mouths of dragons. Perhaps you may get use out of this newly acquired knowledge and…” Again the dragon was interrupted, as he began to cough and hack, until the knight appeared in his mouth trying desperately to crawl out of his throat. Unable to get free with her own strength though, she instead screamed to her companions, “Get me out of here!”

The mage struggled to think of a spell that would be useful here, so the ranger thought of one for her by swiping her staff and sticking the hard wood into the dragon’s mouth to keep it open. She then reached inside to try to help the knight, but the dragon swallowed her back down before the ranger could reach her. “Damn!” The ranger exclaimed. Thinking of an alternative, she took off her armor, and wrapped a rope around her waist before handing the end to the mage and ordering, “Hold this. Pull me out when I give the signal.” With that said, she dove into the dragon’s mouth, and wiggled her way into his tight, slimy throat to reach the knight.

The mage timidly watched as the two bulges in the dragon’s neck neared each other, but she was unsure if she would have the strength to pull both of her companions to safety. Just to be sure, she cast sure grip on herself so that she couldn’t let go of the rope. Beneath the scales, she heard the ranger’s muffled voice call, “Pull me out!” She did the best she could, but struggled to make any progress. There was a sudden brief yank where she thought she was successful, but the rope had only slid over the ranger’s slimy rear and wound up tight around her ankles. The mage knew she’d have to be more careful with her pulling.

Unfortunately, she saw that her staff was breaking, meaning she’d have to act quickly to save the ranger and knight. She pulled with all her might, but couldn’t pull them free before her staff finally snapped and the dragon’s jaws closed. The rope was not cut on sharp teeth, but instead held by scaly lips. The dragon looked at her with rather judging eyes, then began to slurp and swallow the rope as if eating spaghetti. With her sure grip spell still in effect, the elf was helplessly pulled with the rope directly into the humid mouth. Saliva soaked into her robes, and a long, forked tongue licked her body rather lewdly to taste her. The assault ended when she was pulled into the throat, yanked along by the rope that was attached to the other adventurers as all three of them were pulled to the stomach.

After swallowing three heroines at once, the dragon pulled and wiggled with more determination than he had before, until he finally managed to free himself from the rocks with a *pop*. He shook himself to smooth down his scales, then looked at his very round belly which actively bounced and wiggled from the futile struggles of the food trapped within. He gave his belly a pat as he informed, “You three were not so delectable, but, you are rather filling. A shame we had to resort to such primitive and barbaric mannerisms, but I’m am not at all displeased by the outcome of your visit. Feel free to use your final hours as you wish, I shall doze off for a while as digestion is always tiring.”

With that said, the dragon curled up on his hoard, and fell asleep to the tickling movements of his belly accompanied by the sounds of screams and begging.

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Posted by Nalzindar 3 months ago Report

This surprisingly polite and literate dragon reminds me of the dragons from PrinnyDod's Dragon Tease-stories^^ The would-be heroines were a bit more sympathetic than his girls though, but in the end, equally unfortunate with their encounter. It is a very nice picture and fantastic accompanying story you wrote for it. I like especially how you have managed to capture the various stages of being swallowed in a single picture, along with the dragon. Nice touch!


Posted by DrakentheBlack 3 months ago Report

Thank you very much!
I hadn't even thought of the stages of being swallowed beforehand, but it is really cool to see it on display here :)


Posted by Dragon808tr 3 months ago Report

What a fun dragon vore story! Felt like some D&D with a voreish twist!


Posted by DrakentheBlack 3 months ago Report

Thank you!
Glad it felt like D&D for the readers!


Posted by PrinnyDood 3 months ago Report

Great stuff! Love a good dragon scenario. The picture with the sexy cutaway, and the story was equal parts sexy and hilarious, since it seems like all parties involved ended up in somewhat embarrassing positions . . . though the dragon seemed able to recover a bit better by the end . xD

Awesome work!


Posted by DrakentheBlack 3 months ago Report

I'm pleased you enjoyed the final story - I had a few ideas for it in mind and this was the one I went with.


Posted by Fischie 1 month ago Report

A very well deserved tpk
I like how smugly inconvenienced the dragon was. Sometimes it is such a chore to devour an adventuring party whole and alive.


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 month ago Report

This is very true ^^