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Cultural and Physical Assimilation (Part 1) By Vesari -- Report

Humanity is not alone. The slime are here to help guide us into the stars. All they ask is our trust.

And why wouldn't you trust a slime? They are kind and friendly by nature. And if they sometimes take pleasure in absorbing a human, isn't that a good thing? Only a speciesist would have an issue with becoming a part of a slime. And you're not a speciesist, right?


I enjoyed writing this one. I'm pretty proud of it too. I'm really looking forward to the next part, though. I've been waiting to have some fun with Aanya...

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 4 months ago Report

I see absolutely no downsides to being enlightened by such a noble species who want nothing more than to help humanity be absorbed into the intergalactic community :3


Posted by Slimshod 4 months ago Report

I'm not usually into slime/absorbtion but the way you went about it here was really well done. I enjoyed this quite a bit.


Posted by crankzzz 4 months ago Report

I can't believe how good this was, wow.


Posted by Trickster 4 months ago Report

To become part of another being, another PERSON... I can think of no higher ecstasy...
Oh I absolutely cannot wait for the next part...