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Raider’s Market By idkanamere -- Report

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In the lawless ruins of any post-disaster civilization, slavery always seems to bounce back as a practice common among the less morally-inclined. No different is this postwar world, where a few unlucky wastelanders have found themselves on the receiving end of some shock collars.

With her arms reluctantly raised to give prospective buyers a good view of the goods, a captured settler is being showed off by her raider handler. She’s quite young, and had tried to set up her own little farm out in the wasteland after getting into an argument with her parents and leaving home. Unfortunately for her, setting up a settlement solo is a great way to draw attention from local roving gangs. Awoken in the middle of the night with a rusty knife to her throat, she couldn’t do anything to stop them slapping some cuffs on her wrists and taking her tatos and corn for themselves. Still, along the way and up until just a few seconds ago, she’s been quite a hassle to handle. It’s taken dozens of hits from the whip and a tooth knocked out just to get her to sit still with a scowl as she’s looked over for purchase.

Next in line is a trader who got a little too far into debt. Trying to expand her business and bring in some better merchandise, she took out one too many loans from some shady gangsters. When the business went south, she found herself being the merchandise, and was swiftly taken to market to raise that money (with interest) for her creditors. With a some more years of experience living in the wasteland under her belt, the trader knows better than the settler, and doesn’t offer any resistance to the cruel raiders who now own her. She waits patiently, worriedly looking over the crowd, hoping some deep-pocketed businessman will take her in and free her. With all that marbled meat on her frame though, I wouldn’t be surprised if some wasteland cannibals thought she was more valuable as cuts of girlsteak than as a servant...

Finally, on the right we come to a small vault dweller. Furiously biting away at the humiliating sign around her neck, and fidgeting at the cuffs restraining her arms behind her, she’s still got some fight in there. She only ended up like this out of desperation, her vault needing a crucial piece of equipment and everyone else either already searching the wastes or not fit to travel. So the girl was given a 10mm and a map downloaded to her Pip-Boy, and sent out with little training to find the mechanical parts. Almost immediately getting lost, she’d walked around a ruined town for awhile before trusting the wrong wastelander when it came to directions. She walked happily and unaware into a raider camp, and before she could even pull out her pistol, was pinned to the ground and tied up tightly. Now, she’ll either be ransomed out to her troubled home vault, or look forwards to a life of servitude for her future master.

Way back there behind the auction, there’s one more woman receiving some punishment. That’s an adventurer who tried to cheat out the wrong gang at a game of Caravan, and was promptly overpowered once her tricks were revealed. Hauled off to the market and traded in for some beer money, she struggled a little, but couldn’t help but hold back a smile as the collar was clasped around her neck. Stripped down and with her toned body on full display, she winces and yips as the confused raider assigned to break her in delivers blow after blow from their whip. Maybe she’s just a little overconfident in her chances of escape, or maybe she’s just tired of surviving and wants to have all her needs taken care of with the small tradeoff of having no rights. Either way, whoever’s buying looks to be in for a good time.

Well, if you’ve got the caps, any one of these captured beauties is on sale right now. Whether you need a maid, a bodyguard, some meat or some on-demand stress relief from wasteland life, any of them can help you out with a little intimidation. (Slave collars included in purchase price.)

Been very busy in real life, but over the past few weeks been able to come back and add on a little to this drawing every few days. I’m not the best at backgrounds, so I rarely try, but gave some effort to make a decent one here. Especially with my shitty laptop screen it’s kinda hard to get a good read of how colors will come out, which is pretty important for the distinctive palette of Fallout. Either way, was fun to draw and I hope you all enjoy ^^

Little cameo of ‘s character in the back

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Posted by Chaotiquos 3 months ago Report

Great job =3


Posted by idkanamere 3 months ago Report

Thank you Chao :D


Posted by Badviper 3 months ago Report

Ooh! So much detail and lore going into this one! I love it! Totally headcanoning that the indebted trader is one of the raiders' mom, and that's part of why she's a bit more accepting. She knows how this works, after all the time she tried to talk her daughter out of the lifestyle, she got an earful of what it was like.


Posted by idkanamere 3 months ago Report

Now that you mention it, the trader and the raider do look like they could be related...


Posted by Foodbabymomma 3 months ago Report

That indebt trader is looking very...tasty, i think I'll buy her ;3


Posted by idkanamere 3 months ago Report

Those nice curves and marbling will serve you well on a dinner table ;P


Posted by Foodbabymomma 3 months ago Report

Here meat will fatten my butt well


Posted by Booper55 3 months ago Report

*laughs in having sierra madre gold bars*


Posted by ehfinewhatever 3 months ago Report

Do you think you'll continue this setting? This looks really interesting.


Posted by idkanamere 3 months ago Report

I love Fallout, so you can probably expect some more art featuring it in the future :)


Posted by tamanou 3 months ago Report

great! i was only gonna go window-shopping, but there are so much chattel to buy!