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LTFA#3 Fenekku By Frazone -- Report

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Art by  LittleRover Latest addition Fenekku

Current residents are  LittleRover Fray, Gris, Wolfie  AprilTheMienfoo, Fenekku

My quest to consume all of Rover's and mine fans continues with our third entry Fenekku. The lovely curvaceous herm is a great addition to my collection. I greatly enjoyed her more feminine aspects has the majority of our fans are male and I am actually more straight then gay. Fenekku is also a herm and a shapeshifter. Now I somewhat dislike herms, and Fenekku offered to change out of that but I want to take them has they truly are in this series. Now for the story.


"So you want to stuff me down your dick and permanently entrap me within your sac?" Xanders curiously asked Frazone while pointing towards his prodigious sac. Frazone the human was wearing nothing but his typical blue coat. With legs spread, his sex was put on display. A modest dick hanging over a massive sac bulging with a large humanoid wolf. The sac was squeezed tight around the previous prey Wolfie though extra cum was now starting to smooth things out, providing room for a few bulges to move around.

"Mhmm" Frazone murmured an affirmative while sipping from his cup of tea, sitting facing Xanders. After downing his cup Frazone set it down and said, "Yes I will, that's what the form was about and might I say, you will make one fiiine addition to my collection." Frazone openly leered at her body. Xanders’ curvaceous body is covered by some lovely light blue fur they wore a bathrobe and nothing more not even bothering to tie it up fully, leaving a strip of fur exposed down the middle of her body to her waist. The prodigious breasts that Xanders sported where nearly fully exposed as the bathrobe draped over her breasts.

Xanders did not withdraw from the leering. In fact she puffed out her chest and shifted her shoulders slightly, pushing the bathrobe further to the side of her chest and revealing just a bit more of her breasts. Leaving Frazone to leer, she took another drink from her cup of tea before placing the empty cup down. Xanders let out a deep hum settling back further into their chair, uncrossing then recrossing her legs the other way. She was deliberately drawing it out, watching as the human intently followed every shift of her body. “And why exactly would I allow that to happen?”

“Because you want it to.” Frazone said bluntly, eyes coming back up to meet hers with a firm commanding stare.

With a shudder up her spine Xanders stood. She quickly fastened her robe tighter around her midriff to prevent anything below the waist from showing. Slowly straightening her hair Xanders arched her back and walked back towards her bed room. Before entering she stopped and said back to Frazone, “Well I suppose I owe you an opportunity to try, for signing that form after all”.

Xanders then left to the bedroom, a couple tails beckoning to follow. Frazone was eager to oblige, standing and striding after her. His large, person-stuffed sac sloshing from side to side with each step. Most of the occupants not yet used to the torrent are tossed about. Stepping into the dark bedroom Frazone failed to see Xanders. Cautiously, he scans the room till a blue hand rests on his shoulder.

“Before you- try- to take me would you allow me the opportunity to fulfill your wildest desire”. Xanders spoke as she walked around to Frazone’s front. Her from slowly morphing and changing from the blue kitsune to a human woman, still sporting the same bathrobe and massive breasts barely contained within. Xanders slowly began unbuttoning Frazone’s jacket. “My shapeshifting abilities allow me to be whatever you want.”

Passively, Frazone waits as Human Xanders unbuttons then tosses aside his jacket. While she is sensually rubbing his chest, Frazone stares into her face before lifting a hand and flicking her nose. With a soft ‘pop’ Xanders is suddenly a blue kitsune again. “What I want is you”.

Frazone began gently pushing Xanders back towards the bed. Xander did not resist. She found herself at a bit of a loss over this turn of things in fact. He kept pushing until Xanders legs met the side of the bed, causing her to fall back, Frazone looming over her with a forceful presence. He keeps pressing on, grabbing at her breasts that she had been teasing him with all evening and giving them a firm squeeze through her bath robe. Then he slips his hand within her robe, more gently caressing her breast, getting a feel for his prize. With his other hand Frazone brushes the robe off her shoulder, exposing her other breast, then leaning in he slowly licks over it. Xanders begins to moan as Frazone plays with her body.

Gently, Frazone rolls his tongue around Xanders right nipple before fully placing his mouth over it and sucking. Xanders moans and shudders as Frazone suckles her teat. Soon Xanders breasts proved to be for more than show as warm milk began to drizzle out into Frazone’s mouth. In fact even her other breast just being squeezed by Frazone’s hand began to leak milk. Enjoying the nice milky treat Frazone swallows down the milk and continues to pleasure Xanders.

Soon enough Frazone finishes and pulls away, licking the excess milk dribbling from his mouth away. Xanders looks up at him, panting. Gently placing a hand on her shoulder Frazone pushes Xanders all the way down on the bed. Slowly he pulls aside her robe to fully reveal the front of her body. Frazone’s eyes wandered down her body and stopped at her newly exposed crotch. Xanders was not fully female it turned out, with a hefty set of balls and a half erect shaft that was clearly already larger then his own shaft at half mast.

“Is something the matter?” Xanders hesitantly asked when Frazone had suddenly stopped.

He looked up at her with that blank expression again before brightening up with a smile. “Nope. Would you move over onto your front though? I prefer doggystyle”.

His hand gently pushed on her hip to accentuate the request and Xanders obliged, moving onto her front then bringing her knees up and presenting her rear to Frazone. Ignoring the large sac that was between her legs Frazone crawled up behind her and felt over her ass. While playing with Xanders plentiful buttok, he spread her cheeks to get a view at both her holes. There was some feeling of satisfaction that at least her sac wasn’t as large as his, and did not appear to have any sign of prey inside.

Putting any sort of hesitation aside Frazone crawled onto the bed behind Xander and plunged his dick into her sex, leading the kitsune to moan. Frazone still took some time, continuing to play with Xanders’ breasts and find what pleased her. He was a man who enjoyed making others dance to his tune, and felt an obligation to give her a good time before he claimed her.

As Frazone pounded into Xanders, his weighty sac slapped against her. The prey inside were thrown violently back and forth, tossed around like a washing machine. Laying beneath Frazone subject to all of his ministrations Xanders was quickly losing her restraint. With each thrust of Frazone’s dick Xanders’ own bounced up and down, slapping against her abdomen. The pleasure grows till it fills Xanders’ head and an orgasm sets upon her. Xanders’ sac contracts and she blows her own load on her bed.

Seeing that Xanders had her climax Frazone focused on thrusting harder to get his own finish. Xanders’ orgasm being prolonged as Frazone thrust into her harder. Another smaller gout of cum gushes out of her dick when Frazone finally cums. Fully exhausted, Xanders collapses into the pile of their own cum they made on the bed. It was difficult for Frazone to not collapse as well when his orgasm faded. After a bit for his head to clear, Frazone stood up. Standing caused a wave of dizziness, Frazone holding his head and grabbing the corner of the bed to prevent falling over.

Now clear of mind Frazone looks down at the still zoned out Xanders and grabs her feet. Her toes flex slightly as he grabs them, tender paws stretching in the open air. Frazone lines them up with his dick and pushes forward. The hungry dick easily expands to begin sliding over Xanders’ paws. Continuing to step forward, Xanders’ legs slide inside up to their knees without any sort of resistance. Frazone let out a slight moan at suddenly shoving something so deep inside of him. Within, Xanders’ paws tested at their new restraints causing Frazone to moan again as his sensitive depths were stretched. At her thighs Xanders suddenly got decently wider so Frazone’s dick couldn’t easily open up to take her all inside. Slowing down, Frazone had to work his hips side to side to help stretch himself over her thighs and then hips.

“Fun’s over already?” Xanders blearly asked while looking over her shoulder back at Frazone. She sees what she already felt of her being up to the hips in Frazone’s dick. The toes of her paws flex as she tests the new constraints, causing Frazone to moan at Xanders’ movements.

Frazone took a firm grip of her hips and tugged, definitely pulling her deeper and causing her feet to break through into his sac. Immediately she felt something firm on the other side. It was hard to tell what as everything felt of cum that was squishing between her toes but her paws were on something firm. “Yes my dear, fun’s over, time to go home now.”

Xanders felt as Frazone moved his hands up and pulled her deeper again. He was struggling a bit to stretch over her buttok. Xanders took this opportunity to reach her hands under herself and tuck her balls in a comfortable position for sliding down his dick. “Well we’ll see if you can actually make good on your promise.”

Slowly Frazone worked his dick over Xanders’ thick hips. When he finally did, Xanders was sucked in slightly faster as his dick started to close back down and got a good grip on her. Being forced in deeper Xanders’ feet are forced to travel alongside the hard object within, a few times where it tries to move basically confirmed that. Xanders’ balls have now slipped within Frazone’s sac and having her sac squeezed and swallowed constantly was helping to get her steam going again. It felt incredibly good as more and more of her dick was consumed by Frazone’s. Once her dick was all the way consumed she was left panting from the heat washing over her and the pleasure. Still not concerned about him taking her as her massive breasts stood in the way, Xanders let herself enjoy the feeling of being squeezed all around, of the viscous fluid flowing all around her, the potent musk burning up her nose, and the tingling going up and down her dick. Her hands that had never left her sex pleasently slide up and along the shaft as much as they are able within the tight confines of Frazone’s dick.

Frazone was annoyed as he hit the roadblock of Xanders’ breasts. They where so large that just consuming her normally wouldn’t work well. So Frazone reached around, grabbed her breasts and firmly squeezed them tight to Xanders’ body. As the dick worked up to them it could now more completely stretch over and consume them rather than just push them up. Xanders gasped as Frazone grabbed her breasts and strained to twist her head to glance back at him. “Still good for another one then?” Xanders huffed, tongue lolling out, pleasure clouding her mind.

“Oh you’ll have plenty once you’re inside of me” Frazone said dismissively towards the kitsune, he didn’t like to talk to his bulges after all.

Xanders looked back around to her front and down. She watched as the dick slowly crept over her breasts that were being held down by Frazone till he was confident enough to let go and leave them to the dick to consume. Xanders knew now that he really was going to fulfill his promise to consume her. The realization mattered little to Xanders’ mind, which was currently just enjoying the moment. Being consumed wasn’t really a big deal either. Whether or not he could fulfill the other part of the promise and keep her within his sac forever was another matter, but the spark of danger, that she had just signed away her long life to be nothing more than a sac stuffing sent a thrill up her spine that caused her to orgasm again. While her mind was spinning the dick claimed her breasts and closed fully over her head.

Frazone did not notice as Xanders came again. He was enjoying the moment the last obstacle was overcome. Xanders slid down easily inside of him now. Keeping her progress slow, Frazone made sure to savor the moment. Her nice breasts felt even better when they were inside of his flesh. When Xanders fell into the sac it now reached down to rest on the floor, no surprise Xanders easily doubled the weight of his sac. Super tight now the outlines of Xanders curled up next to Wolfie, the two barely able to move the sac was so tight. The position of little fray was unknown, which was no surprise as the little guy would be hard to find in a normal situation. Gris was stuck at the bottom of the sac underneath everyone like usual. Despite the little fluffball’s struggles Frazone wondered if he prefered it there. Rover was right back at his throne right at the top of Frazone’s sac at the base of the dick as if he never left.

Feeling tired Frazone looked down at the bed with bleary eyes and grimaced at the mess the two of them had made of the bed. The top was completely covered in cum and pre. Gingerly pinching the top blanket Frazone pulled the slimy squelching mess off and let it pile on the floor. Underneath it was thankfully a fairly dry and clean set of undersheets. With some amount of effort Frazone hefted himself up onto the bed and then his sac to follow. Spread out on the bed Frazone patted over his sac feeling his new addition with a satisfied smile before muttering “You won’t mind me staying here a bit won’t you? I mean you’re me now, so it’s mine too now.” And then promptly falling asleep.

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Posted by Evil-Dog 4 months ago Report

looks like a fun party in there, can't wait to join


Posted by Frazone 4 months ago Report

It is a very fun party and you wl get your chance to join in time.


Posted by doomed 4 months ago Report

if i could join that party id never leave . id be there for so long I might as well be called a testicle


Posted by Frazone 4 months ago Report

I'm glad you feel that way, becouse leaving was never an option anyway. >: )