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Settling inside a mutual area in the Class 1-A dorms were the six girls of class 1-A and the seven of class 1-B. They were gathered for a card game that was to settle a rivalry between the classes. The game was simple and really up to chance with just pulling a card up and whoever is higher is the winner. But the circumstances were unusual, the loser of each round strips down and the game is decided when one girl is totally naked. Then the winner of the game devours the naked girl and shits her out in front of the class. They all were fine with it and the first match is against Ochaco of Class A vs Ibara of Clasa B And much to the delight of 1-B always tired of living in Class 1-A's Ochako is shaking as all she has left is a bra with one more loss meaning she'll be completely naked. Ochako definitely wanted to win and was not expecting to only win one round against the cute green haired girl.
 "Okay...this time I'll get it" said Ochako
 Ochako pulled her card and saw a king meaning only one card could beat her. She smiled thinking she had the round no problem. However much to Ochako's horror/disappointment Ibara manages to pull the one card that can beat her and besides even if she did pull a losing card Ibara is nowhere near naked anyways.
  "W-what how no way" said Ochaco 
 The ace Ibara needed to win was on the table staring Ochaco in the face. Ochaco lost and she turned to see her class who shrugged. She agreed to be eaten and turned into shit but she didn't want to be. Ochaco shook as she removed her bra and closed her eyes.
 "I-im all yours" muttered Ochaco
 "It would appear the powers of the divine have bestowed their luck upon me" Ibara says with a small grin appearing on her face as she wraps the vines on her hair around Ochako and slowly pulls her towards her open mouth.  Ochaco is shaking in fear as she stares down Ibara's throat and screams as she starts to be eaten. Ochaco cries feeling the gullet pull her down as the groaning stomach inching closer is yearning for her. The gullet pulled poor scared Ochaco down and she could only cry as the stomach inched closer
 "Noooo" cried Ochaco inside Ibara
 However sadly Ochako can't break free of the vines as they soon shove Ochako into Ibara's stomach with Kendo smiling "There's one point for 1-B Hehe"
 Ochaco whimpered, feeling the walls all around her. The acid seeping in trying to break her down into mush for the girl.
 "The game is still going through anything can happen" said Momo
 Momo looked at her friend's bulge and mouthed that she was sorry. It definitely sucked that Ochaco was going to be nothing more than a pile of shit but it is what it is. The next game wasn't going to officially start until Ibara finishes up and dumps Ochako but Momo plopped herself down and wanted to see who her opponent was and by pure chance it's her close friend Kendo who interned alongside her with Uwabami. 
 "Oh Kendo I should have expected this...sorry you may have won in the class battles but this time I've got you" said Momo
 Inside Ibara poor Ochaco was half melted whimpering as her eyes were feeling heavy. Digestion was about to turn her into slop any minute now. Her soft body was starting to collapse and fall apart in the bubbly acid and she made several regrets but a little part of her was enjoying her own demise. Truthfully Ochako wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for why she wants to be a hero but sadly she doesn't get to dwell on that too much on account of being dead any second. 
 Kendo meanwhile smiles at the wealthy heiress "Hehe Well I'm 1-B's big sister so if you do win you'll only inspire us even more"
 Ochaco shuts her eyes for good and sinks into the bubbly acid before churning down into mush and bones inside the green haired cutie
 "That might be true but our team needs a win and I'm hungry" said Momo as she licked her lips
 Ibara then stands up stripping slightly so that her anus is sticking out having not been paying attention to Momo and Kendo's discussion very much 
 "It's now time to send her to the fiery pits of hell" Ibara continues with her religious talk as she slowly starts to push small creamy logs out of her butt. Momo looks over to see the fattened rump of Ibara next to the table. Seeing Ochaco's form as creamy brown logs with little strands of brown hair and small bones coming out got Momo wet. She wanted to do the same to Kendo but didn't mind becoming a pile later. Ibara continues to push them out without trouble, Ochako's logs being especially soft and creamy with only a few bones and hair entangled in the logs. The slimy shit piled into a big brown pile of easy to shit sludge. Ochaco's melted ribs came out one by one out of the tight asshkle of Ibara making the girl moan a little as she effortlessly dumped the first loser of class 1-A. Even as poop Ochako seems cute, not even her skull gives Ibara much trouble other than her having to push a little bit more. Momo saw the skull drop down into the pile and a wet log slapped onto the skull. The lifeless skull was bulging with scat and it stared at the ceiling with no emotions or really anything left to it. For Momo it was the most stimulating thing she had ever seen and gulped feeling hot. But the cards were placed and it was time to play. And Kendo and Momo both get to focus as the loggy form their cute friend has taken on captivates both of the classes. All the class 1-A girls enjoyed seeing Ochaco dumped into a pile but they wanted to see Momo do the dumping. The game began and Momo was winning with ease. The first three rounds she had the upper hand making Kendo strips each time. The fourth and fifth Momo took some clothes off but as the game got closer to finishing Momo had still three pieces of clothing versus Kendo's one. However Kendo is keeping her cool and even finding some humor in losing to the girl with the skimpiest and most scantily clad hero costume as she pulls her last card. Momo smiled as she placed her card, it being a ten. She easily beat Kendo who only had four.
  "Well well looks like my team wins..strip down please I want to savor every last bit of you" said Momo licking her lips
 Kendo sighs a smile on her face as she strips down "Well it was nice being your big sister Hehe" She says addressing the rest of her class who are all pretty upset losing their representative so fast although with Reiko and Yui it's hard to tell. The class 1-A cheer and stare at Momo wanting to see her dump a cutie like Kendo. Momo licked her lips and beckoned over Kendo with her finger.
 "Come here and get in my belly" said Momo
 Kendo, still smiling and facing her death with dignity, starts to crawl into the stomach of Momo as the rest of class 1-B groan not just at losing Kendo but also how fast they did. 
 On the other hand Momo has more to gain from Kendo then just a nice shit because if she survives having Kendo added to her can help with Momo's quirk. Momo guides her meal by gulping slowly and groping Kendo's butt and thighs. They were so soft and Momo enjoyed having her mouth full of a friend. 
Momo felt as her gut started to fill up and her classmates watched in awe as their pussies started to leak. Much to their shame even some of the 1-B girls start to get a little aroused and how could they not after seeing Ochako come out. Momo tilted her head back and pushed the orange haired big sis of Class 1-B all the way down and swallowed one final time. Momo traced the feeling of her meal all the way until she had a big belly. 
 "You were so tasty...have fun in there because I know I'll have fun" said Momo
 Kendo simply nods, closing her eyes and starting to finger herself wanting to actually have fun before her impending death. Momo stood up and went to a wall to put her back against. She also put her fingers by her pussy and rubbed it as it gushed juices. Her belly gurgled softly and she smiled loving the feeling of Kendo inside.
 "Well I'll go next" said Toru
 The invisible girl wearing only three articles of clothing really wanted to be eaten and sat down to see her next opponent. And the opponent Toru gets is the supernatural, cold and emotionless Reiko. Part of the reason why Toru wants to be eaten is simply because she wants to be seen and appreciated by others so it's more so she wants to become a turd pile then be eaten. "Okay I'm ready to be shi- i mean win" said Toru
 All of Class 1-A knew Toru wanted to be shit even though she tried to hide it. Back in the corner Momo moaned, rubbing her pussy loving how her gut was getting softer and softer.
 "Melt Kendo...melt faster" said Momo
 Momo's toes curled and she moaned out loud, squirting cum out as her stomach was inching closer to melting Kendo. Kendo moaned cumming as her soft body started to break down and she could feel her eyes becoming heavy. The girl was melting fast and she was loving every second of it. And Melt Kendo she does with the big sis of class 1-B finally falling into an endless sleep without dreams. Momo watched as her belly rounded out as fully turned the orange haired big sis of class 1-b into slop. She smiled seeing her belly slowly go down as she gained a little ass fat and boob fat.
 "Good girl I can feel you almost to my bowels" said Momo
 And then she feels a turd starting to poke it's way out of her anus already much bigger than Ochako. And if Momo manages to survive this she;ll have a lot more body fat to help with her quirk. Momo grunted feeling the massive turd start to come out of her sexy juicy bubble butt. The large log snaked out and smacked the ground before coiling a little and plopping over. Class 1-A watched in awe seeing Momo's ass expand as a waterfall of creamy brown turds broke loose. Momo kept pushing, feeling the poop slide out of her anus sloppily hitting the ground. It felt amazing for Momo as she kept shitting more and more with several bones and the orange hair mixed in a little.
 "Oh fuck..there's so much" grunted Momo
 And as the logs that were once Kendo plop onto the wooden floors they coil around each other like a long brown snake. Class 1-A loved seeing the turds coiling on top of each other. The orange clumps of Kendo's hair stuffed into the shit and bones were all over the pile. Momo had a blockage and she yelped in pain feeling the hard object struggling to get out.
 " be a the ass Kendo" said Momo
 They watched as slowly Momo's anus expanded greatly revealing a skull with shit covering it and poop coming out of the eye sockets pushing out of Momo's ass. Momo yelped but she managed to let the skull fall down out of her and top off the pile with some extra turds on top. Momo smiled and looked at the sexy pile of shit she made and was beyond satisfied. "Hehe Uwabami was right you are cute...Well cuter" She chuckles gazing into the shitty eye sockets of the skull of her former friend as the next game between Reiko and Toru starts. Toru desperately wanted the lowest cards possible. Even though no one could see her face she smiled as her first card was a three. 
 Momo went back to her class to watch the next game but her eyes kept wandering to the two piles of shit. One being Ochaco and the lifeless skull stared into the distance and the other being Kendo and Momo had to keep rubbing herself off seeing her own masterpiece. And Jiro is just as distracted with Momo being her lover she;s nearly just as turned on by Kendo's loggy form. And as expected Reiko pulls a winning card on Toru with Reiko staying literally cool and not displaying any emotion. Toru cheered in her head as she took her pants off leaving only a bra and panties on.
 "Let's do this" said Toru
 The game only lasted three rounds exactly and Toru lost all three before her invisible self was completely nude.
 "Well dang, looks like I lost...I'm sure I'll make a great treat for this cutie" said Toru winking even though no one could see it. Although everyone can tell she wants this as Reiko, not even smirking, uses her quirk to force Toru to walk towards her gaping mouth with Reiko having one of the few quirks she can use on living things. Toru giggled feeling the quirk being used on her and she was able to stare down into the moist abyss of Reiko as she was forced down into the gullet. Jiro sighed and nodded her head.
 "As much as I want to see more girls being shit out she kinda threw that round but whatever we may be down to four but this ain't close to over" said Jiro
 She said that but her panties were soaked seeing the bulges of the invisible girl going down the emotionless Reiko. And speaking of panties Reiko is already undoing hers wanting to be ready for when Toru is ready to be expelled from her anus. As Toru settled in the stomach and giggled and dug her fingers into her moist pussy. 
 "Please turn me into a big pile of scat and love me" said Toru
 As juices came into the stomach Toru happily became prey for Reiko. But the games needed to go on as the next contender, the cute punk rocker and lover of Momo, Jiro, sat down ready to play. And her opponent is a cutesy little white girl from the US with horns and hooves of course Mina also has horns but Pony's are much bigger. Jiro smiled but wondered if she could actually shit this girl out if she won. Toru was half dead already inside of Reiko's gut. Her body was so soft and squishy but she loved it.
 "So close..hurry up and digest me" moaned Toru
 Toru managed to squirt cum and it mixed in with the acid as she closed her eyes for one final time. And with that Reiko's stomach growls and the poltergeist girl starts to let out some little farts as it seems even in death Toru is eager to become a pile of logs. Jiro and her class watched the student stand and were actually eager to see what Toru looked like now. Jiro gulped touched her pussy under the table waiting eagerly to see the pile of creamy logs come out of Reiko. And soon they do as Reiko takes her toes and starts to push the creamy logs out of her with them making a "pit pat", "squish" and thumb noise as they land on the floor as for the first time the students are able to see Toru. They were in awe seeing the brown creamy form of their invisible friend but even though they couldn't see the bones the imprint of little bones and what looks to be a pelvis sticking out of the pile could barely be noticed. 
 "That's so fucking hot" said Jiro
 Her pussy was just gushing juices seeing Toru as just shit and actually being visible. And soon Reiko makes a sound as she grunts feeling Toru's invisible skull start to block her anus and the rest of the logs as she tries to push and grunt in mild pain "This particular piece of fecal matter is proving hard to pass due to Toru Hagakure's cranium" Reiko says still talking in long and verbose sentences like always. No one could see the skull but Momo knew the pain of shitting a skull out and could imagine seeing a dirty skull coming out. The only way to tell something was even coming out was the little shit on the skull and Jiro was ready to burst. And with one final shout Reiko expels Toru's skull which is of course invisible but it's location can still be determined due to the turds in it's eye sockets and the logs falling onto the skull which both look as if they are floating in mid air. The beautiful sight of their classmate Toru as shit made all of class 1-A happy as well as incredibly horny at the same time. With the third shit finished the next round was ready to start as the cards were placed and Jiro drew a high card right out of the gate. And as expected Pony loses as she starts stripping a blush forming on her face. Jiro smiled as she wanted to eat this girl no matter what. The game went on with Jiro only losing a single piece of clothing before the American lost all of hers.
  "Yes I'm starving...and fuck I want to masturbate with you inside me" said Jiro
 Pony is meanwhile blushing bright red as she clicks her heels together and points to her horns "O-Okay but you're going to wish you've lost" She says nervously in broken and heavily accented Japanese. "Yeah whatever I'll deal with that later" said Jiro
 Jiro got the gist of what Pony said but didn't care and only wanted to eat. Jiro opened her mouth and pointed to the inside of it wanting Pony inside her immediately. And Pony tries her best with her horns making it difficult for her to even get inside Jiro let alone exiting her as brown creamy bone and hair filled logs. Jiro had to grab onto Pony and help guide the girl down her throat. It wasn't easy but Jiro managed to get the horns and head down her gullet making the rest a piece of cake. Well except for the horns poking the inside of her stomach feeling like they could pierce her at any moment. Hopefully she dies quickly so that won't be an issue. Jiro finished her difficult meal up and her gut was huge and sagged down into her lap. It was hard to stand so Momo helped Jiro up and got her to sit down safely. Momo blushed and decided to help Jiro with her little wet problem...Momo lifted the belly up and tore away at Jiro's panties as she started to eat her girlfriend out. And thankfully Momo's efforts makes having Pony inside her less painful as she feels the white girl get softer and smaller as Pony begins to enter eternal darkness. Jiro moaned, feeling the tongue penetrating her pussy and looking at her gut as it ended up aiding digestion. Her meal rounded out and grinded into mush with ease making Jiro smile.
 " I can enjoy this" said Jiro
 As the slop of an American sloshed inside her, Jiro moaned and squirted cum all over Momo's face. Momo giggled and came out from the soft belly and let it splat on the ground. 
 "Good job Jiro I'm excited to see what's left of her" said Momo
 And this time even 1-B is excited as they watch 1-A's rocker girl begin to squat down over the floor ready to shit out a cute American girl. Jiro had a small pot belly and fattened breasts which she enjoyed but there were definitely a lot of solid objects in her ass. It started off just fine with smooth logs with blonde hair in clumps plopping on the floor under Jiro. But that feeling didn't remain as the first object came. She felt a sharp pain in her ass and Jiro yelped.
 "Fuck it hurts" said Jiro
 She did her best and managed to squeeze a horn out but right after came more objects.
 "Fuck I need help" said Jiro
 And the reason she needs help is because of the other horn being stuck as Reiko sighs and begins using her telekinesis quirk on Pony's horn making sure to take her sweet time with removing it. Jiro felt terrible having to have someone help her shit but it couldn't be helped. Slowly the horn came out and a painful yelp escaped Jiro's mouth as it came out. She felt a little better but as some smooth shit came but another object blocked her again. And with this object likely being the white girl's skull Reiko doesn't help this time enjoying watching Jiro suffer due to losing Kendo, not that anyone could tell with Reiko however. Jiro grunted and yelped in pain as her tight asshole was having a ton of trouble.
 "Fuck..shit get out of me" yelled Jiro
 Jiro pushed and pushed but finally the jaw started to come out and Jiro screamed while clenching her fists as the skull of Pony shot out of her rear end into the creamy pile with a whole extra ton of turds plopping on top. And with the pony girl finally expelled it's clear she put up more of a fight then anyone else with Jiro's anus a bright red and sore now. Jiro frowned and rubbed her anus before smirking at the pile.
 "You may have been a pain in the ass but for now I'm not just a big pile of lifeless logs" said Jiro
 Jiro giggled and walked back to her class holding her sore fattened rump before the next contender Tsuyu sat down. And Tsuyu's opponent is Yui Kodai who, just like Reiko, is mostly emotionless and blank. Tsuyu needed to get the win since at the moment it was 4 to 5. The game started and the cards were drawn. Tsuyu lost a few clothes but the frog girl prevailed over the second emotionless girl bringing it down to four girls each. And as blank as always Yui doesn't seem to react or say anything to her defeat as she strips down albeit of course she doesn't wish to be shit. Meanwhile Reiko has just had another close friend converted into steamy brown logs as she watches Tsuyu wrap her frog tongue around Yui. Tsuyu found it a little underwhelming that Yui was neither overjoyed nor sad about her impending death. But food was food as she whipped Yui over with her slimy tongue and clamped her mouth over Yui's head. Tsuyu slurped on her meal and Yui didn't move as Tsuyu gulped. With ease Tsuyu gulped her meal down sporting a big belly full of one of Class 1-Bs girls.
It should of course be no surprise that Tsuyu with her animal-like quirk can eat girls much faster but one of the side effects is that her prey gets digested much quicker as well. Tsuyu went over to her class hearing her belly gurgle and slosh with her strong digestive system working overdrive on the girl inside.
 "No need to worry you'll be squeezed out of me soon enough" said Tsuyu 
 The girls of class 1-A were wet seeing their frog girl classmate with a big belly that was easily churning a girl down. And within 15 seconds due to Tsuyu's quirk Yui is already dead and torn apart not even having time to enjoy herself compared to the other girls turned into shit so far. Tsuyu's belly rounded out and she was a bit disappointed that she digested Yui so fast as she watched her gut shrink down. Tsuyu shrugged her shoulders and she went to squat down. Thankfully even though she digests faster she doesn't shit faster as Yui slowly starts to make her grand entrance the brown creamy logs sloppily smacking against the wooden floor and coiling around each other with black hair entangled inside them. Tsuyu moaned, grabbing her fat asscheeks and unloaded the crap out of her hearing it plop wetly against each other. Steamy logs poured onto the ground slapping onto the ground into a pile of bones, shit and black hair. Juices from all the girls were further soaking their panties and as Tsuyu managed to easily poop the skull out and bury it in scat. In fact Tsuyu has the easiest time out of any girl when passing the skull with it just exiting her anus with a nice satisfying "pop" before being completely buried almost not visible. Tsuyu was all finished and joined the girls as the pink skinned hyper cutie sat down with a smile.
 "Alright my turn" yelled Mina 
 The enthusiastic pink hero is pitted against the cute and petite mushroom girl Kinoko with the result being interesting either way. It'll be painful if Kinoko wins since Mina is so much bigger than her while if Mina wins Kinoko will probably be the smallest pile of turds so far. Mina happily smiled as her game began. It was a more intense game with both girls winning a round each over and over until both had one left. They were sweating and if the pattern continued Kinko was going to win. But it was broken as Mina had a higher card. The pink skinned girl jumped up happy that she won before pointing at the girl.
 "Alright cutie you decide do you want to be digested fast like Yui or slower like the others I can make my acid do both" said Mina
 Kinoko simply blushes, not sure how to answer as she points to the various piles around the room "Which one will make me more like them? I want to be a pretty idol hero after all" 
 "Probably slower so come over here get in my stomach" said Mina licking her lips
 She patted her flat toned belly beckoning the girl over. Kinoko's blush grows as she shakes a little more before making her way over to the pink colored student knowing that due to her petite size Mina will have little trouble fitting her inside her stomach. Mina shrugged and grabbed her meal, opening her mouth and shoving the girl into her throat.
As Mina swallowed she felt her meal squirm a little as she reached the crotch with something sprayed on her tongue. Which Mina also swallow's as the mushroom girl falls into Mina's stomach acid which is sure to break her down quickly due to her size. Mina licked her lips and smiled, patting her full pink belly.
 "Mmmm thanks for the extra flavor" said Mina
 Mina rubbed her belly making her stomach acid a bit less strong so her meal could enjoy her final moments. And not just that but as mentioned it's also so that she can take a nice brown shit from her pink butthole as well. Mina rubbed her belly feeling as her meal was churned down with ease into a big thing of mush. The girl broke down into nothing as Mina pushed her gut down feeling as her rump fattened up and she turned around feeling Kinko ready to be released. And as expected just like her the logs are pretty small as they are pushed out very quickly along with long strands of brown hair and even a few mushrooms. Mina giggled seeing the small logs slap on the ground with absolutely no trouble. Mina wished she could take a bigger shit but the smelly creamy logs coming out of her felt nice as well. A small rib cage shot out of her bubblegum anus and splat into the pile making her smile. 
 "Such a cute little shit I can barely feel you" said Mina
 Mina shit a skull out and a few bone mixed logs but Kinko wasn't very big so the shit ended abruptly, only being half the size of any other turd piles. Although she looks much prettier then she would as an idol hero. 
 And with that except for Setsuna all girls have had one round with the total being 
 Class 1-A
Momo: Alive
Jiro: Alive
Ochako: Dead
Toru: Dead
Tsuyu Alive: 
Mina: Alive
 And for 1-B
Kendo: Dead
Kinoko: Dead
Yui: Dead
Pony: Dead
Reiko: Alive
Ibara: Alive
Setsuna: Alive
 And with that it's time to start the second and likely final round. Momo was up next for her class as she sat her fattened rump at the table and wanted to eat someone again but would be more than happy to be digested and become a big pile. And she might just get her wish with her next opponent as Setsuna finally gets a turn to play and like Momo, Setsuna got in UA via recommendations. "I wouldn't mind being eaten by you but I can't have you with all those clothes on" said Momo
 Momo smiled as she was ready to play. Setsuna chuckles a smirk on her face as she's determined to defeat the heiress for turning 1-B's big sister into steamy logs of poop, Admittedly sexy creamy logs but still. The game started and Momo managed to strip Setsuna of some of her clothes but a sudden losing streak for Momo came and in the end Momo was the one fully naked. Which due to her hero costume should've been the outcome of the game with Kendo. 
 Momo then sighs, stripping naked to kiss Jiro one last time before making her way towards Setsuna's now open mouth. Momo happily shoves herself into Setsuna's throat and giggles, feeling it start to pull her down into the sexy groaning stomach below. And once Momo is in Setsuna's stomach the green haired girl starts to walk to the turd pile containing orange hairs planning on dumping Momo next to Kendo. Momo has her fingers deep into her wet pussy as it gushes juices into the stomach on top of her.
 "Oh fuck yes melt me into a big batch of creamy shit please" moaned Momo
 Jiro was rubbing her pussy watching as her girlfriend squirmed and masturbated inside the sexy class 1-B girls stomach. Meanwhile Setsuna is starting to remove her pants to release Momo with Jiro climaxing right as Momo finally dies. The mushed up Momo no more than soup sloshing in Setsuna's stomach pushes her way through into the guts ready to be shit out. Jiro fell to her ass with cum on her hand and smiled.
 "That was fantastic...please let me see my girlfriend again" said Jiro
 Setsuna simply chuckles at this as she wastes no time starting to expel the wealthy heiress. Momo's creamy brown remains pushed out of Setsuna's juicy rump falling to the ground with a wet splat. Logs coiled on top of each other and Jiro was so wet watching it happen. She was furiously masturbating again, seeing the black clumps of her girlfriend's hair and the bones that used to be on the inside. Momo's creamy remains were piling up fast and was even bigger than Kendo's. Setsuna was thoroughly enjoying her dump as she was nearing the end with a few bones and logs coming out of her. With not much more effort Setsuna pushes out her skull falling on top of the turd pile with a "Splash" sound. A few extra turds fell on top and Jiro squirted again all over the ground seeing her girlfriends skull filled with sexy crap and the lifeless skull looking directly at her.
 "Fuck..that was hot..I think it's my turn" said Jiro
 Jiro went over to the table and sat down with juices puddling around her. And Jiro is paired with the girl that started it all, Ibara, the first girl in this party to shit out one of her fellow students. "The one that ate Ochako...sorry but I think I need the win for this" said Jiro
 The cards were placed down and the game began against Ibara. The game was intense and ended with Jiro having only her bra on while Ibara was stripped naked. And just like every other loser so far the end of her life doesn't seem to scare her very much "Alas so you're the angel that's come to carry me off to heaven" Ibara says with a...Well angelic smile. Jiro smiled not thinking she was really an angel but she was happy to oblige and devour this cutie. Jiro licked her lips and held onto Ibara before opening her mouth and stuffing the girl inside and moaning to her taste. And believing this to be her devine fate Ibara puts up no fight although when coming it Jiro may have a bit more difficulty especially with all the viney green hair. Jiro gulped hard and struggled a little but she managed to gulp Ibara down, filling her gut up once again and became the first girl to have two prey.
 "Feels just as good as the first time" said Jiro
She belched and patted her belly feeling her prey squirm and the stomach groan. More specifically Jiro feels the unique sensation of all of Ibara's vines rubbing around inside of her. Jiro blinks and starts to enjoy it even more and moans as she dragged herself over to her class.
 "Yes...don't stop" moaned Jiro
 The way all the vines inside her moved and rubbed her insides felt pleasurable to Jiro. Of course though she can only feel this pleasure as long as Ibara stays alive which won't be for much longer. All of sudden the feeling stopped before Jiro could cum and she heard a wet glop in her stomach and looked down to see Ibara didn't last any longer and was just soup inside of her. And soon to be shit as well with Jiro forgetting that Ibara will hurt due to the sourness that shitting out Pony has caused. With only a potbelly remaining Jiro stood up and went next to her previous pile and started to expel the shit. She winced in pain feeling her asshole push the smooth logs out and it wasn't nearly as bad as it was with Pony. But because Pony was so bad she still hurts as she expels the soft creamy logs that were once Ibara. The green vines that used to be Ibara's hair were wrapped in the turds as they splat on the ground and coiled on top of each other. Ibara's skull came and Jiro pushed and pushed but this time she was able to slowly push the girl's skull out till it splattered in the pile. And within the eye sockets of Ibara's pure white skull are cute little turds with green vines coiled inside of them. Jiro finished her second turd and slapped her ass happy to have gotten two meals. Next up was Tsuyu again and the frog girl was ready to become shit this time around. And her opponent is the ghost girl Reiko, the one that was finally able to make Toru visible. The cards were placed and the game began. Tsuyu lost with an overwhelming defeat and she didn't even take a single piece of clothing from Reiko. Which Tsuyu doesn't complain as this is what she wanted but she didn't even try to lose she just got lucky. Like Toru before, Tsuyu felt herself being used by Reiko's quirk to lead her to the hungry emotionless ghost girl. And soon she finds herself entering Reiko's stomach and due to her quirk she could never escape even if she changed her mind. Tsuyu was packed away into the ghost girl with all the moist walls grinding against her. She felt at home like a frog. But it also made her super horny as her pussy leaked. Unlike most peds though Reiko doesn't indulge her prey rather she simply eats them and shits them out with her facial expression not even changing. Tsuyu died within ten minutes as Reiko just sat and digested her with ease. All the slop slid through the guts and was ready to be expelled. And so Reiko slowly lets out the scatty remains of the frog girl with the logs slapping onto the floor in total silence. Tsuyu's remains were all brown and creamy like the rest. The green clumps of hair give the brown turds some color. Even Tsuyu's spine and rib cage stuffed into logs was effortlessly pushed out. And her skull also slides out with minimal effort as if it was just a regular log Reiko then turns to gaze at her creation 
 "It is of my opinion that this mound of fecal matter is visually appealing to look at" She says blankly
 The blank emotionless expression of Reiko made Mina frown and she was definitely hoping for something more. Only four girls remained and Mina was up against her second opponent. And with only two 1-B girls left Mina is pitted up against Setsuna again. The game started and class 1-A was able to achieve another victory and Mina cheered as she was able to get another meal. Meanwhile Setsuna sighs, disappointed that her victory was short-lived. She however uses her Lizard Tail Splitter quirk to break herself into all the pieces she can so Mina can eat her easier and digest her much quicker. Mina found it odd but she shrugged and started to stuff all the pieces in her mouth.
The remaining girls watched as Mina swallowed every piece of Setsuna and had a pink tummy that groaned immediately.
She belched and smiled ready to digest another girl down. And it does indeed make the job much easier and since Setsuna is already broken up it also aids with making digestion easier possibly having Setsuna break the record for fasted prey to die. Mina did it within a minute as her belly gurgled away the girl into slop and felt it all go right to her bowels.
 "Looks like you already want to come out" said Mina
 Mina pulled her panties down letting her bubblegum ass free. And with that she starts to let out several small little turdlets as opposed to the long thick creamy logs of the rest of the girls due to Setsuna being digested as several small pieces. In fact, due to this there is actually more hair in Setsuna's logs than bones. Mina was a little disappointed not being able to feel the long logs and had small turds instead but it is what it is. She dumped Setsuna out, making a pile about the size of Kinko's with several clumps of green hair and only half of skull. Mina giggled as she easily shit it out and finished up. Mina doesn't have much time to enjoy her victory as due to their now being three girls left Mina is instantly put into another match with Reiko. 
 "Sorry that you have to go through two matches in a asshole is still really sore" said Jiro
 "It's no biggie I'll win this" said Mina
 But her words fell empty as Reiko won again only losing two pieces of clothing while the pink girl was fully exposed. And Mina's arrogant chime that she'll win only to lose actually makes Reiko smirk albeit for a brief fleeting moment. Mina caught the smirk and smiled happily that her death was the one to make Reiko have a bit of emotion.
 "C'mon and eat me" said Mina
 Mina suddenly gets cut off as Reiko uses her quirk, the ghost girl always loving forcing prey or rather the two and now three prey she had to walk into her mouth and by extension to their own death. Mina giggled as she was forced down the girl's throat but her thick body gave Reiko a little trouble. But Mina wiggled a bit and she was then eaten up by Reiko and like the rest she curled inside the ghost girl and started to be digested. With Reiko a little curious as to how her stomach acids will affect a girl who's quirk is acid. Mina wiggled inside of Reiko and she wondered if her body was resistant to stomach acids. The answer was no as the stomach diligently started to churn the pink girl down. With said pink skin giving Reiko's stomach acid's a new tint changing its color slightly. Jiro watched as her final classmates' form started to round out inside the ghost girl until nothing but a sloshing gut remained and even for a brief second a skull bulged out just a little. And just like usual Reiko uses her quirk to make her bottoms drop to the ground as she readies her pale asshole for her third shit. Like her other meals Reiko starts to unload and her bowels dropping brown logs with a pink coloring to them. Mina's pink hair was stuffed in several turds and the wet slapping made Jiro wet. And as the brownish/pink snake starts to coil up around each other Reiko also shits out Mina's horns which are much easier to pass then Pony's and soon she expels Mina's skull as well with little to no effort. Jiro found it sexy to see another one of her friends being pushed out of that juicy ass with absolutely no effort at all. Jiro wanted to join her friends in the same smooth fate as the third and final game was about to start. But at the same time Jiro also wants to turn the ghost girl Reiko into a sloppy pile of turds as if she dies that would mean that 1-A would lose. The game started and it didn't last long since Jiro didn't have many clothes left. Her wet sloppy panties were thrown to the side as she smiled.
 "Well looks 1-A sucks but being the same as Momo seems sexy in it's own right" said Jiro
 Jiro will get to be reunited with Momo and so just like Toru, Tsuyu and Mina she doesn't fight when Reiko strips naked herself and uses her quirk to force the rocker girl to walk into her open mouth. Jiro slides into the ghost girl's gullet with absolutely no effort at all and moans as Reiko licks her pussy and deposits the final  1-A member into a gurgly demise. And it seems not even being the only one left alive is enough to make Reiko emote or pleasure herself as she just lets Jiro slowly break down in her stomach Acids as she walks over to the turd pile that is Momo and gets an idea as places her pale butt over the pile planning on reuniting Momo with her lover. Jiro met her end pretty quickly and by the time the pale ass was over the smelly pile she was pretty much ready to come out. And like usually Reiko begins to push Jiro out of her but this time since she's the only living person in this entire dorm decides to savor the feeling and take her time as she slowly pushes out the brown logs. Slowly the snake of a brown turd filled with bones and the purple hair of punk rocker made itself known. The wet sound as the turd connected with Momo's pile and started to coil around it. And soon the pile starts to grow as Reiko continues to take her time with expelling her fourth meal with one of the logs containing Jiro's earphone jacks. The shit plopped onto Momo's and the pile grew as several bones and the second earphone jack came stuffed in a turd. Jiro's destroyed rib cage smoothly came out of the anus and Reiko could feel that her bowels were almost done. However the flow of muddy traffic is soon blocked by a round object with Reiko at this point knowing well what this final obstacle is. Reiko actually smirked a little since this skull was the only thing to block her up the entire time. But with her quirk she easily came out of her ass only with a little pain. The brown stained skull with shit in the jaw and eye sockets was dropped out of Reiko's ass. Reiko then steps back admiring the huge pile comprised of both Momo and Jiro 
 "It would appear that due to the demise of Kyoka Jiro class 1-A no more" Reiko says before turning to gaze at all the other turd piles including her own friends as she wonders what she'll do with the piles and how to explain the disappearance of every girl but her.
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Class Rivalry Dealt With Cards By Coolwoman -- Report

A story I did with a friend on discord and it's a long one
Art by shpo

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